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Showing the newest forum posts in all categories as well as posts from your groups.

LINK Baby albino ‘cyclops’ shark shocks fishermen
IAJO163 PA Oct 27 Oct 27 22
Civic duty
sparkzberry TX Oct 26 Oct 26 33
LINK Pair of studies confirm there is water on the moon - The Washington Post
Paul4747 MI Oct 26 Oct 26 22
LINK First nest of Asian 'murder hornets' vacuumed out of tree in United States
IAJO163 PA Oct 26 Oct 26 22
LINK Haunted Places - YouTube
DangerDave NV Oct 25 Oct 25 00
Atra-Hasis? Being a fan of ancient history, every once in a while a come across something that stands out and is very interesting, this is probably one of the earliest things I have seen for the first time. It is interesting to me that most of us ...
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 24 Oct 24 55
Now I get it!
DangerDave NV Oct 24 Oct 24 33
LINK Fukushima reactor water could damage human DNA if released, says Greenpeace | World news | The Guardian
DangerDave NV Oct 24 Oct 24 22
Druvius IA Oct 23 Oct 23 44
LINK Higgs boson possibly caught in act of never-before-seen transformation | Space
bobwjr DE Oct 23 Oct 23 11
I'm not on here a lot anymore but I remember there was someone who worked in L.A. / Hollywood building models and sets for movies, etc. I picked up (not an easy feat) a couple of concrete lion statues (for free) that need serious repairs and ...
AlbertSchepis CA Oct 23 Oct 23 66
LINK Humans are born with brains ‘prewired’ to see words
Amzungu IL Oct 22 Oct 22 77
Question on ancient Roman history
Hages OH Oct 22 Oct 22 33
Making my first broadcast today to bring an end to war, and scarcity. Let's party! And endwar
Dnim_eerf VA Oct 22 Oct 22 11
Anas-Hamdan CA Oct 21 Oct 21 3030
LINK Best Evidence of Life After Death - YouTube
DangerDave NV Oct 21 Oct 21 1919
The Great Grief: How To Cope with Losing Our World In order to respond adequately, first we may need to mourn by Per Espen Stoknes "Climate scientists overwhelmingly say that we will face unprecedented warming in the coming decades. ...
WilliamCharles CA Oct 20 Oct 20 00
LINK In daring mission, NASA is about to snatch pieces of an asteroid
IAJO163 PA Oct 20 Oct 20 00
Covid-19 Risk Assessment Tool for the USA.
sassygirl3869 NY Oct 19 Oct 19 11
Do Black Holes Create New Universes? I rather like this hypothesis, but time would reverse from parent universe to child universe. The black holes dumping out as a "white hole" or "big bang" in a new universe. No universe would have more than one ...
Willow_Wisp CA Oct 19 Oct 19 11
POLL One simple statement to complete on several topics: I know there is no evidence of... Note we're talking about any evidence. So far, its been very difficult to get UFOs and ghosts in controlled settings. Multiple choice, of ...
DangerDave NV Oct 18 Oct 18 88
POLL Who believes in the Scientific Big Bang myth? As the article explains below the big bang points to something that did not exist. Its existance cannot be verified because it is saying it is verifying that it did not exist. Myth - an ...
Word TX Oct 18 Oct 18 4242
Do you think we will ever reach a time when we can be proud to be human and of our stewardship of the planet?
girlwithsmiles UK Oct 17 Oct 17 99
I'm inviting everyone to follow my sub-reddit devoted to understanding radicalization and violent extremism.
surrealhoax LA Oct 16 Oct 16 11
LINK Physical Interpretation of the 26 Dimensions of Bosonic String Theory - NASA/ADS
DangerDave NV Oct 16 Oct 16 77
LINK PC Gaming's Most Immersive Worlds
DangerDave NV Oct 16 Oct 16 44
LINK Scientists Are Fascinated By An 8-Year-Old, Moldy Twinkie : NPR
Amzungu IL Oct 16 Oct 16 33
Today I have released the beta version of my program Study Maestro, and it is free while in beta, if you want to see what it can do, you can go to my website and look it over, I have used it for ten years and would not want to be without it, I am a ...
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 16 Oct 16 33
LINK "You need to hear it, THEY aren't what you think"
DangerDave NV Oct 16 Oct 16 11
LINK Baby Coral Deaths Threaten the Great Barrier Reef’s Recovery
Amzungu IL Oct 14 Oct 14 33
LINK Lucid Dreams: What They Are and How to Experience Them
DangerDave NV Oct 14 Oct 14 1919
LINK Death Rates In The U.S. During Pandemic Far Higher Than Other Countries : Shots - Health News : NPR
Amzungu IL Oct 14 Oct 14 55
I just finished reading Zucked! Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, by Roger McNamee, who was a mentor for Zuckerberg early in his career, and an enthusiastic fan of Facebook until he realized how toxic the Facebook culture is, by trying to ...
sunhatpat Albania Oct 13 Oct 13 22
“Basically, more unequal societies have worse quality of life. Across countries and among U.S. states, more inequality, independent of absolute levels of income, predicts higher rates of crime, including homicide, and higher incarceration ...
skado AL Oct 12 Oct 12 66
LINK What Brain Activity Can Explain Suspension of Disbelief? - Scientific American
DangerDave NV Oct 11 Oct 11 88
LINK How Trump damaged science — and why it could take decades to recover
RichCC AZ Oct 11 Oct 11 22
Hello PEople I speak here from Brazil, and I'm quite an atheist, I started to become an atheist, years after my stepfather passed away, he was one of the most respected theologians in Brazil, and even latin america, was a professor of ...
Rachelscm Oct 10 Oct 10 1414
LINK Extremist ideology as a complex contagion: the spread of far-right radicalization in the United States between 2005 and 2017
Amzungu IL Oct 10 Oct 10 11
Since religion is given a tax-free status, why not give science a tax-free status? Which benefits the public more, more churches or more science? We already have churches all over, and churches interfering in the process of government, why not ...
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 10 Oct 10 99
This is a rather outstanding documentary about the Summerians.
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 9 Oct 9 22
Has anybody here heard of the Nazca Lines or Gobekli Tepe or the countless other ancient creations and STILL deny something we can't explain was at work; either extraterrestials or ancient civilizations with advanced technology to rival our own?
Storm1752 FL Oct 9 Oct 9 1111
LINK We’ve Completely Misunderstood ‘Survival of the Fittest,’ Researchers Say | The Swaddle
Hages OH Oct 9 Oct 9 22
Trump claims he has a cure for Covid and it’s a gift from “God”. This is frightening.
BlizzardMan IL Oct 7 Oct 7 66
Nobel prize in physics goes to . . .
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 7 Oct 7 22
The whole thing is excellent but at around 1:30.00 he talks about society able to help people. A little further on (1:34.30?) he talks about the contradictions of American politics. Love this man.
WilliamCharles CA Oct 7 Oct 7 33
LINK Agnosticism Explained by Richard Dawkins - YouTube
DangerDave NV Oct 6 Oct 6 66
LINK A new interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that reality does not depend on the person measuring it
prometheus CA Oct 6 Oct 6 22
LINK Extraordinary Until Proven Otherwise - YouTube
DangerDave NV Oct 6 Oct 6 11
LINK Evidence of Absence - Wikipedia
DangerDave NV Oct 5 Oct 5 44
LINK A continuous zoom from the Milky Way into the Pillars of Creation using images from Hubble : space
bobwjr DE Oct 4 Oct 4 22
LINK Pantheism vs Panentheism - YouTube
DangerDave NV Oct 4 Oct 4 33
New finds in Egypt . . .
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 4 Oct 4 11
I found this wonderful photo/art several years ago (sorry, no person to thank).
Arg1929 CO Oct 4 Oct 4 22
Abeunt studia in mōrēs . One's interests shape one's character.
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 4 Oct 4 11
I finished listening to Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson on my Audible app. It was both interesting and humbling for this non-mathematician! I have surely forgotten more of its details than ...
MikeInBatonRouge LA Oct 4 Oct 4 55
LINK Did NASA detect a hint of life on Venus in 1978 and not realize it? | Live Science
barjoe PA Oct 2 Oct 2 00
The Deep Anthropocene A revolution in archaeology has exposed the extraordinary extent of human influence over our planet’s past and its future. "Over archaeological timescales spanning hundreds to thousands of years, land use can be ...
skado AL Oct 2 Oct 2 33
LINK Richard Dawkins: If AI Ran the World, Maybe it Would Be a Better Place
DangerDave NV Oct 1 Oct 1 88
Just another day in paradise and no whining in this brief moment of existence.
StellarAmor75 TX Oct 1 Oct 1 11
LINK Musica universalis - Wikipedia
DangerDave NV Sep 30 Sep 30 22
LINK A day in the life of a Celtic Druid - Philip Freeman - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 30 Sep 30 11
LINK Multiple 'water bodies' found under surface of Mars | The Independent
bobwjr DE Sep 29 Sep 29 11
We are the souls that posses our bodies... Our bodies are simply machines that can be repaired like a car... Virtual reality is the method we control our bodies. Everything is so real that we assume what we see, taste, smell and touch are real. We ...
dustyguy1 FL Sep 29 Sep 29 11
This is pretty astounding . . . . .
Archeus_Lore AZ Sep 29 Sep 29 11
Here’s a thought for ya.... In the beginning, man has thought there was a supreme being... Some say it was because that was how they explained the unknown. Lightning, thunder, earthquakes and a sundry of other natural activities. Man knew that he ...
dustyguy1 FL Sep 28 Sep 28 1616
LINK Dianna's Intro Physics Class: Trailer - Physics 101, AP Physics 1 Review with Physics Girl - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 27 Sep 27 22
Interesting thought about why the Earth's magnetic poles may flip
ebunt706 MI Sep 27 Sep 27 22
Think William Blake . . .
Archeus_Lore AZ Sep 27 Sep 27 11
LINK But What is the Brain? We have the answer! (sort of) - YouTube
BikramK India Sep 26 Sep 26 00
LINK Problems of the Indian education system... With solutions - YouTube
BikramK India Sep 26 Sep 26 00
LINK What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One? - Scientific American Blog Network
DangerDave NV Sep 25 Sep 25 33
The global warming ppl must be a little perplexed at this. "This newly recognized cold record is an important reminder about the stark contrasts that exist on this planet.”
callmedubious Canada Sep 23 Sep 23 44
LINK What If Humanity Was A Type IV Civilization? | Unveiled - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 23 Sep 23 11
While reading the October Scientific American that endorsed Biden(first time ever endorsement. Yes. Some of us crazy athiests actually read. You know. Left to right. Top to bottom. And we actually read the Scientific American magazine. What a ...
Healthydoc70 MA Sep 23 Sep 23 11
Does anyone have any statistics regarding number of atheists in America comparably to religion in recent years (2015-2020)?
seekingtruth TN Sep 23 Sep 23 99
A JOURNEY OF SIZE: An awe inspiring video about the comparative size of stars. The numbers and the metrics involved are just awe-inspiring...please watch and enjoy! Kurzgesagt® and In A Nutshell™ also now have an app available for ...
Green_Soldier71 Sep 23 Sep 23 22
LINK History of the center of the Universe - Wikipedia
DangerDave NV Sep 22 Sep 22 55
Is there any hard science to say if cryogenics is possible?
prometheus CA Sep 22 Sep 22 88
LINK Study finds the nonreligious can be more closed-minded than the religious
DangerDave NV Sep 21 Sep 21 3535
LINK What lies beyond the observable universe? - youtube
DangerDave NV Sep 20 Sep 20 44
Spooky YouTube video on a brief history of social Darwinism and eugenics
Hages OH Sep 20 Sep 20 11
LINK Physicist Michio Kaku Says Humans Will Come Into Contact With Aliens Within The Next Few Years - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 20 Sep 20 22
LINK Social Darwinism (In Our Time) - YouTube
Hages OH Sep 20 Sep 20 22
Some more confirmation of the benefits.
Fernapple UK Sep 20 Sep 20 55
LINK Randonautica Any randonauts in the house? I'm considering trying this when the pandemic finally subsides. Its popularity is amazing considering it's untimely release date.
DangerDave NV Sep 19 Sep 19 55
LINK Scientists Hooked A Brain Up To This Artificial Intelligence And This Is What It Showed Us - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 19 Sep 19 00
That's some wild shit . . .
Archeus_Lore AZ Sep 19 Sep 19 22
LINK Who lives in the eleventh dimension? - Parallel Universes - BBC science - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 18 Sep 18 22
LINK Non-Carbon Based Life - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 17 Sep 17 11
I've been looking at carbon capture technology, and it doesn't look good thinking in the box. The one that works best basically makes concrete but requires enough energy that it produces more carbon then it collects. But the problem could be ...
Willow_Wisp CA Sep 16 Sep 16 33
LINK 6 Possible Scientific Reasons for Ghosts
DangerDave NV Sep 16 Sep 16 55
LINK Elon Musk's Question to AI: What's Outside The Simulation? - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 15 Sep 15 11
World Pantheism I just discovered scientific pantheism is an established organization. I stand corrected. While this page is a great introduction to THEIR version, its only one of near countless variations. For instance, I lean toward ...
DangerDave NV Sep 15 Sep 15 11
The Bizarre Behavior of Rotating Bodies, Explained
WilliamCharles CA Sep 14 Sep 14 11
LINK Google's Artificial Intelligence Reveals The Purpose Of Life Before It's Switched Off - YouTube
DangerDave NV Sep 14 Sep 14 00
Not an evolutionary specialist, but was wondering about the evolutionary processes that goes from : what I understand was water based life to land based walking animals. I think a Snell might be considered to have 1 foot. But then creatures ...
Word TX Sep 12 Sep 12 22
A new idea/theory of reality
creative51 MI Sep 12 Sep 12 22
“Anthropologist Harvey Whitehouse thinks too much talk about religion is based on loose conjecture and simplistic explanations. Whitehouse directs the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University. For years he’s been ...
skado AL Sep 11 Sep 11 33
Carl Sagan . . . . . .
Archeus_Lore AZ Sep 10 Sep 10 33
LINK The weird space that lies outside our Solar System
Amzungu IL Sep 10 Sep 10 33