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What do you think? I guess I was pretty happy at 16, but if it's going to get better at 70, I'll he over the moon my then. I'm the happiest I've ever been right now. []
By kjsgenie 7 4 comments MN Feb 15
It's not the voices in my head that bother me… it's the echo!
By Benthoven 8 6 comments NY Feb 15
Ooooooooooooooooooklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.....
By SkotlandSkye 8 9 comments OK Feb 15
Is a religious upbringing detrimental to the mental health of children?
By Matias 7 42 comments Germany Feb 15
LINK AOC is Under Fire Because She is Right
By Krish55 7 18 comments FL Feb 14
Ah, Amore.
By dokala 7 8 comments MD Feb 14
I'm not sure which of you Agnostic Ladies this is. But I'm confident it's one of you:
By bigpawbullets 8 5 comments OH Feb 14
Youtube Part of the Life Of Brian debate. Cleese and Palin v the Church. 1979. Very interesting!
By Geoffrey51 7 4 comments Australia Feb 14
Hypnotism is the key to learning about Religion. I was devout christian who believed in getting saved. To make a long story short i had a traumatic experience and had gone to church for 2 years praying for it to be healed. Very little progress. ...
By abyers1970 4 11 comments GA Feb 14
I'm just wondering why all you atheists celebrate Valentine's Day? Isn't it a Christian fairy tale day? I want someone to ask me out on a date but not because hallmark needed a reason to sell cards in February. I would rather go out with someone ...
By confidentrealm 7 47 comments TX Feb 14
I brought my first recruit to the asylum. Please welcome my good friend []
By Amzungu2 7 11 comments IL Feb 13
The hoards are coming from the south! They are rapists, murders, drug runners, terrorist, human traffickers.... Sound familiar?
By Our_existance 8 9 comments NY Feb 13
LINK 11 Literary Pick Up Lines for the Chronically Dateless | Literary Hub
By Lilburne 4 4 comments Australia Feb 13
I visited my mother as I have every year on her birthday . It was January 19th, and she was 96 years old ( picture to follow). She was only alert for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, but I brought her a vanilla McDonalds milkshake. She smiled and said it...
By Bigwavedave 7 16 comments NC Feb 13
The first amendment contains the establishment clause, it guarantees freedom from religion
By Charliesey 6 4 comments FL Feb 13
So tomorrow is my birthday and I have no friends or family out here to celebrate with and I'm far to broke to do anything. Any locals want to make my month by helping me have some fun? Barhoping, a dinner, a movie out or Netflix in I really don't ...
By BABSDAGGER 5 7 comments MI Feb 13
i snopesed this. it's true. the trouble isn't that a vile and stupid woman said something vile and stupid. the trouble is (ask gabby giffords about this if you don't believe me) that somewhere, some vile and stupid person is going to read it or ...
By genessa 8 10 comments MN Feb 13
I had something happen Monday night that made me feel great, and I wanted to share. My youngest daughter Robin, aka Mouse, and I are very close. She's the one I posted about the other day, who's killing it in college. Anyway, I was settling down ...
By Geektheist 6 22 comments GA Feb 13
LINK Organizations to Congress: Remove "God" Clause in Witness Oath - American Humanist Association
By HippieChick58 9 7 comments NE Feb 12
With the children who have died in custody why isn't someone's head on the table?
By Marine 8 10 comments CT Feb 12
POLL Would you vote for Kamala Harris for President? Kamala Devi Harris (/ˈkɑːmələ/ KAH-mə-lə; born October 20, 1964) is an American attorney and politician who has served as the junior United States Senator from California since 2017. A member of ...
By AirForceNurse1 6 31 comments CA Feb 12
What made you an atheist/agnostic?
By angelotzovanis 4 64 comments Greece Feb 12
Do you find most people too selfish - or much more rarely too giving?
By UrsiMajor 8 12 comments MD Feb 12
Marijuana is now legal throughout Canada and USA is thinking of doing likewise. Are you OK with it or worried that legalizing weed is going to increase problems in society? Will people get so laid back that work related productivity will be ...
By Earthling50 6 34 comments Canada Feb 12
Poverty exists because...
By Lutherzme 7 6 comments PA Feb 11
LINK Do Animals Have Feelings? - The Atlantic
By tnorman1236 8 17 comments WV Feb 11
I had to unfriend someone today on facebook. She is the one who sends private messages about me being saved, shares evangelical videos on my wall, and constantly comments with non-sequiturs on my posts. It was hard to get to this point. She ...
By Lillyfield41 7 24 comments PA Feb 11
The things that we find aren’t all new but our forefathers decisions to ignore them in pursuit of greed has only enabled these corporations to remove us from our power.
By 48thRonin 8 4 comments NC Feb 11
I was slawtered.
By GeorgeRocheleau 8 5 comments AZ Feb 11
Finally got around to reading "The Godfather". I still hven't seen the movies. However, the book was really good. I recommend it highly.
By snytiger6 8 5 comments WA Feb 11
It’s easy to blame Russia trolls for fueling the anti-vaccine movement, but they are taking advantage of out own willful ignorance. First, there is an anti-vaxxer movement based on a fraud and the assurances of a B-movie actress. Second, by ...
By Rob1948 7 10 comments TN Feb 11
Why are people so hostile towards President Donald Trump? This question was asked on Quora, and here is probably the best response so far (thank you to Chris O'Leary). Please take the time to read the whole thing (a little long I know, but ...
By ATDayHiker 7 36 comments TN Feb 11
Would someone please explain to me how being against Israel's actions somehow makes one an anti-Semite? Israel is a nation-state, and its actions are legitimate targets for praise or criticism, as are the actions of any nation-state. Being ...
By Elganned 7 14 comments MI Feb 11
LINK Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature' | Environment | The Guardian
By SkotlandSkye 8 5 comments OK Feb 10
Share your art! I like to draw animals as distinct individuals, through the lens of scientific and children's illustration, outsider art, and a touch of goth. What do you get up to?
By qualiagirl 4 13 comments Canada Feb 10
did you ever have that feeling
By june 4 19 comments NY Feb 9
Are we alone in the universe? @CNN []
By Charliesey 6 13 comments FL Feb 9
The popular DNA ancestry kits/results aren't supported by the science.
By VictoriaNotes 8 15 comments MS Feb 9
A very good girl. []
By James00346 6 4 comments NV Feb 9
POLL I don't understand how people use science to disprove freewill. Yes, our behaviours are heavily influenced by external factors. Yes, our decisions are made subconsciously before they are made conscious. But how does one go from this to supposedly ...
By agnostictheist 3 17 comments UK Feb 9
is it time to put a cap on the number of posts someone makes everyday. some of us have other lives and cant spend all day downloading youtube just for the sake of it
By magicwatch 7 22 comments UK Feb 9
I just got to level 8. And the post that pushed it over the edge was from an AOC hater and his boyfriend trolling me in my response to their poll. My thanks go out to these two stupid fucking trolls. My special thanks goes out to all the dear ...
By Mortal 8 16 comments CA Feb 9
Just reached the giddy heights of level 9...! Don’t know what comes next, but it won’t make any difference anyway. I have been here since June 2018 and love posting, replying and messaging to all of you. I have made new friends from other ...
By Marionville 9 24 comments UK Feb 9
So, I have secretly been becoming secretly attracted to someone on this site, but they're not nearby. what's the best way to proceed?
By Unclehotrod 6 19 comments NM Feb 9
Bingo brawl breaks out at Canadian nursing home []
By Bendog 7 9 comments WA Feb 8
POLL Have you gone on a date with someone you met on this site?
By BohoHeathen 7 54 comments OH Feb 8
How can a drug company charge 376000 dollars per dose for a drug with life changing abilities that was once offered for free before they got the generic. Diabetic drugs are facing the same increases placing lives at danger for profit.
By Marine 8 11 comments CT Feb 8
I know I have praised it previously and I am the first to admit it has issues but the NHS is amazing. Tonight I walked into my local chemist (pharmacy), Lyndsey the pharmacist asked how I was doing, offered a chat if I needed it. She then handed me ...
By Amisja 8 11 comments UK Feb 8
whats important in life ? why do we live and what for ? what is reason ? what is common sense ? why do we keep on going , i mean mankind ?
By mephisto2019 3 5 comments Germany Feb 8
This site is sooooo cool.. fun intelligent people and so many interesting posts and articles.. wish i had time to go over them all ..
By Neenz 5 9 comments Canada Feb 8
What was your most absurd first date?
By LiterateHiker 8 28 comments WA Feb 7
I have spoken many times about companies I boycott for a variety of reasons. I have just received a list of companies that support Planned Parenthood. These companies I feel good about supporting, though recently I have some reservations about ...
By HippieChick58 9 13 comments NE Feb 7
Opposite sides of the same coin
By Rudy1962 9 4 comments WI Feb 7
Coping with S.A.D. and Depression at the same time. Any suggestions?
By PatrickKerr 5 16 comments Canada Feb 7
Right wing demagogues are now screaming "socialism" -- attempting to discredit democratic thrusts simply by trying to attach that label. Guess what? Governmental programs designed to benefit all of the people are called for by socialism. Many ...
By wordywalt 8 4 comments FL Feb 7
In the Bible where Jesus says "He who is without sin the first stone" Two questions come to mind:Why did she cheat and why didn't the man whom she cheated with get punished?
By PatrickKerr 5 32 comments Canada Feb 7
Stupid people: they are the bane of human existence. However, I'm profoundly uncomfortable saying whose life is worth living, and whose isn't. So I find myself in a bit of an ethical dilemma when some idiot looks over at me and says: “Here, hold my...
By Benthoven 8 4 comments NY Feb 7
LINK Scientists Discover Giant Hole Beneath Rapidly Melting Antarctic Glacier | HuffPost
By HippieChick58 9 9 comments NE Feb 6
Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record []
By Charliesey 6 5 comments FL Feb 6
If you're driving in the left-lane of the freeway, and there are no cars ahead of you, but a line of cars behind you… you're a dick.
By Benthoven 8 18 comments NY Feb 6
Like most of us here, I really hate the chump they're calling president. apart from the travesty he represents for this nation, I have come to resent the hate that I see & feel about him everyday. It's like a poison that we happily consume. Perhaps i...
By hankster 8 9 comments TN Feb 6
LINK Pope Francis confirms priests' abuse of nuns included "sexual slavery"
By gueronihilista 4 8 comments TX Feb 6 maybe I'm the last one to see it but if you haven't seen Ronald Reagan's son do his commercial for which he closes with "not afraid to burn in hell" it aired on Colbert last night... Youtube
By lerlo 7 7 comments AZ Feb 6
my cat golde just died. i held her in my arms and then i had to get up as nature called, and so i don't know the exact moment she went, but she's gone. i knew she would die today, didn't even think she would live until this hour, but it hurts like ...
By genessa 8 27 comments MN Feb 5
what groups are on this site
By Orca1987 4 4 comments MI Feb 5
Hi I am new to the group I have autism and i am not at all big into religion i have a family that loves me but it's hard to make friends for me i love scuba diving i love photography I love kayaking and adore the military i collect comic ...
By Orca1987 4 5 comments MI Feb 5
State of the Union addresses are just glorified political rallies. As such, personally I'm wholly uninterested in what any President SAYS during their address; I'm only ever interested in what they DO after the address. Actions, not words, are ...
By TheMiddleWay 8 5 comments CA Feb 5
LINK Did you consent to being born? Why one man is suing his parents for giving birth to him | Life and style | The Guardian
By Dmej114 7 21 comments MI Feb 5
What's your reaction when someone describes themselves as "just a simple guy/gal"?
By misternatureboy 7 29 comments CA Feb 5
New here and glad to meet new people in the form or little icons
By Khetanna 4 7 comments MO Feb 5
"We are all assigned a gender at birth. Sometimes that assignment doesn't match our inner truth, and there needs to be a new place -- a place for self-identification. I was not born a boy, I was assigned boy at birth. Understanding the difference ...
By RavenCT 9 9 comments CT Feb 5
Fox, apoplectic over its own polling showing wide public support for @AOC and @ewarren's wealth tax proposals, literally blames the fact that schools teach kids to be fair: "The idea of fairness has been promoted in our schools for a long time." ...
By jerry99 7 8 comments CO Feb 5
Ziddi bhi hu nadan bhi hu Par jesa hu khud ka favorite hu Bole to PK love😎👈🏻
By Suraj 1 5 comments India Feb 5
Average worker to CEO
By HippieChick58 9 13 comments NE Feb 4
[] Crypto Exchange Says It Can't Repay $190 Million to Clients After Founder Dies With Only Password Well, I guess they can take comfort in knowing that their money is secure
By chalupacabre 8 8 comments WA Feb 4
Baby Tortoises Found On Galapagos Island For First Time In Over 100 Years []
By BeeHappy 9 12 comments NV Feb 3
We've an "anti-vax mommy" in the 'burb. Probably more than one. But one that's VOCAL in her "belief". Even our local pharmacist mommy cannot get "Anti-vax mommy" to allow her to vaccinate her children, for free. She's been told about herd ...
By bigpawbullets 8 14 comments OH Feb 3
Lest we forget the Cold War Those of us who lived through the Cold War remember what it was like to wake up every day to the threat of nuclear destruction and MADD (mutually assured destruction). In the 60's we had air raid siren drills ...
By t1nick 7 10 comments NM Feb 2
Why don't we teach coping skills in schools? We have physical education, I assume because of Roosevelt IDK. Wouldnt it serve kids (and the world) to understand and manage emotions?
By authentica 5 21 comments GA Feb 2
Fascinating America is falling out if love with billionaires, and it's about time. [] Many people don't understand what that kind of wealth even means. Most people would consider themselves rich if they had some money left over ...
By dokala 7 9 comments MD Feb 2
LINK Trump says US will withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia | World news | The Guardian
By snytiger6 8 9 comments WA Feb 1
How do I "take this"?
By KevinAverett 7 12 comments UT Feb 1
By DiThor 6 21 comments NV Jan 31
Scientists Have Detected an Enormous Cavity Growing Beneath Antarctica PETER DOCKRILL 31 JAN 2019 Antarctica is not in a good place. In the space of only decades, the continent has lost trillions of tonnes of ice at alarming rates we can't keep up ...
By AmmaRE007 7 7 comments Canada Jan 31
Tell me about your absolute best day ever! How old were you? Where were you? What made that day the absolute best?
By JenBeberstein 7 15 comments CA Jan 31
LINK 25 Obscure English Words
By Dougy 7 14 comments WV Jan 31
If you're keeping score: Criminal charges per administration since 1970: TRUMP: +100 (so far) OBAMA: 0 GWB: 16 CLINTON: 2 GHWB: 1 REAGAN: 26 CARTER: 1 FORD: 1 NIXON: 76 If you're counting: R's: 220 D's: 3 (from Thorsten @Airvooocht)
By jerry99 7 19 comments CO Jan 31
Hey Great humans enjoy your day....🤗🤗🤗
By CoryRiv21 5 4 comments NY Jan 31
Microplastics found in every dolphin, whale, seal tested in U.K. study All of the dolphins, whales and seals examined in a new U.K. study had ingested microplastics, said researchers at the University of Exeter. Of all the different fibres and ...
By John_Tyrrell 7 7 comments Canada Jan 31
For years we went to bed twice. []
By Lutherzme 7 7 comments PA Jan 31
I'm curious to see if anyone feels the way I feel. I'm a married man. I'm agnostic and my wife is Christian. In the beginning, my lack of religion was an issue. I let her believe in her Good and she didn't try to tell me I'm wrong for believing the ...
By Dolove40 4 14 comments TX Jan 30
What is freewill
By squaye1244 3 8 comments Ghana Jan 30
What's everyone doing with all this cold? I'm getting cabin fever. Besides working I'm staying inside. Winter is the worst!
By Jama765 6 23 comments IN Jan 30
Polar Vortex Is Here Again. Yes, Connected To Global Warming. [] via @HuffPost
By Charliesey 6 7 comments FL Jan 30
I felt a bit weird writing out my biography last night. As much as I know about myself I don't really think much about putting it into words. I laughed when I saw that I was "level 1". If there is anything that describes how I feel as a single ...
By Vinc3 3 15 comments TX Jan 30
Where is the best place to live in Maine?
By Ravenwolfcasey 7 17 comments NJ Jan 30
Magical thinking: the belief that one's ideas, thoughts, actions, words, or use of symbols can influence the course of events in the material world. "Magical thinking can be plotted on a spectrum, with skeptics at one end and schizophrenics at ...
By AwarenessNow 7 7 comments CO Jan 30
I have had a chronic yo yo obesity disorder. For the thirt time I have lost approximately 100 pounds by cutting back in volume of my daily food intake while eating foods I like best. I am pleased to be down to 150 pounds now and still working on a ...
By LynneAkkaya 3 5 comments NJ Jan 30
LINK Seth Andrews: The Satanic Panic - The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century - YouTube
By chlorine413 6 5 comments CA Jan 29
I was a short story writer in my 20s. Any authors out there. How do you start?
By michaelj 6 8 comments OH Jan 29
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