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Minister says virgin birth is bizarre claim, prayer doesn't really work, maybe nothing happens after we die, we make heaven or hell here on earth, etc. Maybe I'm a minister now also. [] By greyeyed123 7 WA Apr 20 Apr 20 99 comments
If anyone was feeling so inclined. [] How to start your own church. Personally, I would like to start Congretional Society Of Weed, with the sacrament being smoked at daily meetings. No ministers, just a tax free shelter where ... By Beowulfsfriend 8 PA Apr 20 Apr 20 66 comments
How do you stay or get more disciplined as an atheist? By ClaytonE83 7 CA Apr 20 Apr 20 1414 comments
How can we encourage people to be more honest about their agnosticism? By greenkitty 3 CA Apr 20 Apr 20 2020 comments
Today is Saturday. Since I work in the the grocery retail industry, I call this particular day the Saturday From Hell. It's the single day (at least here in Manitoba) wherein the grocery stores are open in between good Friday and Easter Sunday. As ... By Mb_Man 6 Canada Apr 20 Apr 20 1414 comments
There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding quantum mechanics. This pseudoscientific nonsense is propagated by snake oil salesmen just trying to capitalize on people's desire to think they have some type of control in their lives. I don't ... By Happy_Killbot 5 CA Apr 19 Apr 19 1919 comments
So what should an atheist do if being sworn in for a testimony in court? The swearing in question has "...nothing but the truth, so help you God." Can you say,"Yes, I'll tell the truth, but I don't believe in God."? By linxminx 7 NE Apr 19 Apr 19 6262 comments
At the award dinner at American Atheist 2019 Convention. Currently hearing from a constitutional lawyer presenting some very sobering facts about our current Supreme Court and the threats to women, LGBTQ, atheists and other minorities. The day has ... By GwenBFree 6 FL Apr 19 Apr 19 1313 comments
I had a creepy FB page today saying "It was my sin that nailed him there" and it had a photo of some thorny sticks and what look like railroad spikes...yikes! I sometimes forget people actually feel that deeply about this holiday/holy day. (It ... By mojo5501 6 WI Apr 19 Apr 19 3131 comments
LINK New ‘Jesus Viagra’ Makes You Rise Three Days Later – Waterford Whispers News By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 19 Apr 19 1212 comments
LINK Wyoming School Bans Rainbow Clothing to Avoid Offending Anti-Gay Bigots | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 19 Apr 19 1111 comments
I'm a substitute teacher. Sometimes the kids ask me what I used to do for a living and I tell them I was a minister. When they ask further questions, I avoid saying I'm an atheist--I'll say my beliefs are no longer compatible for church work. I ... By Damercer1961 4 FL Apr 19 Apr 19 2020 comments
Bob Dutko's Fifth and Sixth Proof for God's Existence Refuted. Five: Logic, Commonsense & Reasoning: Intelligent Design vs. Natural Selection How do you explain the Egyptian Sphinx; art works like paintings; and mechanical things like alarm ... By johnprytz 7 Australia Apr 19 Apr 19 44 comments
Tried watching a good Friday BBC programme called The Easter Story but found it intensely irritating with devout Christians prattling on about the glory of Christ and how Christianity spread round the world. But it got me thinking. What if ... By Moravian 7 UK Apr 19 Apr 19 1212 comments
I was flipping through channels and briefly paused on the ID channel (true crime.) I stayed long enough to hear a woman say "This is small town Mississippi where we have good polite Southern manners." The next scene was in a church, with the minister... By Elaine57 6 NC Apr 19 Apr 19 1111 comments
Thursday at American Atheist Convention 2019! Website [] I arrived at registration around 5, checked in and got my tickets and program. Totally excited as I saw Matt Delahunty as I was walking through the lobby. But I didn’t know ...
By GwenBFree 6 FL Apr 19 Apr 19 1313 comments
Any former fundamentalists out there? By Nardis 2 MN Apr 19 Apr 19 55 comments
Science is the journey toward truth, religion is pretending you have already arrived there. By THHA 7 AZ Apr 18 Apr 18 99 comments
Almost at the hotel for American Atheist 2019! Who else is going? aacon2019 heathensInCincinnatti By GwenBFree 6 FL Apr 18 Apr 18 2121 comments
Is there any way that religion can be proved to be man made? By dinoid 4 UK Apr 18 Apr 18 6767 comments
“In the past 10,000 years, humans have devised roughly 100,000 religions based on roughly 2,500 gods. So the only difference between myself and the believers is that I am skeptical of 2,500 gods whereas they are skeptical of 2,499 gods. We’re ... By RyanMassey 3 TX Apr 18 Apr 18 1919 comments
I get to enjoy a 4 day weekend due to my employer considering Holy Thursday and Good Friday to be holidays. Thank ya', Easter Bunny! By Instincts65 4 MO Apr 18 Apr 18 1212 comments
For once, a church sign that I think we all can agree on...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 18 Apr 18 1818 comments
LINK Poll: Church membership in US plummets over past 20 years. A look at the numbers. | News | By HippieChick58 9 NE Apr 18 Apr 18 1616 comments
Two More of Bob Dutko's Proofs for God's Existence Refuted. Bob Dutko's Third and Fourth Proof for God's Existence Debunked. Three: The Origin of Life: Life Cannot Come from Non-Life As to the origin of life, that's a transition - life from ... By johnprytz 7 Australia Apr 18 Apr 18 44 comments
So it was four years ago today, April 18th, 2015, that I was made the luckiest man on the planet. I don't know my donor's name so I'll just say My Hero saved me from deaths door. Please be an organ donor. Give life from death.
By Lutherzme 8 PA Apr 18 Apr 18 2121 comments
I'm going to see my brother tomorrow. I haven't seen him in ten years, at my father's funeral. He's Christian and a trumpster. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't know how I feel about him. He brought his wife and daughter to visit my Mom. He ... By confidentrealm 7 TX Apr 17 Apr 17 3535 comments
People always say, "rest in peace" but why the hell can't we just live in peace?? Hell, doing so would make saying"rest in peace" completely unnecessary. By dstone 4 TX Apr 17 Apr 17 1818 comments
A moral question- Should I do work for someone that has ties to the kkk? The easy answer is "no", but I need work. By onthefire 7 IN Apr 17 Apr 17 3737 comments
By ThomasMount 3 NJ Apr 17 Apr 17 99 comments
1,000 Years Ago, the Catholic Church Didn’t Care If You Were Gay - [] By Charliesey 7 FL Apr 17 Apr 17 55 comments
Are you a closed minded person? How do we know if we truly are open minded? I learned through my life to always question whatever knowledge presented to me and make sure I'm making the right judgment objectively. In any discussion when there is a ... By Neenz 5 Canada Apr 17 Apr 17 1414 comments
The TRUTH— Your home, as seen by...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 17 Apr 17 55 comments
IF I HAD IT TO DO OVER AGAIN -- I'd be a teen heartthrob like Justin Bieber was. It'd start around age 14 and last til I was, say, 21. During those years I'd ride that bullet train of fame and rake in $100M from a string of bubblegum pop hits ... By Sgt_Spanky 7 FL Apr 17 Apr 17 1010 comments
Reposted article Please read In the reposted column below, first published on Truthdig on Aug. 19, 2018, Chris Hedges writes about climate change and interviews a scientist who is among the many warning about what they call the monumental damage ... By creative51 8 MI Apr 17 Apr 17 44 comments
Fox News is reporting.... ..... When you die ‘you know you’re dead because your brain keeps working’, scientist claims. "We know we are dead when we die because our brains keep working to make us aware of what's happening around us, ...
By Tiramisu 7 TX Apr 17 Apr 17 1414 comments
LINK Prince Khaled bin Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi ambassador to the UK | Arab News By William77 7 India Apr 17 Apr 17 44 comments
Hello everyone. I met a Muslim girl on another dating site and I was wondering what exactly I should say to her. She has a degree in conflict resolution and I think she is questioning her beliefs, or at least the practices of her belief, and is ... By GregM 3 PA Apr 17 Apr 17 1818 comments
Scam check. Is anyone else getting email from "" By IAJO163 7 PA Apr 17 Apr 17 99 comments
Per Gallup (2016), the US population is: 49% Protestant 23% Catholic 2% Jewish 21% No religious affiliation By Charliesey 7 FL Apr 17 Apr 17 66 comments
Hard core christians do not seem very happy. All that piety has got to be exhausting. And the constant judgement gives them no time for peace. Luckily nonbelief is on the rise, with one in four claiming no religion. Relief is on the way. By michaelj 7 OH Apr 16 Apr 16 88 comments
The Bible Says Jesus Was Real, but is There Other Proof? No traces were left that Jesus ever existed, but within a few decades of his lifetime, he was mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians. “We have no archaeological records for anyone who ... By birdingnut 8 NM Apr 16 Apr 16 2121 comments
LINK Rick Santorum: Separation Of Church And State A Communist Idea, Not An American One By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 16 Apr 16 3131 comments
Nothing fascinates me more than people who use the word "version" after Bible (a.k.a. the word of God) and do so unironically. By Benthoven 8 NY Apr 16 Apr 16 99 comments
For me, my motivation is the present moment. Death is inevitable. So NOW is all we have. To make the most of it, to live each moment to the fullest. Being able to actually enjoy the present that most people don't. Most people are merely existing like... By DiVi1982dooropen 2 Singapore Apr 16 Apr 16 1111 comments
In the second creation myth in Genesis, god created Adam and Eve and put them in a garden that had two special trees. The first was the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the second was the tree of eternal life. Adam and eve were instructed not ... By DavidNoel 4 GA Apr 16 Apr 16 1212 comments
Name something that’s perfectly normal to do as a child but super creepy to do as an adult...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 16 Apr 16 4646 comments
Notre dame cathedral is burning down piece of history gone religion or not is a shame By bobwjr 8 DE Apr 16 Apr 16 2121 comments
I really don't get it.... How some people can believe they are better than everyone else around them from being born into the "right" religious cult or with the "right" color skin... After all face facts if that is all you have to be proud of you ...
By Lizard_of_Ahaz 4 CA Apr 15 Apr 15 1717 comments
Aretha Franklin wins posthumous Pulitzer Prize By LiterateHiker 8 WA Apr 15 Apr 15 66 comments
A tip for all my friends who need a day off work...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 15 Apr 15 88 comments
LINK Ex-Pope Benedict XVI blames 1960s revolution for sex abuse - BBC News By zblaze 7 OR Apr 15 Apr 15 2424 comments
LINK Faith-based bills advance in Texas in defiance of 'almighty dollar' - Religion News Service By zblaze 7 OR Apr 15 Apr 15 44 comments
Re: Notre Dame Cathedral Yes, but is our freedoms burning? Is our planet burning? The news reports this with more gravitas than the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children around the globe. It rightly weeps for a landmark historic...
By WilliamCharles 7 CA Apr 15 Apr 15 2323 comments
Amazon’s got a little something for everybody!
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 15 Apr 15 99 comments
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives We have pushed Death away from Life, the dying away from the living - all in order to impose the illusion of control on the uncertainty of change We have lost touch with the natural world and with our place... By Castlepaloma 7 Canada Apr 15 Apr 15 1313 comments
I came across something on a dating site that touched me... "Imagine meeting someone who wanted to learn your past not to punish you, but to understand how you needed to be loved." And so naturally, the person who wrote this thanked me for ... By Paul4747 7 MI Apr 15 Apr 15 1818 comments
LINK Monty Python - God - YouTube By THHA 7 AZ Apr 15 Apr 15 55 comments
LINK Clarence Thomas: Atheists Can’t Be Trusted Since Oaths Mean Nothing to Them | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos By Dmej114 7 MI Apr 14 Apr 14 1818 comments
Daily Blasphemy: As a kid, I used to visit my evangelical aunt Judy. She was a cross between Marguerite Perrin (the crazy christian lady) and the mother in the movie “Carrie”…quietly pious, until she sensed ol’ Satan sneaking up on her. ... By BlastedRedeemer 5 MA Apr 14 Apr 14 55 comments
LINK Baptist Preacher’s Invocation in Virginia House Condemns Non-Christians to Hell | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos By Dmej114 7 MI Apr 14 Apr 14 88 comments
I've recently given up my faith because of a few comments people gave made to me here...Thanks! Now that I know for Sure there isn't a God, how do I decide what is right morally. Should I just base it on evolution? By Todoeltiempo 4 DC Apr 14 Apr 14 5757 comments
Best magazine about Atheism By tsallinia 5 UK Apr 14 Apr 14 1212 comments
POLL Is there a correlation between being a true atheist and abolishing the monogamous lifestyle? Do you think that an atheist is more or less likely to prefer polygamy? By zesty 7 FL Apr 14 Apr 14 5656 comments
Greatest product review ever.. for a Nerf Bow. Open the image and read the whole thing. Link below if you have trouble viewing... []
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 14 Apr 14 55 comments
The problem is, that when your religion is based upon a selective naive literal interpretation of an ancient holy book, your religion can literally be anything that you want it to be. By DavidNoel 4 GA Apr 14 Apr 14 66 comments
The Idea of God By Xoviat 4 Norway Apr 14 Apr 14 1212 comments
It's traditional for a woman to change her family name to her husbands when she marries. Why shouldn't she keep her name. Is this a hold over of religion to subjugate woman? Women, if you were married did you change your name? By rogueflyer 7 OR Apr 14 Apr 14 4444 comments
a question about how religion affects behaviour By gypsyjane 5 Canada Apr 14 Apr 14 1010 comments
LINK A Christian Nationalist Blitz By HippieChick58 9 NE Apr 14 Apr 14 1010 comments
LINK There are two types of hijabs. The difference is huge. - The Washington Post By HippieChick58 9 NE Apr 14 Apr 14 1313 comments
I've noticed that Pro-lifers love to invoke the Commandment "thu shalt not kill", taken from the Jewish Torah. However, throughout both the new and the old testament, god commands his followers to stone to death children, women, infidels, and even ... By friendlycatlady 4 FL Apr 14 Apr 14 2525 comments
What about segregated by design where you live? Does this film alter any of your beliefs? [] By ToolGuy 7 Canada Apr 14 Apr 14 44 comments
In charleston on the Gullah cultural tour. This is the AME church where Dylan Ruffe in cold blooded murder slaughtered black American children, women and men. Wonderful tour. The guide speaks gullah and has an incredible library of knowledge.
By Bigwavedave 7 NC Apr 14 Apr 14 44 comments
This is upsetting [] . Anybody here who doesn't know who Nipsey Hussle is ought to look him up. Honestly, I didn't know until I learned of his tragic death last week. But he was an upstanding citizen working to build his community. RIP By Buxx 6 TN Apr 14 Apr 14 77 comments
I was just wondering how many declared "Believers" are really atheists pretending to believe. I think the huge. There are oodles f reasons, from shame to game. All religions and churches are con games and con men run con games ipso ... By Casey07 6 CA Apr 14 Apr 14 1313 comments
My daughter,12, asked if she could go to church with a friend who invited her tomorrow. My daughter is athiest. She said her friends is fun and nice. I said yes. But I am uncomfortable with her hanging out with people that believe in " magic." By rcc0780 5 CA Apr 14 Apr 14 3030 comments
As increasing numbers of US citizens self-identify as "without religion" in both red and blue states, when will they become politically organized and who will lead them???? By Honolulu2046 3 FL Apr 14 Apr 14 1919 comments
I got into a discussion with my aunt about pro life vs pro choice. To make a long story short it's so hard to get a pro lifer to see things outside of their religious beliefs. I find it hard to get her to understand that by being pro life and picking... By ZaddyP 3 TX Apr 13 Apr 13 1818 comments
This Will Ferrel skit should make any atheist LOL :) Youtube By believeinlove 4 IA Apr 13 Apr 13 66 comments
I can't believe that as old as I am, when it comes to talking to women I'm interested in, whether on here, or in real life, I'm immediately tongue-tied and idiotic. I feel like I'm 14 again. If I pretend like there's no interest in either direction, ... By tnorman1236 9 WV Apr 13 Apr 13 2727 comments
A Jury May Have Sentenced a Man to Death Because He’s Gay. And the Justices Don’t Care. [] By Charliesey 7 FL Apr 13 Apr 13 77 comments
Happy Birthday to Christopher Hitchens! A brilliant orator who I wish I had met in life. Who has influenced you on your religious/non-religious journey? By BigHeartHuman 3 CA Apr 13 Apr 13 99 comments
POLL How many of you have been told you are going to hell? By Dimples1114 4 IL Apr 13 Apr 13 5656 comments
What can I say to my daughter? By Papa1965 5 OK Apr 13 Apr 13 4949 comments
If there is one thing I envy the religious, (besides their smugness at all the existential, climate, humanitarian, problems in the world) it would be the church. Not the Vatican, or the temple, or any of that gross shit, but the congregation, the ... By Patrick 4 MO Apr 13 Apr 13 1515 comments
LINK Alabama Senate OKs Fundamentalist Christian Church Police Force | Michael Stone By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 13 Apr 13 77 comments
I keep wondering what you people who call yourselves "agnostics" on here claim to be agnostic about. You say "The existence of God". What's "God"? I just see 3 three alphabet letters there. Elsewhere I've seen where people have written that row of... By EdwinMcCravy 5 SC Apr 13 Apr 13 2828 comments
Neil Gaiman fans? I was a bit of a comic book nerd when I was a kid. I think I overheard someone at a comic book shop talking about a series called Sandman, it was written by Neil Gaiman. I picked up the series during a portion called The ...
By josh_is_exciting 7 IL Apr 13 Apr 13 44 comments
Four years ago today I took a ride in an ambulance that would change my life. My lungs had deteriorated to the point that I was using two O2 machines at the same time to get enough air in me. An autoimmune disease had been steadily chewing up my ... By Lutherzme 8 PA Apr 13 Apr 13 1111 comments
LINK Justice Dept. Declines to Defend Law Against Female Circumcision, Citing Flaws By Elganned 8 MI Apr 13 Apr 13 66 comments
Only one more sleep till winter comes for us all. Who is your guess for the iron throne at the conclusion of the show?
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 13 Apr 13 1010 comments
We absolutely need to find a way to establish dialogue between competing groups. These debates are a way to display the Truth of your position against the Truth of your detractor. Spectators would judge who's Truth was stronger (greater), and would... By DavidNoel 4 GA Apr 13 Apr 13 55 comments
LINK What huh? Jurors Thought a Gay Man Would Enjoy Prison. So They Sentenced Him to Death. – Mother Jones By MarkiusMahamius 6 NY Apr 13 Apr 13 55 comments
Survey: As many Americans claim no religion as there are evangelicals, Catholics - CNN [] By BrentMBA2004 4 FL Apr 13 Apr 13 66 comments
How Come Civilization? Why Creation? Part Two. So we have puzzlement over why, of all the creatures on Earth, do Homo sapiens have not only the highest IQ, but relative to the next in line – well it’s not even a close contest. It’s sort of ... By johnprytz 7 Australia Apr 13 Apr 13 99 comments
I'd really love for a "freedom from religion" sect in my area. I know quite a few atheist but no idea how to start something.. any ideas?? By Mikemfm314 3 PA Apr 12 Apr 12 1111 comments
I find it funny how religious people keep saying you can't be spiritual without religion. As far as I can tell religion is a system of beliefs that prevents people from being kind, generous, accepting of others, and having compassion towards people ...
By Lizard_of_Ahaz 4 CA Apr 12 Apr 12 1414 comments
Alright, I have to earn a place in the queue. Fuck god, fuck nationalism, fuck racism, fuck anti-intellectualism, fuck climate denial. I like people who like people and who want to find a way forward in this society. I'm not an atheist, I'm ... By Patrick 4 MO Apr 12 Apr 12 2525 comments
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