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I'm one who is completely turned off by the prevalent materialism of the holiday season. I don't generally buy gifts for people at Christmas outside of my boys and my best friend. Everyone else on my list gets trays of candies and baked goods. No ...
By Amzungu2 7 12 comments IL Dec 23, 2018
POLL How many would like to transform their body?
By WarmFluffy 7 39 comments AL Dec 23, 2018
Conflating possible with probable
By TheAstroChuck 8 16 comments NY Dec 22, 2018
New partner after a long time relationship finished?
By spiritualless 4 19 comments UK Dec 22, 2018
A Facebook friend of mine put up a Bowie fan page and invited me to join. I like Bowie even though I don’t need to see pics of him daily. She asked so I joined. It brings back memories of high school, etc. I was reading about groupies from the ...
By Deiter 7 13 comments CA Dec 21, 2018
I'm pretty happy to have found a forum to let go of some of the stuff I feel building up inside. It's good to let it all go in some form or another either today or from time to time. It's gotta go somewhere. You have to be able to direct the energy, ...
By DenSki 4 7 comments VA Dec 21, 2018
LINK BBC - Future - Why the quickest route to happiness may be to do nothing
By VictoriaNotes 8 19 comments MS Dec 21, 2018
Chimeras: human stem cells grown in pigs for creation of transplantable organs for humans. Couple thoughts: 1) if human over-populatuon is a thing, and if it leads to man-made climate change (assuming this is also a thing,) is it ethical to seek ...
By Hellas 6 8 comments NC Dec 21, 2018
This time of year is difficult for some people. Often, Christmas is thrust upon folks who may not believe in God. I still enjoy the season even though I'm an agnostic. I enjoy the togetherness and the gathering of families. Do you think it's OK to ...
By Adventureseeker 3 19 comments NY Dec 21, 2018
How have you recycled a gift you don't want?
By LiterateHiker 8 24 comments WA Dec 21, 2018
Whoo hoo! my events were approved for posting on agnostic! (I'm really hoping to find some more stuff to connect with some locals from this community.) Philly People - check these out: [] []
By Lillyfield41 7 4 comments PA Dec 20, 2018
People with the healthiest personality types have these three qualities
By LiterateHiker 8 16 comments WA Dec 20, 2018
What quality(ies) of the opposite sex do you appreciate the most?
By Darius77 6 26 comments Iran Dec 20, 2018
LINK Waking Up with Sam Harris: 125 — What Is Christianity?
By Matthew2474 3 4 comments TX Dec 19, 2018
UPS Crush: So I've been crushing on the UPS guy that delivers to my work for longer than I'd like to admit. It literally took me months to get my act together to see if he was wearing a wedding ring because I get so flustered when he comes in. He ...
By Marcie1974 8 25 comments MN Dec 19, 2018
God's Truth - Lies and Liars
By VictoriaNotes 8 15 comments MS Dec 18, 2018
LINK Evangelical Christians Helped Elect Donald Trump, but Their Time as a Major Political Force Is Coming to an End
By VictoriaNotes 8 16 comments MS Dec 18, 2018
My dog passed away on Friday... wish that ppl around me could undstand that I need comfort. I had her eleven years.
By anonymous 7 69 comments Online Dec 18, 2018
How do you decorate for the holidays?
By LiterateHiker 8 34 comments WA Dec 17, 2018
What are your thoughts/ideas on prophesy? Do you think that dimensions exist on our plane of intelligence? Is it physical or metaphysical?
By Dazeypanda 4 33 comments NY Dec 17, 2018
Am I doomed relationship wise being a minority in a minority?
By chas1 3 40 comments FL Dec 16, 2018
Sunset on Mars. Yes the Sun is actually white. It appears orange from Earth because of the ozone layer. Cool pic.
By TheGreatShadow 8 5 comments NE Dec 16, 2018
How do you deal with people who like to argue?
By EmeraldJewel 7 66 comments OK Dec 16, 2018
Uninterested in Christmas
By JamesJay 4 20 comments ME Dec 15, 2018
Have you ever disliked someone for no reason?
By EmeraldJewel 7 32 comments OK Dec 14, 2018
The surprising way smartphones affect our brains and our lives
By LiterateHiker 8 25 comments WA Dec 14, 2018
Some jackass scammers sent email bomb threats all over the US today, including the hospital my office is connected to, demanding a bitcoin transfer of thousands of dollars by end of day or a bomb would detonate. It was pretty obviously a scammer ...
By Amzungu2 7 17 comments IL Dec 13, 2018
Isn’t it ironic the amount of horrific crimes that go on in the Church, when that’s supposed to be a place of peace and protection?
By EmeraldJewel 7 21 comments OK Dec 13, 2018
As a grammar nerd (not nazi), I find this to be funny.
By tnorman1236 8 5 comments WV Dec 13, 2018
I'm not a shopper. But my knee-high boots self destructed last winter, and there was this sale at the little neighborhood Mall - so I got lured in. Won't do that again ! Not that crowded in the middle of the afternoon, but damn xmas music ...
By evergreen 8 13 comments FL Dec 13, 2018
Why do we feel territorial about parking space?
By LiterateHiker 8 36 comments WA Dec 13, 2018
Have you noticed this? Somebody does something poopy, and so you tell them it was poopy. They then respond by getting offended and saying, “You don’t know me/You have no right to judge me.” While is is true of you in general, you just now...
By Benthoven 8 6 comments NY Dec 12, 2018
Isn't it Ironic? I joined this site to date (men) and got one I am dating (thank you) but I spend most of my time on here talking to women! HAHA! It;s good! Most of my male friends are agnostic or atheist but all my female friends are Jewish or ...
By Dandewine 7 19 comments FL Dec 11, 2018
How did you come out to your family as atheist (or whatever you identify as)?
By EarthKate 5 39 comments AR Dec 11, 2018
Do you see the humor in life? Tell us a funny story.
By LiterateHiker 8 29 comments WA Dec 11, 2018
Am I wrong to have my guard up over this?
By EmeraldJewel 7 19 comments OK Dec 10, 2018
Very thrilled to have found this site. It's tough living outside the box in the South, but I'm feeling optimistic that I will fit in and make some rewarding and meaningful connections here. I'd like to hear about your experiences here.
By ChrisStockwell 3 6 comments FL Dec 10, 2018
Do you enjoy a good gossip?
By EmeraldJewel 7 38 comments OK Dec 9, 2018
This is how a church should be. Your thoughts?
By LiterateHiker 8 32 comments WA Dec 9, 2018
I have been remiss in not updating you on the third long-distance visit. I was there almost 4 weeks, and DharmaBum50 and I had a wonderful visit! He showed me around Berea, KY, and we travelled to Asheville, NC, drove the beautiful Blue Ridge ...
By EllenDale 7 30 comments MI Dec 9, 2018
Thanks for your encouragement! Got it done.
By LiterateHiker 8 8 comments WA Dec 7, 2018
How do you handle religious strangers in public?
By Alw314 4 47 comments SC Dec 7, 2018
Im new to this site. I'm unsure if I'm agnostic or not.I like the concept of Shiva. Shiva meaning nothing or No-thing. The transcending of God, Gods, beyond God, before there was a God that sort of stuff. I think humanity and its knowlege evolves, ...
By outbox 2 9 comments New Zealand Dec 7, 2018
What do you turn to in times of sadness?
By Holodeck30 4 61 comments OH Dec 6, 2018
Three-quarters done and ready to give up. Have you ever felt like that?
By LiterateHiker 8 21 comments WA Dec 6, 2018
How can modern man believe in a God?
By CaseyBurch 4 53 comments FL Dec 6, 2018
Less than 1,500 points to go before t-shirt status. I have always posted things that are relevant and never for points whoedom (till now) but I wonder if I will get there before x-mas or new year?
By 273kelvin 8 7 comments UK Dec 6, 2018
Sorrow has reared its head in my life. Our dog passed over the rainbow bridge today, and our hearts are broken. The sorrow will eventually dissipate, replaced by smiles whenever we remember a silly, cute, or loving thing that he did, but that is ...
By tioteo 7 30 comments MI Dec 6, 2018
Is wearing an tee shirt the same in principle as wearing a 3:18 tee shirt (although I haven’t seen any sporting 3:18 for a few years!) but just a different ideology?
By Geoffrey51 7 8 comments Australia Dec 5, 2018
George HW Bush, while not an overly favorite person of mine, he had his moments. So I have his funeral on now. Why ? I am fascinated by pomp and circumstance - though not always the circumstances. I like watching the military pallbearers maneuver...
By evergreen 8 12 comments FL Dec 5, 2018
Are your points stuck, too?
By LiterateHiker 8 20 comments WA Dec 4, 2018
POLL When to write a man off?
By brainyactress 7 55 comments GA Dec 4, 2018
Do you enjoy fixing things?
By LiterateHiker 8 24 comments WA Dec 4, 2018
I've been away for a while. Sometimes I make poor choices, and I offended when I should have known better. I'm sorry- -you know who you are. Now, how is everyone? What is the latest topic?
By DerekD 7 4 comments AL Dec 3, 2018
Weirdest part about 'Christian' holidays/celebrations/customs?
By Chooseluv 5 14 comments Canada Dec 3, 2018
Many atheists find it unpleasant and sometimes don't want to openly and proudly categorize themselves as atheists when asked. Some prefer to use the words humanists spiritualist non believer non religious etc. In many occasions the word Atheist is ...
By Greenheart 7 32 comments NY Dec 3, 2018
The word spirituality is so connected to religion faith myth and superstition. But there r the non believers the non religious and even atheists agnostics humanists who sometimes say they r non religious but spiritual. The word itself seems to be ...
By Greenheart 7 11 comments NY Dec 3, 2018
LINK Lost Cause for the Confederacy For those who think the civil war has ended think again
By JackPedigo 8 9 comments WA Dec 3, 2018
When did you know you were an unbeliever?
By Carlyannieo 3 13 comments PA Dec 2, 2018
LINK The science is clear: dirty farm water is making us sick
By HippieChick58 9 10 comments NE Dec 2, 2018
LINK The logic of Buddhist philosophy goes beyond simple truth | Aeon Essays
By zblaze 7 6 comments OR Dec 2, 2018
Why I don't feel guilty about celebrating Christmas 1. Its not Christian. We all know this and we know why. Think of the cave dwellers millenia ago. After the darkest days of winter, the days again start getting longer and as a Northern European ...
By Amisja 8 25 comments UK Dec 2, 2018
POLL Are atheists less likely to fall in love? Love has been described as "unconditional positive regard". Not very romantic I grant you but accurate to a degree. Theists open themselves up to "gods love" without question. It is a matter of faith. We ...
By 273kelvin 8 28 comments UK Dec 2, 2018
One word only!
By IslandGyal 5 33 comments MD Dec 1, 2018
Dealing with religious people at work
By bunylove7 3 20 comments TX Dec 1, 2018
FOR MANY PEOPLE, SELF-DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE, AND PATIENCE LEAD TO SUCCESS Many of us don't try because we are afraid to fail. Michael Jordan said, "The key to success is failure." What I think he meant by that is that a person often has ...
By permanwilson 7 5 comments NJ Nov 30, 2018
Which path do you prefer?
By skado 8 16 comments AL Nov 30, 2018
Emotional response
By darien75 7 5 comments UK Nov 30, 2018
Is there an afterlife? of any sort
By Albert_Camus 5 25 comments Philippines Nov 30, 2018
LINK Humanists call for abolition of blasphemy law in proposed hate crime legislation - Scottish Legal News
By Dougy 7 9 comments WV Nov 29, 2018
Is anyone else grossed out by cleaning bathrooms, including your own?!
By EmeraldJewel 7 28 comments OK Nov 29, 2018
Our new affiliate program pays up to $250 per referred member! Ok, yeah, that's a click bait headline but it's true. Our affiliate program, see [] or under the "[fa heart] Learn" drop down on desktop version, pays ...
By Admin 8 4 comments Online Nov 28, 2018
LINK Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy - YouTube
By paul1967 8 5 comments CA Nov 28, 2018
POLL Dating in todays society
By darien75 7 27 comments UK Nov 28, 2018
Hands up all those who have had a discussion with a deeply religious friend, colleague or family member or even a complete stranger (ie the preacher on the street) and actually produced such a compelling argument as why religion is fake and god isn't...
By darien75 7 8 comments UK Nov 28, 2018
It has arrived! Not that I can wear this in the flyspeck town where I live, but here I am in the big city where it goes unnoticed.
By moonmaid 8 7 comments GA Nov 27, 2018
This has not happened to me, yet; but I would bet someone here has lost, or somehow destroyed, their cellphone at one time or another. My question is; what did you do to retrieve all the data/information that was on your phone, assuming you were ...
By Condor5 8 18 comments CA Nov 27, 2018
ON CHILDHOOD BELIEFS....Words can be SO very powerful. They can be used in positive ways and, unfortunately, in negative ways. Just a single word can stick with you for years!. When I was a little girl, my daddy told me that I was the 'prettiest ...
By Realist9 5 7 comments AL Nov 26, 2018
For men on dating sites. A woman recently posted on here that it makes her uncomfortable when men message her for the first time and say hey baby, hey sexy, or hey beautiful. I totally and completely get why it makes her uncomfortable. I have ...
By Marcie1974 8 71 comments MN Nov 26, 2018
An inquiring mind wants to know...
By Amzungu2 7 12 comments IL Nov 26, 2018
How can you express your feeling to a woman you love ?
By godisgood10 1 10 comments CA Nov 26, 2018
What do you enjoy about workplace holiday parties?
By LiterateHiker 8 15 comments WA Nov 26, 2018
How do you tell children about death?
By Diogenes1972 6 29 comments NY Nov 26, 2018
Religion vs Atheism
By TheAquarius 4 17 comments Dominican Republic Nov 26, 2018
One year ago today (Sun. 11/25) I ran across an ad on FB for, a dating site and community of non-believers. And I have to say... it has been a life changing experience. No, I haven't met Mr Right but I have had the good fortune to meet ...
By BeeHappy 9 20 comments NV Nov 26, 2018
LINK What you're getting wrong about your pursuit of happiness
By tnorman1236 8 10 comments WV Nov 24, 2018
As one who was brought up in a Christian household, and has spent his life in government jobs, is it just me, or does it seem like it's less acceptable to not believe in an omnipotent man in the sky, than it is to dedicate your life to something you ...
By CyberKnight 3 10 comments FL Nov 24, 2018
So, I considered myself agnostic for most of my life...slipping into atheism in my early 40's (I'm 61 now). I read the bible beginning at age 8 and just could not buy into it...Even then, I thought it was the stupidest, nastiest bunch of crap ...
By yayagoddess 3 15 comments OH Nov 24, 2018
Hope you got your fill of tryptophan and booze!! Gobble gobble ❤❤❤ I'm thankful for you all.
By pepperjones 8 28 comments WA Nov 22, 2018
Who do atheists thank on Thanksgiving? Youtube
By CuriousCreature 7 23 comments NY Nov 22, 2018
Not everyone spending Thanksgiving alone wants to be pitied. Sometimes it's a conscious choice, made from a history of bad experiences beyond ones control. I’m so thankful for my son and daughter who totally understand and accept my need to ...
By Julie808 7 13 comments HI Nov 22, 2018
Is it possible to fall in love with someone with opposing political views?
By Grumpy 5 87 comments UK Nov 22, 2018
Uncovering the True History of Thanksgiving "The Wampanoag Thanksgiving experience What is the true history of Thanksgiving? When you hear about the Pilgrims and “the Indians” harmoniously sharing the “first Thanksgiving” meal in 1621, ...
By ailurophile 7 5 comments VT Nov 22, 2018
Happy thanksgiving to all. I'm breaking out my thanksgiving dress, that would also work perfectly if I was 9 months pregnant, and get this holiday rolling!
By Kojaksmom 8 5 comments NC Nov 22, 2018
For those of you who are alone during the holidays, (and would prefer not to be), has groups where you can meet fabulous people and lots of meetup groups are having Thanksgiving get togethers for people just like you. Volunteering is also ...
By Hihi 6 4 comments OH Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving. I just want to say I'm thankful for your friendship. Just because I'm atheist doesn't mean I'm not thankful. I love this community.
By confidentrealm 7 6 comments TX Nov 22, 2018
Thankful for all of you on this day !!!!
By laostus3 5 5 comments IN Nov 22, 2018
Why are we so important? No I am not talking humans or self aggrandisement. I talking about this site and us the people who contribute to it. Yes all of us from the sjws to the gun toting conservatives. It is a fact that America has the largest ...
By 273kelvin 8 8 comments UK Nov 22, 2018
Who or what was the most influential thing that brought you to who you are today?
By MikMor7one4 3 16 comments CA Nov 21, 2018
I am coming out to my boyfriend tomorrow! Any advice? We have been dating for a year and I was religious going into this relationship. I think it’s only fair to him to at least be honest because that’s what I admire about our relationship. He ...
By chlorine413 6 34 comments CA Nov 21, 2018
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