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POLL Will Trump win? biblesinschools
By Instajacome 3 31 comments NJ Jan 29
INTERNET ADVERTISING SCAM WARNING Do not purchase 4Ocean bracelets. It is a scam. They do little clean up efforts and are making millions for a couple surfer dudes.
By Beowulfsfriend 8 6 comments PA Jan 29
Just a thought from listening to some great classics. 10cc's "I'm not in love", to me is not only JMHO best songs ever, but from a production, and recording stance, it was revolutionary in its time. They went and recorded all the ooh's, aah's do, ...
By TristanNuvo 8 4 comments FL Jan 28
A young filmmaker/critic tears apart the blockbuster Christian propaganda movie "God's Not Dead 2" Youtube
By commie1776 6 4 comments OR Jan 28
In 20 days will one year anniversity of me deciding to be an Atheist. It's hard to believe it's been almost an year since I freed myself from religious bs. It's been happiest year of my adult life. Only regret not doing it earlier in life. The ...
By freedom41 7 11 comments IL Jan 28
Thinking of signing up for Tinder. Does it allow LGBT people to choose other LGBT people? Will I be able to have men not see my profile? What can I expect from it?
By HeathenWoman 6 5 comments AR Jan 28
Indiana requires citizenship test before being allowed to graduate high school [] On the one hand, any effort to reinforce knowledge about our system and history is to be encouraged. On the other hand, don't they have Civics courses ...
By Elganned 7 10 comments MI Jan 28
Insurance screw job
By Jk1960 6 7 comments MI Jan 28
I made it to 8 I finally reached Level 8. Where is my chocolate ice-cream?
By DUCHESSA 8 6 comments NY Jan 28
Pirate humor
By ATDayHiker 7 10 comments TN Jan 27
LINK How the Dutch got their cycle paths - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 9 comments NV Jan 27
Good quote from Christopher Hitchens
By HippieChick58 9 8 comments NE Jan 27
why do people fall in love and end up crying?
By blyana 2 13 comments Philippines Jan 27
Wootwoot..only 62k point to L9!!!!
By Charlene 8 8 comments Jan 27

Please improve my definitions and add to any advantages and disadvantages DEBATE. A motion for reaching a decision by voting is proposed by a neutral chair.Two opposing pairs of lead ...
By Mcflewster 7 6 comments UK Jan 27
Interesting concept - not sure about its name. EMOCRACY NIALL FERGUSON january 27 2019, 12:01am, the sunday times Feeling beats truth in our indignant ‘emocracy’ niall ferguson Even grand US newspapers ...
By Mcflewster 7 4 comments UK Jan 27
LINK "Below 1%": Monarch Butterfly Approaching Total & Irreversible Extinction
By SkotlandSkye 8 7 comments OK Jan 26
I like the idea of an Emergency Poet, and now a Poetry Pharmacy . Poetry heals. Reading poetry packs more insight than prayer ever did for me. []
By cava 7 4 comments FL Jan 26
LINK New 'tent' makes it possible to camp underwater
By SkotlandSkye 8 10 comments OK Jan 26
If you're poor, would you date?
By NisargUS 4 42 comments NC Jan 26
Finall bought my 1st Atheist shirt. My own design for my Atheist Youtube channel.
By WeaZ 7 4 comments MO Jan 26
This last week Avon apologized for an ad shaming cellulite. They made a makeup to hide cellulite and it is an ad saying cellulite is ugly. Ok, isn't everything Avon makes an attempt to hide flaws? Don't they make women feel bad about their bodies so...
By Tominator 6 11 comments VA Jan 26
Anyone do intermittent fasting? I'm trying to work out how to fit it into my schedule & would love to hear how it's gone for others!
By Decieven 7 21 comments TX Jan 26
"For the sight being sent upwards by light and beholding the nature of the stars and their harmonious movement, and the well-ordered revolutions of the fixed stars, and of the planets, some always revolving in the same manner and coming to the same ...
By Ragamuffin 6 6 comments Canada Jan 26
In Japan, transgender people must be sterilized in order to officially change gender. []
By Elganned 7 8 comments MI Jan 26
"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." Richard Dawkins
By stellaramor 4 7 comments TX Jan 26
If Today Had a Theme, It Would Be DEATH (but maybe optimistically) Today, my day started with watching a dog be hit by a car and then listening to him die. From there, thing went downhill. Dear readers, you KNOW you're having a bad day ...
By Aware1 4 9 comments AL Jan 26
When the weather got your numbeer..
By Charlene 8 7 comments Jan 25
Is there a way to add friends that live near u
By Savanna1991 2 11 comments CA Jan 25
I got my T-shirt (pic to follow, at work atm doing another sneaky bank shift). I did bring my pen to work and it writes beautifully. Thank you @admin love Jayne
By Amisja 8 4 comments UK Jan 25
How many on here find it difficult to share your views in your communities? I live in a small town of approximately 8000 and for the most part I stay fairly quiet, except that most people know of my disdain for all religion and its hypocrisies and ...
By mvanscoy68 3 10 comments KS Jan 25
POLL In bed, top sheet or no top sheet?
By Sydland 7 23 comments MD Jan 24
LINK Trump Admin: Government-Funded Foster Agency Can Deny Non-Christians | David Gee | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
By snytiger6 8 6 comments WA Jan 24
LINK Catholic Priests Ran Child Porn Ring Out Of Pittsburgh Diocese | Michael Stone
By snytiger6 8 16 comments WA Jan 24
Has anyone ever done this or wanted to do this (go up in and fly a jet fighter)? []
By rogueflyer 7 12 comments OR Jan 24
How a Big Mac Explains the Existence of Religion | Andy Thomson - Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science Youtube
By phxbillcee 9 4 comments AZ Jan 24
Are there any exjws on here?
By TineShaunie 1 7 comments WI Jan 24
Are you frugal?
By BeeHappy 9 31 comments NV Jan 23
You Gotta Believe In Something Why Not Believe In Me?
By VictoriaNotes 8 14 comments MS Jan 23
So, today I was called emotionless. I think the person who said it is right. Perhaps I cannot externalize my emotions, with the exception of deaths. Things that some see as "issues" just dont get me fired up. In the grand scheme of things, it is ...
By SoullessHeathen 6 20 comments MI Jan 23
Need a date for Valentines to feel like a girl again....
By PamMcD92 3 5 comments TX Jan 22
Just got to New Orleans today and found this bar made from an old church. Best conversion ever.
By Unimatrix907 6 12 comments AK Jan 22
Today's hike: Squirrel bombs us with pine cones
By LiterateHiker 8 10 comments WA Jan 22
Hello my beautiful heathen friends. I have a question. What is the scariest part of being an atheist? For me is that nothing comes after death. See I have a daughter who I love dearly, I would love to spends an eternity with her. It scares me that ...
By Infinito_rex 5 41 comments IL Jan 22
What are your thoughts on the Fermi Paradox?
By queerious 4 29 comments AZ Jan 22
Many senior citizens have so much to offer children that I believe school systems from kindergarden through high school should reach out to use their knowledge. In many cases it would be better than reading a text book that would never be finished ...
By Marine 8 13 comments CT Jan 22
Quote from Douglas Adams
By RhettRogers 3 6 comments OK Jan 22
Is the point of No return breeched, or are we just too Late? Greenland Melting 4x Faster Than in 2013, and From an Unexpected Source. By Olivia Rosane "Greenland is melting about four times faster than it was in 2003, a new study ...
By of-the-mountain 8 10 comments TX Jan 22
Is the Atheist Community a Cult? - Genetically Modified Skeptic Youtube
By phxbillcee 9 18 comments AZ Jan 22
Anyone else who’s a closeted atheist? Message me, let’s be friends:)
By chlorine413 6 29 comments CA Jan 22
Hello, everybody! I'm kind of new here.. what's up? How does this thing work?
By M03Malik 2 7 comments VA Jan 22
NPR talked about this on the morning show. There are no corolations given, thus neither right nor left wing, simply science data. As the guy talking said, it could be we are better at detecting, or there are a myriad of other possibilities to be ...
By Beowulfsfriend 8 5 comments PA Jan 22
Are morality and empathy basically the same?
By Matias 7 27 comments Germany Jan 22
I've finally reach 8.1... and I've only been on since the early eighties.
By Benthoven 8 8 comments NY Jan 22
Just watched A.O.C on Colbert..She will run for Prez one-day..hope I live long enough to cast my vote for Her..
By Charlene 8 9 comments Jan 22
"How on earth can religious people believe in so much arbitrary, clearly invented balderdash?....The acceptance of a creed, any creed, entitles the acceptor to membership in the sort of artificial extended family we call a congregation. It is a way ...
By WilliamCharles 7 12 comments CA Jan 21
This should be pretty easy
By RobertMartin 7 6 comments MS Jan 21
If you think about it, due to the time-space continuum, and the forward expansion of the universe, even "two-steps backward" is still moving forward.
By Benthoven 8 5 comments NY Jan 21
Charles Manson’s top follower is now a ‘friendly’ upstate neighbor [] As for that new life, some things don’t change. The house she shares with Valdner is decorated with skulls. Fromme’s hair is long and red again. And her ...
By AmmaRE007 7 11 comments Canada Jan 21
All born in 1929. Wow.
By HippieChick58 9 9 comments NE Jan 21
LINK Nebraska Legislator Says “In God We Trust” Bill Has Nothing to Do with Religion | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
By Dmej114 7 16 comments MI Jan 21
LINK The problem of dogma. – Possumpipesup
By OpposingOpposum 8 11 comments FL Jan 21
A thoughtful article about the very real brain-function impact of being poor, and why the usual "just work hard and make good decisions" myth is nonsense. The author of this article is white, and he writes about white poverty; the issues compound for...
By Mitch07102 7 7 comments PA Jan 21
In marriage, isn't it the willingness to please your mate that you accept making changes in your lifestyle to have a successful marriage?
By Marine 8 6 comments CT Jan 21
For most of the past year, I have been posting various articles on here, and it's interesting to me which ones draw immediate agreement, and which ones draw immediate negative comments. Only a very few commenters have been actually rude, though, ...
By tnorman1236 8 6 comments WV Jan 21
LINK The devotion of the human dad separates us from other apes | Aeon Essays
By tnorman1236 8 6 comments WV Jan 21
LINK More Than Half of All Coffee Species Are at Risk of Extinction
By HippieChick58 9 16 comments NE Jan 20
Anybody ready for the Super Blood Wolf Moon and lunar eclipse tonight? It'll go from 9:10pm to 1:15am CST. The sky is looking pretty clear where I'm at so hopefully I'll get a good look at it. Here's a link to some info on it []
By MusicMnstr99 6 6 comments IA Jan 20
Ode to Hannity
By HippieChick58 9 11 comments NE Jan 20
This made me cry. She stands precisely 5ft tall in her everyday shoes and her smile is disarmingly sweet. Kate Nesbitt doesn't immediately fit the image of a fearless military hero, not off the battlefield at least. But there are probably few ...
By HippieChick58 9 11 comments NE Jan 20
Makes life so much easier !
By evergreen 8 6 comments FL Jan 20
Is it true that educated women do not want a relationship with a guy who has a good career, but is more of a hands on type worker?
By Mom-goddess 5 22 comments TN Jan 20
New York Confronts Its Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades [] "Within months, New York State was facing its most severe outbreak of the disease in decades, with 182 cases confirmed by Thursday, almost exclusively among ultra-Orthodox ...
By josh_karpf 7 6 comments NY Jan 20
"Digisexual": <Sexually attracted to robots.> Yet another sexual orientation to add to the vast list of obscure and amusing "orientations". Sorry folks.... This old heterosexual male just finds it all very confusing. ;-)
By bigpawbullets 8 17 comments OH Jan 20
Best Movie Lines or Quotes.....what's a memorable or favorite movie quote of yours? I like several, and a ton jump out at me....Jaws "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat...." Austin Powers/Gold Member "My winkie was a key"....Stripes "Lighten up ...
By goldenvalleyguy 8 22 comments AZ Jan 20
Many wealthy take the position that I invented this product or created this factory using my talent or my money therefore I should reap as much reward as possible for as long as possible. Is there a time limit or a reward unit that should cut off ...
By Marine 8 8 comments CT Jan 20
LINK Anti Social - A Modern Dating Horror Story | Comic Relief Originals - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 4 comments NV Jan 20
Attacks on Reality (as Confirmed by Science)
By Knee-jerk 3 12 comments PA Jan 20
FOOD for thought, anyone?... confession: i ate an entire Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake with a spoon ... once upon a time, when my infant son was hospitalized with pneumonia and my 4yo daughter was with us in the room with a projectile vomiting ...
By Soarfeet 6 13 comments TX Jan 20
LINK The brilliant science that has creationists and the Christian right terrified
By chalupacabre 8 6 comments WA Jan 20
LINK Stop Telling Women to ‘Act Like a Man’ – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
By OpposingOpposum 8 5 comments FL Jan 20
So... A friend of mine told me the story of how she inadvertently neglected to change the age category on a profile she completed for online dating. She is 60 but the site defaulted to 40. She is in great shape and could probably pass for a 45 year ...
By SukiSue 8 29 comments MA Jan 20
I lay outside on my back, one starry night. The clear night sky was filled with millions of stars and I saw above me a vast, eternal, Universe where I was certainly looking at other suns with their own solar systems. I saw a cosmos with resources ...
By Benthoven 8 6 comments NY Jan 20
I don't care about who you love… But I do care about who you hate!
By Benthoven 8 4 comments NY Jan 20
Bazinga! I just signed up. How is everyone doing?
By RekabSirhc 4 17 comments GA Jan 20
The changing meanings of words from one country to another. Any examples? I got to thinking about this when I realized, I would most likely lean Republican, if I lived in Ireland. 🇨🇮
By Beowulfsfriend 8 6 comments PA Jan 19
LINK How Can Someone be an Agnostic and an Atheist at the Same Time? | Courtney Heard
By HippieChick58 9 29 comments NE Jan 19
New to here...
By VeganDemocrat 3 19 comments WA Jan 19
LINK Mississippi May Mandate Ten Commandments and Pledges to State, U.S. Flags in Schools | JFP Mobile | Jackson, Mississippi
By Dmej114 7 12 comments MI Jan 19
Any Pastafarians here? What are your general thoughts on it? We two have very different views on it. Rory thinks that satire can be one of the best ways of getting people to think, but Amy feels like it's replacing one set of nonsensical rituals with...
By RoryandAmy 4 14 comments OR Jan 19
Canned laughter? (or filmed before a live studio audience) I hate it. I dont want or need to be told when to laugh. If its funny then let my chuckle bone decide. Even british sit-coms are not immune to this studio cop out anymore. They are some ...
By 273kelvin 8 8 comments UK Jan 19
POLL Medicare for all - are you for or against it? I've never had a hospital bill in my life. And I've had asthma since birth, my mother and I had to spend two weeks in the hospital after I was born, I've had jaw surgery aswell as multiple injuries ...
By BornAtheist 4 35 comments Sweden Jan 19
" I have never heard a rational argument to defeat the smell of frying bacon". Andy Hamilton "News Quiz" BBC Sat repeat 19th Jan 2019 I reckon the are some but who cares?
By Mcflewster 7 6 comments UK Jan 19
Sunny and 60° Friday, cold and 35° Saturday. Texas
By Ruby2b 5 4 comments TX Jan 19
Excited for the woman’s march tomorrow!!! ✊🏼✊🏽 Ps. Men go too! Last year so many awesome men were there to support our message! Both my sons came 😁
By goldrose 7 14 comments CA Jan 19
great tits
By skado 8 18 comments AL Jan 19
LINK Penguin prostitution is a real thing. A very short book excerpt: - The Atlantic
By OpposingOpposum 8 7 comments FL Jan 18
Always remember
By BrokenMarrow 7 7 comments VA Jan 18
LINK Upper East Side Restaurant Nello Bans Single Women From Eating At The Bar
By UrsiMajor 8 12 comments MD Jan 18
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