Life in Lockdown

By FrayedBear 4 months ago member's group Tales from the Lockdown is a group to help keep in contact with other members, share suggestions, stories and converse with one another whilst keeping your spirits up in order to survive this trying time.

You may not be able to physically do these formerly commonplace social activities in lockdown but your mind is a very powerful tool that can be used to substitute them for the new reality of lockdown & a world at the start of a new pandemic simply called Covid 19 or C19:

How many mountains, how many rivers
Are still to be crossed before I gain
The land where solitude comes to an end?
Today, as ever, I travel on.
Bokusui Wakayama

---------- A List of Suggestions for Survival ------------
Wash your hands, wear a mask outside & safe distance
For those thrown into the novel situation of enforced/compulsory self isolation I have the following suggestions:

Try the "eat when needed & hungry" not the eat by routine schedule.
If largely inactive it is very easy to quickly get into the routine of one meal every 24 hours supplemented by water, hot no sugar drinks, a piece of fruit when either the stomach shouts or low blood sugar starts the hand shakes.

Set and keep a daily schedule of routines
(The following are not set in concrete just possible examples to be adjusted for your family & personal needs, desires & likes)

1 hour reading or watching the news,

1 hour house cleaning,

1 hour reading books,

1 hour menu planning - preparation - savouring your control, intelligent care & anticipation,

1 hour study, remember that the day that you stop learning is the day that you stop breathing & die!

1 hour gardening,

1 hour personal hygiene, physical and mental care, (don't forget the holding the breath test every morning - it won't keep C19 away but may help your ability to breathe & properly oxygenate your body.)

1 hour exercise,

1 hour communication with friends, family or strangers over the phone, by email or internet video connection, - try and make a new friend every week,

1 hour on your hobby. Haven't got one? Now may be the time to develop one! One that I always suggest for a starter if not previously done is to learn how to prepare & control a budget. There is a lot of advice & tutorial videos on the internet.

You still have 8 hours for sleep and 6 hours for other activities such as children, significant others, music, films and social media sites such as

Most importantly plan for your future.

Stay safe and learn how to, then extend, empathy.

I hope that the Companions of Health, Peace and Fulfilment will walk with you during these difficult times.

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What is really unnerving is the dead body and infected counts given to us multiple times a day via the news media!!!

If you are old enough, it is too reminiscent of the long drawn out Vietnam war.

Where nightly we were given grin statistical numbers every night!!!

Number of US Military Killed in Actions(KIA)

Number of US Military Wounded(WIA)

The number Of VC & NVA (Viet Cong & North Vietnamese Army) killed by US Military

This was haunting then!!!

Now it is being used as then to defend what is now indefensible!!!



Look mommy, I know stuff everybody else already knows.. Wheee! 😂😂😂


Yep can't argue with that, though you did miss out beer.

Thank you but I have to suggest that it comes under the food preparation / consumption & care of mental / physical health sections.
If you are content & occupied you should not need alcoholic drink.

@FrayedBear No one needs a husband or wife either, if they are content and occupied, but its good to have insurance in case you do run out of things to do.

@Fernapple Mrs Palmer is the ultimate reserve isn't she? 😁 And loneliness is just a state of mind.


Great advice

Thanks Bob. I hope that it helps you or others.


Excellent content! ☺

Thank you. I hope that it helps you.


You left one out:

  • work as usual and earn money to try and keep a roof over one's head.

(Some of us still have yet to join the idle rich. Yet again, some of us never expect to.)

If you are able to work in lockdown whether at home or at normal workplace you are very fortunate. The suggestions - and they are only suggestions are to help those who can't work and have not previously been in this situation which is none of their doing or control. Those who additionally have mortgages, rent, families, debts to pay for are in an unenviable situation needing to establish routines to help prevent physical & mental illness in the face of novel & hazardous conditions.


Thanks to the editor (@admin) who added the photo.


Sound advice.

Thank you. Just wish others would recognise the fact.

Feel free to share it to your new fbuk group.

I once told my life story to a very artistic theatrical man who instantly had a vision of me sitting on a stool on a theatre stage reciting my life story. As I did so the white rubber walls of the stage started to enclose me until they completely injested me leaving only the 3D outline of me showing through the moulding rubber skin. He then envisioned as the spotlight broadened from my outline to illuminate the rest of the walls it becomes evident that I am surrounded by hundreds of thousands of others telling their unheard & unheaded life stories.

Thus is the ignorance of humanity fostered and disrespect for one another engendered.

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