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I first heard this Harvard Math Professor when, in the late 50s, I was in grade 7 or 8. A classmate brought some of his records into class. Yep vinyl! He is the most irreverent satirist who saw everything as grist for his mill. This is a religious ...
By ToolGuy 7 12 comments Canada Mar 19
What is your idea of a good death?
By MarikaHandakas 3 57 comments PA Mar 19
Does science reject atheism?
By Welsh_dude 4 20 comments CO Mar 19
What's your favorite atheist show/podcast?
By celticagent 7 9 comments MA Mar 19
Jesus arrives for the second coming. What entrance music does he use and why? (Again, these prompts are for fun— be creative!)
By flithyMONKEYmen 6 33 comments VA Mar 19
I have discovered a niche profession and looking with a cursory glance on the internet I have found no one listed, aside from historical references. Sin Eater. Why not? Learn a few Latin phrases, don't eat before my meal (albeit, I am not going to ...
By Beowulfsfriend 8 5 comments PA Mar 19
LINK The TRUTH about the Christchurch mosque - YouTube
By SidneyWinston 5 10 comments Canada Mar 19
LINK 12,000 Doctors Urge the USDA to Issue Dairy Warning | LIVEKINDLY
By SkotlandSkye 8 4 comments OK Mar 19
Sooooo many questions...
By flithyMONKEYmen 6 5 comments VA Mar 19
Well that was fun and intriguing. I recently posted: Space (A.K.A. Outer Space, Cosmological Space) is not an empty void, not free of substance or form and set off a firestorm by a handful of commenters. I think I have uncovered a cult-like group...
By TheAstroChuck 8 17 comments NY Mar 19
Another potential relationship ruined because I won't be in a threesome with him, and his god. I need to move out of the bible belt before I even think about dating again. Funny how I can accept other people's faith, but they can't accept my lack ...
By Karna 3 26 comments SC Mar 19
Which of the following persons really existed?
By Matias 7 10 comments Germany Mar 19
Every French man, woman, juvenile, or infant consumes 44,2 litres of wine every year. This volume puts them on the podium in second potion … after the Vatican whose predominantly catholic population consumes a whopping 73,8 litres pc between the ...
By PontifexMarximus 7 4 comments Australia Mar 19
Ilhan Omar is not deserving of her seat in The House. She is openly and unapologetically anti-Jew in her rhetoric and ideology. No Jew should support this bigoted Democrat Party in the US. It's enough that religion has destroyed the fabric of the...
By SidneyWinston 5 54 comments Canada Mar 19
I haven’t seen anything here about Alabama being the first state to introduce Sharia law. Reportedly, a bill was introduced that would prohibit a woman getting an abortion without the father’s permission. Given the anti-Islam sentiment in red ...
By Rghurst 4 21 comments PA Mar 18
My mom is threatening not to come to my wedding because it's not a religious ceremony. sigh
By Lemons 5 52 comments IL Mar 18
POLL Was jesus entirely made up
By Shanemonty4 3 17 comments FL Mar 18
"God is in control" was said to me this week-end. I let it slide by without comment, because the person who said it is hypersensitive about her Christian religion. But the more I thought about it, the more stupid and insulting to my intelligence it ...
By 33Virginia 3 25 comments TX Mar 18
Does the Phrase "Sunday best" (usually applied to clothing and widely used in the UK at least by christians and others) mean anything to you now. What use did it serve within Christianity ? What use could it be to the non religious including you? ...
By Mcflewster 7 13 comments UK Mar 18
LINK Netanyahu tells Arab citizens they’re not real Israelis
By Elganned 7 7 comments MI Mar 18
LINK U.S. Supreme Court rejects Hawaii B&B that refused to serve lesbian couple
By Elganned 7 10 comments MI Mar 18
What does the “H.” in “Jesus H. Christ” stand for? (Be creative— this is intended to be fun!)
By flithyMONKEYmen 6 71 comments VA Mar 18
Pure Space Is Just An Absolute State of Nothingness, and the Big Bang Event Didn’t Create Squat! There has been quite some debate over a number of posts about the exact nature of space and time and how all of that relates back to the nature of ...
By johnprytz 7 12 comments Australia Mar 18
Arrived in Budapest on the 16th of March. We will be here until the 17th of May. Love to meetup with any fellow agnostics travelling to this area.
By Lorajay 7 4 comments OK Mar 18
What do you say to the law of conservation of energy argument? That the universe cannot have created itself because of said law and therefor must have been created by something that can operate outside of said law, which is God?
By august03 2 16 comments Uganda Mar 18
Ok, time to talk about hipocrisy, but this time in our own site. One would think that a site that only has adult people who voluntarily join to be among free thinkers and non believers, who are by now free of the usual hang ups that religion loves to...
By Mofo1953 7 31 comments FL Mar 18
Illogical atheist requires supernatural proof?
By Antifred 7 10 comments TX Mar 18
Proud agnostic? Report over here for a meeting haha. I'm hyped
By Jack4Me 3 7 comments GA Mar 17
Wedding vows. Are atheists vows stronger than religious vows?
By missgi 4 31 comments CA Mar 17
We're Facing a Global Movement of White Hate
By LiterateHiker 8 23 comments WA Mar 17
One summer when I was a youngster, my grandfather took me to a lake to teach me some fishing skills. I became quite good at baiting hooks, and Grandpa called me a master baiter. When school started up again, the teacher asked the class what we did ...
By BestWithoutGods 7 8 comments TN Mar 17
This is directly from Quora: How much does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know about economics in the real world? What is her experience in? written by John Gallagher, Democratic Party activist. "This is an interesting question for many reasons, some of...
By HippieChick58 9 23 comments NE Mar 17
LINK Religion for the Nonreligious - Wait But Why - Pocket
By tnorman1236 8 6 comments WV Mar 17
Daily Blasphemy: Happy St. Patrick's Day. Ireland never had snakes. Pointing to a shamrock to teach the "Holy Trinity" isn't preaching--it's bullshit. And St. Patrick wasn't Irish, he was Welsh. So have a Guinness, sing Fields of Athenry with your ...
By BlastedRedeemer 5 15 comments MA Mar 17
I like when you over hear people talk about how great their religion is compared to other religions, like they have some mystical advantage over someone of a rival religion. It reminds me of school children arguing over which superhero has the best ...
By goldenvalleyguy 8 15 comments AZ Mar 17
Iam heider 27 y.o I studied in the university of baghdad college of fine arts/ theater I am now a director i made tell now a three movies Music videos and programs And write one book (poetry) I live in Baghdad and luv 2 have a friends all over...
By Heider 4 5 comments Iraq Mar 17
LINK U.S. Peace Activists in Venezuela: Nothing to Fear - YouTube
By 48thRonin 8 6 comments NC Mar 17
A good summary of bad science that has driven death and ill health. Dr. Ancel Keys was a zealot who has and continues even after his death to harm millions. He popularized the idea that fat, especially animal fat, is unhealthy. As we now race to a ...
By Mitch07102 7 6 comments PA Mar 17
This quote states my belief well. How about you? “I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.” Richard Dawkins
By rogueflyer 7 13 comments OR Mar 17
Question for the group. A man walks into a store with a gun and points it at a child. Two men move to stand in the way. A Christian man and an atheist. The Christian man believes if he dies this way he will be rewarded with heaven if he dies. The ...
By Randalltague 4 15 comments MN Mar 17
In light of the rapidly escalating white supremacist terrorism in our country and throughout the world, I think that in the mass media, for the protection of democracy and human rights, it is incumbent upon all of us to act to drastically curtail ...
By wordywalt 8 5 comments FL Mar 17
On Ethical Sluts, I posted a very misleading, confusing, and frankly, when read a certain way, insulting spiel about the "men" who dislike, even hate, sluts, defined in this honorable and respectful space, as proudly promiscuous women who love sex in...
By Storm1752 6 13 comments FL Mar 17
C'mon global warming, where the hell are you? Do you realize we are just few days shy from Spring time?
By IamNobody 8 7 comments IN Mar 17
St. Patrick's Day was not celebrated where I grew up, along the coast of the North Sea in Germany. As a child, I was fascinated with the story about the monk Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland. My cousin Renate set me straight one day: " We ...
By Spinliesel 8 5 comments NY Mar 17
all of does believed in God show your god to me
By CharlsYuan 1 7 comments Philippines Mar 17
"The commitment to living beyond a narrow view of our own interests makes us different from animals and creates a series of biological puzzles concerning our lack of selfishness and our willingness to condemn others. The moral sense was once ...
By Matias 7 6 comments Germany Mar 17
well let me start from beginning of my journey that led me to be in this awkward situation. I will to come to point quick because my story is long and so sorry for my bad english i wish i could write this letter in deutsch! My Name is Mahmud ...
By MahmudMohebbi 2 4 comments UK Mar 17
Isn't it hilarious how the religious transfer their own deviance onto us? :D
By Surfpirate 8 14 comments Canada Mar 16
Friendzoned by God.
By GeorgeRocheleau 8 5 comments AZ Mar 16
I was listening to an interview today that Terry Gross conducted on NPR with a lady theologian -- a very bright and sincere lady. What I heard in that interview, merged with past experiences like my admiration for the Lutheran theologian, Reinhold ...
By wordywalt 8 9 comments FL Mar 16
From The Week: The Portland city council unanimously approved an ordinance banning discrimination against atheists and agnostics. "With this declaration," said city commissioner Amanda Fritz, "perhaps more nonbelievers will feel less fearful of being...
By Grayghost 5 8 comments VA Mar 16
LINK Moral Zealotry and the Seductive Nature of Evil - Quillette
By zblaze 7 5 comments OR Mar 16
LINK I had no idea this was a thing- Mansplaining shirtgate to women is meta misogyny | Dr. Jen Gunter
By MarkiusMahamius 5 6 comments NY Mar 16
Somehow stumbled on this site on the web, it sounds really interesting. I've always been agnostic, even after years in a church choir. I'd really like to meet like minded people (preferably female) to discuss life etc over a few beers or decent ...
By Vince63 2 8 comments UK Mar 16
LINK Churches open their doors to businesses in order to survive
By Elganned 7 6 comments MI Mar 16
Does beleif in god justify how much should people be allowed to spend on end of life care?
By MarkiusMahamius 5 14 comments NY Mar 16
Pride. This world would be better without so much pride. I know I'm guilty of it. Often. You don't need religion to be moral. And you don't need commandments to point out what is right or wrong. Pride. Stupid, pig headed, stubborn pride. ...
By James00346 6 12 comments NV Mar 16
If you lived a good life, you get to request from Death how you die. It's an interview that lasts less than a second, as the universe perceives it, and your clock is up in the next 60 minutes. So now there is a double conundrum; how to die, and ...
By James00346 6 7 comments NV Mar 16
No to speculations and destructions in activism! The Planet does not need kneeling on earth, as excessive humiliation, but Visions and Protective Acts for all Her Children. By going beyond the biases of erroneous ideas (present in all the human ...
By Noemi 6 6 comments Romania Mar 16
Muslim countries do not accept Christian churches in their territory and do not accept atheists, atheists are sentenced to death for apostasy in Islamic countries where Shariah was implanted. I think it is not necessary for the Prime Minister of New...
By Williamcristiano 5 17 comments Brazil Mar 16
I wonder if anybody would be interested in a group for those who speak French. Partir un groupe pour les francophones, ça vaudrait le coup?
By QuidamOutrepont 6 10 comments Canada Mar 15
During what time period did white people become the majority of humans in what is now the United States?
By MsAl 7 12 comments MI Mar 15
Hope this isn't a repeat - because it's really important article explaining why climate change science isn't making an impact - particularly outside the intelligentsia - []
By Allamanda 6 13 comments Virgin Islands, U.S. Mar 15
Today would have been our 44th Wedding Anniversary if Lisa hadn't lost her battle with cancer. On the day we were Married up on Long Island, all the weathermen were saying that the temperatures would be in the very low 30's F (around 0 C) with ...
By AncientNight 8 14 comments VA Mar 15
My Cat and I. Girls are simply the prettiest things My Cat and I believe And we're always saddened When it's time for them to leave We watch them titivating (that one takes a while) And thought they keep us waiting My cat & I just smile...
By Jolanta 8 5 comments Australia Mar 15
Space (A.K.A. Outer Space, Cosmological Space) is not an empty void, not free of substance or form.
By TheAstroChuck 8 16 comments NY Mar 15
LINK The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change | HuffPost
By tnorman1236 8 11 comments WV Mar 15
LINK Humanist marriages least likely to end in divorce, official statistics reveal » Humanists UK
By zblaze 7 4 comments OR Mar 15
Hey, I just got a note from the NY Daily News Voices that they're publishing my letter to the editor. I wonder what Rudy will think of it. Somebody is bound to mention it to him. Hope he doesn't sue me. Even better I wonder what the mobsters will...
By Aristopus 6 5 comments FL Mar 15
LINK A Life of One’s Own: A Penetrating 1930s Field Guide to Self-Possession, Mindful Perception, and the Art of Knowing What You Really Want – Brain Pickings
By tnorman1236 8 6 comments WV Mar 14
As a parental father figure,Old Testament God does not appear to like children very much (or uses their suffering to threaten their parents to obey him...).[] Are we parents supposed to use God as a role model? I have always ...
By mojo5501 6 14 comments WI Mar 14
Space explained - look in a "empty" cardboard box - what do you see - space, or area. That space is no different than the space that is light years away. now put 2 tennis balls in the box, push them in opposite directions - what do you have? you ...
By gater 7 24 comments CA Mar 14
This made me chuckle
By Namaste 5 11 comments SC Mar 14
GoT only 4 weeks left!
By TajI 3 9 comments IL Mar 14
Do we know if Socrates was a historical character or a literary device used by Plato?
By Geoffrey51 7 19 comments Australia Mar 14
A fun project I did a while back for my kids. The challenge was to disprove something in the bible but in an original way. Well the kids decided Noah's ark as the topic and since most of the arguments I've heard have always been about Noahs age or ...
By JohnnyMiller 5 10 comments OK Mar 14
"Humans are often said to be intensely tribal. Indeed we are. But if “tribal” refers to a sense of solidarity with a large social group, the same is true of most primates. Tribalism does not distinguish us, nor does reactive aggression. It is ...
By Matias 7 13 comments Germany Mar 13
Judge tells ani-vaxxers to keep their kids home. []
By Elganned 7 16 comments MI Mar 13
LINK Paul Manafort indicted in New York moments after sentencing in D.C. case
By jerry99 7 8 comments CO Mar 13
Open discussion. Zoroastrianism and the influence on Abrahamic religions.
By SeamusFarrell 4 8 comments AR Mar 13
Is there a way to block group posts I'm not in from my main stream?
By celticagent 7 5 comments MA Mar 13
Australia's most Senior Catholic cleric, and, until recently, the 3rd most senior world wide, Cardinal Pell, was sentenced today to a custodial sentence of over 6 yrs for sexual offences against 2 minors. Although the conviction is subject to ...
By Doubting 5 20 comments Australia Mar 13
Finally i becomes real human I’m out of religion piece of shit
By Yabani83 3 14 comments NY Mar 12
More antivaxx logic, for your dining pleasure!
By Charlene 8 17 comments Mar 12
Chip, chip, chip... Federal court allows Ohio law that defunds Planned Parenthood. []
By Elganned 7 8 comments MI Mar 12
I found this idea of classifying moral behavior fascinating so I thought I'd share it to discuss. Reciprocity and social exchange for example, are some of the more interesting behaviors: gift giving, being 'fair', resolving made me ...
By mojo5501 6 9 comments WI Mar 12
One do over....
By Namaste 5 31 comments SC Mar 12
AOC takes on the CEO of the blatantly corrupt Wells Fargo over funding the pipeline and caging children. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The CEO of Wells Fargo said they chose to finance the unstable Dakota Access Pipeline over Standing Rock Sioux ...
By jerry99 7 7 comments CO Mar 12
LINK Billionaire Musk releases all Tesla patents to help save the Earth
By snytiger6 8 5 comments WA Mar 12
Bad Reactions When "Coming Out" Atheist?
By Clarkefan 4 23 comments VA Mar 12
By TonyAndrews 4 10 comments IN Mar 12
I was a member before and left. My user name was Thomas3. I like being honest with members. This site is different from other sites. That is what I missed about it. Thank you for letting me return.
By Thomas366 3 12 comments NJ Mar 12
I’m curious about how many women believe they have a one track mind. I watched a show on the Science channel that says women multitask better than men. I also know women that claim to be OCD but I wonder if they’re reacting to being single ...
By Mortal 8 29 comments CA Mar 11
Looking forward to International Atheist Day!
By artistrobfuller 4 19 comments UK Mar 11
"Einstein and Hawking: Unlocking The Universe" produced by the BBC for the Science Channel. i watched this last night, these guys should have been science fiction writers. They both produced silly theories that many accept as true. neither ...
By gater 7 38 comments CA Mar 11
Morality without God
By AaronW 3 12 comments TX Mar 11
Did you hear about the Explosion at the Cheese Factory in France? There was nothing left but de Brie......
By Heidi68 7 23 comments NC Mar 11
For me... assassination of JFK.
By BeeHappy 9 58 comments NV Mar 11
To this day it still amazes me how many people still believe in the literal interpretation of angels and heaven. They are indoctrinated at such an early age and at that age decision making is limited. Speaking out against the idea of God or Jesus , ...
By petewillia 4 9 comments OH Mar 10
I want it baaaack..
By Charlene 8 14 comments Mar 10
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