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Have you ever been called a "clever clog?"
By TheAstroChuck 8 12 comments NY Nov 5, 2018
POLL Blue Wave or Blue let down?
By paul1967 8 14 comments CA Nov 5, 2018
How do you feel about manners and common decency?
By Byrd 7 25 comments WA Nov 5, 2018
What is/are your favourite Christmas song/s? I was brought up Catholic and Christmas is an important holiday in the Philippines which celebrates one of the longest holiday seasons in the world. Believe you me Christmas songs are played over there as ...
By jemzet8 6 27 comments UK Nov 5, 2018
What are some warning signs that a relationship is not going to work? Here are some starter ideas: 1.) addiction - alcohol, sex, drugs, etc 2.) Incompatible faiths 3.) Siamese twins - a threesome would just be too weird.
By UrsiMajor 8 10 comments MD Nov 4, 2018
What Is Everyone Reading? I just started A Confederacy of Dunces and 30 pages in, I can tell I'm going to love it :) So what is everyone reading? A new book or re-visiting an old one? Something amazing or are you struggling to finish it?
By Hastur 7 43 comments FL Nov 4, 2018
Dating advice. Ok. You guys are my communal (and most importantly, unpaid) dating consultants. So I went out a date on Friday night with a woman i met from an online dating site. We had a reasonably nice time, and I found her funny and ...
By KenChang 7 29 comments WA Nov 4, 2018
Dating on this site
By Dollwiser 4 19 comments TN Nov 4, 2018
What's your "Atheist Public Persona"?
By Geektheist 6 31 comments GA Nov 4, 2018
Hello everybody, I have not been on much, I'm in the process of moving. Having a wonderful time with my girls and my great-grandson. I do not have my internet Wi-Fi in yet maybe tomorrow. Everyone enjoy your Sunday.🌊 😊
By Sheannutt 9 5 comments OR Nov 4, 2018
Describe your sex life using only a movie title.
By Eazyduzzit 7 36 comments TN Nov 4, 2018
POLL Have you done the Myers Briggs?
By BABSDAGGER 5 59 comments MI Nov 3, 2018
On a first date do you go Dutch (share the bill)?
By paul1967 8 26 comments CA Nov 3, 2018
Who is your "Go-To" atheist? I've been spending a lot of time traveling and listening to various YouTube speeches from Skepticon and so forth. I'm intrigued by Richard Carrier and Aron Ra. Anyone else I should listen to?
By seaspot_run 7 32 comments FL Nov 2, 2018
Do you have a book you bought perhaps as a holiday read that never got read and still sits on your shelves staring at you in an accusatory manner. What is it and why did you not read it?
By Flettie 7 11 comments UK Nov 2, 2018
Marriage and the non believer...
By ghettophilosopher 7 27 comments FL Nov 2, 2018
LINK Categorizing Americans' Religious Typology Groups
By TheMiddleWay 8 6 comments CA Nov 2, 2018
LINK Atheists Are Sometimes More Religious Than Christians - The Atlantic
By TheMiddleWay 8 20 comments CA Nov 2, 2018
Non-religious communities
By KMD 3 14 comments OK Nov 2, 2018
Hi guys, am really enjoying everything here. Thank you all for your support and love..!
By ElikemSamuel 7 10 comments Ghana Nov 2, 2018
LINK The Final Sermon I Should Have Preached
By VictoriaNotes 8 5 comments MS Nov 1, 2018
Thanksgiving Finger Puppets
By LiterateHiker 8 11 comments WA Nov 1, 2018
Please share any fun thing that you did on Halloween. Pictures are welcome. I took my dog out as Batman and I was Poison Ivy and we gave out candy to kids downtown. There was even free hot dogs given out by a church, (Ha-Ha, No, I did not burst into ...
By alanalorie 7 39 comments KS Nov 1, 2018
What is the most underrated movie in your opinion?
By Darius77 6 90 comments Iran Nov 1, 2018
There are posts here about the recent shooting at the synagogue in pittsburgh. most people realize that this was a horrible event and that antisemitism itself is horrible, but i am alarmed to see that some people are responding with antisemitic ...
By genessa 8 30 comments MN Nov 1, 2018
For those of you who love the music of the 50's, 60's and 70's, join the Classic Rock Rules group! All the great songs and artists from the greatest era in modern popular music! []
By MST3K 8 13 comments OH Oct 31, 2018
Another picture of the Pumpkin House in my home town.
By tnorman1236 8 16 comments WV Oct 31, 2018
What is your ideal self? What does it mean to be your highest self?
By Zackalberto 5 34 comments IL Oct 31, 2018
When a close friend or family member is "asking for prayers" and you want to wish them well what should you say?
By ScorpioNTexas 4 81 comments TX Oct 31, 2018
LINK Neuroscientist Sam Harris on Our Misconceptions About Free Will and How Acknowledging Its Illusoriness Liberates Us Rather Than Taking Away Our Freedom – Brain Pickings
By tnorman1236 8 10 comments WV Oct 31, 2018
LINK How a Jellyfish and a Sea Slug Illuminate the Mystery of the Self – Brain Pickings
By tnorman1236 8 5 comments WV Oct 31, 2018
What is your favorite Halloween themed music video?
By snytiger6 8 23 comments WA Oct 31, 2018
Costumes for pets? Yes or no? I'm surprised how many animal lovers dress up their pets for photo ops. In my experience most animals don't like clothing, hats, etc. In many of the photos and videos the animal is clearly stressed out. I ...
By KissedbySun 7 32 comments SC Oct 31, 2018
Wish I were a pet owner
By Slava3 7 27 comments Canada Oct 31, 2018
What are your halloween plans?
By celticagent 7 22 comments MA Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween you godless heathens!
By janniegirl 6 15 comments GA Oct 31, 2018
My sister has a Halloween costume contest at at her high school and I have one at my college. We started getting ready at 4:30 and finished close to 7:00. Happy Halloween!
By MusicMnstr99 6 11 comments IA Oct 31, 2018
POLL Ok so let's hear how everyone thinks on this issue. Do you take off your shoes when you enter your home? Do you require others to take off their shoes.. and how do you deal with it? do you provide slippers?
By AmmaRE007 7 73 comments Canada Oct 30, 2018
When someone says" well it was ment to be" or it was gods will. What is your reply?
By Maggiemay 6 78 comments OR Oct 30, 2018
Religions vs Cult
By paul1967 8 47 comments CA Oct 30, 2018
Are there novels that changed the way you think?
By ForestDweller 4 47 comments CA Oct 30, 2018
If you support shutting down a site because it's members are allowed to promote anti-semitic views ( ... would you also support shutting down a site because it's members promote anti-theistic views ( How is promoting ...
By TheMiddleWay 8 43 comments CA Oct 30, 2018
Is there anyone here that values the teachings of the bible, but rejects it's supernatural elements?
By Wrain62 4 85 comments FL Oct 30, 2018
How did you you come out as a skeptic if you had a religious family?
By Trk725 3 30 comments IL Oct 29, 2018
LINK What Would You Tell Your 18-Year-Old Self?
By bleurowz 8 97 comments NJ Oct 29, 2018
LINK A Short History of American Medical Insurance - Imprimis
By IAMGROOT 7 6 comments CA Oct 29, 2018
Helpful tips you learned as an adult?
By LiterateHiker 8 52 comments WA Oct 29, 2018
Did popularity ever matter to you throughout High School Years?
By EmeraldJewel 7 65 comments OK Oct 29, 2018
How many times have you felt this way in life? [] 6 Certain Signs of Being in Love Science-based ways to know if you're in love. Posted Jun 23, 2017 Is this love or is it something else? People talk about being "in"...
By alanalorie 7 21 comments KS Oct 29, 2018
How many times have you felt this way in life? [] 6 Certain Signs of Being in Love Science-based ways to know if you're in love. Posted Jun 23, 2017 Is this love or is it something else? People talk about being "in"...
By alanalorie 7 6 comments KS Oct 29, 2018
Is This Taboo?
By KitKat1996 4 97 comments MO Oct 29, 2018
Went over to my daughters place and got a pic of myself taken wearing the T shirt that I received last Friday.
By DenoPenno 8 24 comments MO Oct 28, 2018
Hello Agnostics! I’m glad to have stumbled on this site. It’s a nice addition to life in the Bible Belt. I am re-educating myself and examining my life—maybe a bit of a midlife crisis but meh & shrug. Hope to make some new friends and I...
By ZenJen 4 29 comments TX Oct 28, 2018
At times Im conflicted as to religious people are more unintelligent or just more easily make to believe whatever they are told to believe. I know that there is a little of both there but which one do you think is more dominant in their make up?
By Minos 4 6 comments NM Oct 28, 2018
When friends ask for thoughts & prayers I always reply sending love & support. I'm looking for other things to say.
By secain54 2 11 comments TX Oct 28, 2018
How can I find more local friends with more in common?
By WarmFluffy 7 21 comments AL Oct 28, 2018
Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
By Alliegirl 7 131 comments SC Oct 28, 2018
There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything ...
By Markwilliams 3 31 comments South Africa Oct 27, 2018
Has anyone had a pivotal event that changed the direction of their life? My life has been a trail of forks, dead ends, peaks and valleys. Recently, a PBS Nova documentary suddenly made me realize where everything started. The video was about the ...
By JackPedigo 8 39 comments WA Oct 27, 2018
Even if all humans turned into peaceful, rational humanists like Steven Pinker or Hans Rosling, our greatest problems, those that threaten humanity's survival, like climate change, pollution, soil degradation, toxic waste, loss of biodiversity, ...
By Matias 7 29 comments Germany Oct 27, 2018
LINK What to Do When You Feel Let Down by Someone
By bleurowz 8 24 comments NJ Oct 26, 2018
So tell me, what does it mean to be an Existentialist?
By RealHuman 5 22 comments GA Oct 26, 2018
Who's a person who inspires you? I don't just mean politicians - I mean activists, writers, organizers, communicators, media figures - everybody in every field. Who gives you hope?
By Flettie 7 58 comments UK Oct 26, 2018
What is the true purpose of religion?
By skado 8 72 comments AL Oct 26, 2018
Help us write a Modern Humanist Manifesto! A friend and I are working on a LONG document for and we'd love to get your feedback (and edits!). Its primary goal is to introduce the values of Humanism to people who may have not ...
By Admin 8 6 comments Online Oct 26, 2018
Oh my, God!
By DoDapper 8 13 comments MN Oct 26, 2018
Top 10 Songs That Has Been Over Used For Covers?
By JurassicT4 6 21 comments NY Oct 26, 2018
What makes/made you happy today? Happy hour at Barrio Queen made my evening (Todo a madre!), as well as the Thursday night art walk.
By AzVixen52 7 34 comments AZ Oct 25, 2018
Do you consider yourself a good lover to your partner or spouse and why?
By Nardi 7 49 comments UK Oct 25, 2018
Here's my AGNOSTIC shirt! I like it a lot! Thanks to Administration!
By LucyLoohoo 8 38 comments CA Oct 25, 2018
What made some of you change your mind about religion? Ie, become a freethinker
By APHolland 4 20 comments LA Oct 25, 2018
Older People Are Worse Than Young People at Telling Fact from Opinion []
By celticagent 7 30 comments MA Oct 25, 2018
Ireland is about to vote on removing the offense of blasphemy from the constitution []
By celticagent 7 16 comments MA Oct 25, 2018
God’s Intelligent Design?
By johnprytz 7 52 comments Australia Oct 25, 2018
A thought crossed my mind and I'd like the input/opinions of others on it. Are the Theists/Religious, etc, envious/jealous of we, Atheists/Agnostics, simply because we are not bound down/regulated/controlled, etc, by the same dictatorial laws, etc, ...
By Triphid 7 44 comments Australia Oct 24, 2018
What are your favorite lyrics?
By TimothyDeHoff 5 67 comments OH Oct 24, 2018
So what are you going to be for Halloween? I'm asking early because the party I'm going to Friday night is scheduled before Halloween..So your party might be early too...
By UrsiMajor 8 34 comments MD Oct 24, 2018
Okay everyone, this is a heavy topic I have asked about before but has anyone here had any first hand experience with destructive religious cults?
By anonymous 7 9 comments Online Oct 24, 2018
Any Reggae Recommendations?
By JurassicT4 6 40 comments NY Oct 23, 2018
LINK The Humanist Dilemma: Can an Agnostic Teen Be Honest and Keep up the Good Work? -
By zblaze 7 5 comments OR Oct 23, 2018
Does a post or comment make you feel a little ill? We now have a nausea icon under "Like".
By Admin 8 34 comments Online Oct 23, 2018
This weekend I participated in one of my favorite fall traditions, making apple butter. We started at 5 am and canned our last jar at just past midnight that night. Our yield this year was 320 jars. In between is a day filled with everyone ...
By Christiep77 7 27 comments VA Oct 23, 2018
Interesting news out of Idaho regarding the gubernatorial race there. Any Idahoans want to comment? HuffPost: In Deep Red Idaho, Voters Are Fanatic About Democrat Paulette Jordan. []
By Condor5 8 9 comments CA Oct 23, 2018
Atheists - Less Vices
By WarmFluffy 7 31 comments AL Oct 23, 2018
LINK Philosophers Name the Best Philosophy Books: From Stoicism and Existentialism, to Metaphysics & Ethics for Artificial Intelligence | Open Culture
By tnorman1236 8 5 comments WV Oct 23, 2018
POLL Does your partner need to share your beliefs? I think there is no other way around. What do you think?
By Granateo 4 17 comments TX Oct 23, 2018
Religious parents?
By Philosoraptor 4 16 comments CA Oct 23, 2018
Has your Atheism affected your patriotism?
By JazznBlues 7 77 comments MN Oct 23, 2018
Why is the label African Americans used to describe black Americans
By paul1967 8 33 comments CA Oct 23, 2018
How to reply when someone says 'have a blessed day'
By Uncledaddy999 4 97 comments GA Oct 23, 2018
LINK Why Are Americans Still Uncomfortable with Atheism? | The New Yorker
By PDF 5 19 comments NE Oct 22, 2018
This will be my first post here, and it is very difficult to write, as silly as that may seem. I suppose it is not helped when I have been very honest here on my profile regarding things that I normally am not particularly forward with. Hello massive...
By SeptemberRain 5 98 comments TX Oct 22, 2018
Rent or own (a home)?
By RoadGoddess 7 68 comments TX Oct 22, 2018
What is a childhood movie that still haunts you until this day as an adult?
By EmeraldJewel 7 68 comments OK Oct 22, 2018
LINK Why Doesn't Ancient Fiction Talk About Feelings?
By tnorman1236 8 13 comments WV Oct 22, 2018
LINK Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have a Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind
By tnorman1236 8 11 comments WV Oct 22, 2018
LINK Scientists Are Urging You To Never Make Your Bed Again - Higher Perspective
By balou 8 33 comments TX Oct 22, 2018
Atheist = Depressed?
By Lucignolo 6 115 comments FL Oct 22, 2018
POLL When you're the only atheist at work
By JurassicT4 6 64 comments NY Oct 22, 2018
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