Family & Parenting
Today would have been my dad’s birthday. He would have been 81 today and I miss him so much. I never really knew how much I needed his advice and support until he was gone. I certainly could have used him these past few months. He always helped ...
By NorCalFreethinker 5 5 comments CA Mar 23
What are good leisure activities a family should try to do together?
By Goodharwell577 4 23 comments GA Feb 24
Had a brief, but heartfelt & interesting talk with our current houskeeper. She's young, just finishing up a divorce. 11 year old daughter she currently has joint custody of. This young woman is working 3 jobs to make ends meet. She is close to a ...
By bigpawbullets 8 8 comments OH Feb 18
I had something happen Monday night that made me feel great, and I wanted to share. My youngest daughter Robin, aka Mouse, and I are very close. She's the one I posted about the other day, who's killing it in college. Anyway, I was settling down ...
By Geektheist 6 22 comments GA Feb 13
LINK The devotion of the human dad separates us from other apes | Aeon Essays
By tnorman1236 8 6 comments WV Jan 21
Dodgy parents. So what do you do?
By OwlInASack 7 20 comments Jersey Jan 18
I'm so excited that I just had to make a big ass post about it. I found 3 first cousins, a second cousin on the other side and an uncle I didn't even know about. I paid for the membership to ancestry and the first person I contacted just ...
By Lucy_Fehr 7 13 comments FL Jan 16
My little fella (all 6ft 3 of him) goes back to university tonight after being so ill. I know its my job to kick him out of the nest, be tough and happy he's recovered and making his way in the world. Can someone explain to me why it feels like my ...
By Amisja 8 6 comments UK Jan 16
How to raise children with a religious spouse?
By Harris1218 2 15 comments IN Jan 5
Religious fanatic-lunatic poisoning my life. What do I do?
By Zzoha 3 27 comments WA Dec 28, 2018
What happened after death
By bonobo 3 30 comments Morocco Dec 27, 2018
Uninterested in Christmas
By JamesJay 4 20 comments ME Dec 15, 2018
Why I don't feel guilty about celebrating Christmas 1. Its not Christian. We all know this and we know why. Think of the cave dwellers millenia ago. After the darkest days of winter, the days again start getting longer and as a Northern European ...
By Amisja 8 25 comments UK Dec 2, 2018
How do you tell children about death?
By Diogenes1972 6 29 comments NY Nov 26, 2018
So, I considered myself agnostic for most of my life...slipping into atheism in my early 40's (I'm 61 now). I read the bible beginning at age 8 and just could not buy into it...Even then, I thought it was the stupidest, nastiest bunch of crap ...
By yayagoddess 3 15 comments OH Nov 24, 2018
I am 81 years old, and had not seen my daughters and grandchildren for some time. I just travelled to Kansas to spend some time with them, as (at my age) I don't know if I will have the opportunity again. Wanted them to ask any question about ...
By wordywalt 8 10 comments FL Nov 14, 2018
Anyone else have family that says "im going to miss you when you're in hell?"🤔
By thebinx 3 16 comments TX Nov 7, 2018
What is your way of coping with trauma and grief of losing someone (in my case a child, a family member, ex in-laws) you cared and loved very about, yet you didn't lose them to death? They are alive, they just alienated you for whatever reason. The ...
By ForeignNata 5 11 comments AL Nov 6, 2018
Non-religious communities
By KMD 3 14 comments OK Nov 2, 2018
POLL Ok so let's hear how everyone thinks on this issue. Do you take off your shoes when you enter your home? Do you require others to take off their shoes.. and how do you deal with it? do you provide slippers?
By AmmaRE007 7 73 comments Canada Oct 30, 2018
Kids and God's questions
By Shaghaf 5 22 comments MO Oct 20, 2018
LINK Yes, Yeshivas Must Include Secular Education -
By zblaze 7 5 comments OR Oct 20, 2018
Does "the atheist closet" detract from what homosexual individuals went through?
By thezekroman 5 20 comments TX Oct 9, 2018
POLL What's worse?
By Ravenwolfcasey 7 71 comments NJ Oct 1, 2018
As a child, were you forced to hug/kiss relatives or friends when you didn't want to? If you are a parent, do you force your children to hug or kiss when they don't want to, either you or other relatives or friends?
By HereticSin 7 46 comments IN Sep 25, 2018
Children and Religion/Beliefs
By AdamHoople 7 19 comments OH Sep 22, 2018
LINK Gray Areas on Gray Matter: The Ethics of Brain Death -
By zblaze 7 4 comments OR Sep 22, 2018
Is it possible to keep your child away from the idea of religion? I want her to make her own choices about it as she grows up, not have others force feed her supernatural ideas. Is this realistic with her mother's side of the family being religious?
By Antitheist30 4 39 comments NC Sep 19, 2018
Boy Scouts?
By DaphneDarling 7 79 comments MN Sep 13, 2018
LINK Rules Are for Schmucks: How to Save Freedom of Choice -
By zblaze 7 4 comments OR Sep 6, 2018
LINK How parents act on their religious beliefs linked to the onset of atheism in their children
By zblaze 7 10 comments OR Sep 4, 2018
Inherited qualities.?
By RaulPerez 7 25 comments TX Sep 3, 2018
How can I help my son dealing with religious questions from his friends?
By Zoohome 7 30 comments FL Sep 3, 2018
Raising children with/without religion
By kittieblue13 4 38 comments LA Sep 2, 2018
My mother is going downhill - asking for kind thoughts or feedback
By bleurowz 8 26 comments NJ Sep 2, 2018
The Bad and the Ugly
By AMGT 8 49 comments CA Sep 1, 2018
Anyone have advice on how to come out ofthe atheist closet? I've been skeptical of the religion I was brought up in for a while and abandoned it a couple years ago. My mom has been Christian her whole life and is active in her church. She's open ...
By jlwebster9 3 32 comments OK Aug 28, 2018
I have created a group for parents with teenagers. I was thinking about creating this group after posting about my teens adventures into taking out the trash.
By helionoftroy 7 5 comments SC Aug 25, 2018
By Crimson67 8 43 comments KY Aug 25, 2018
We learn our lessons the hard way
By helionoftroy 7 13 comments SC Aug 24, 2018
Just a few things that have been on my mind 1. I think it is just fine for a parent to take their children out on dates. In our increasingly busy lives, taking time to put down the cell phone and devote some time to your family is important. There...
By Tamresa 5 19 comments CO Aug 24, 2018
What's the most memorable lesson you learned from your parents? What’s that life lesson that has stuck with you all these years? This is a great opportunity for us to learn a thing or two if we pay attention to the answers.
By kensmile4u 8 26 comments FL Aug 19, 2018
We recently lost my oldest brother B at 59 yrs old. He was non-religious as were his kids. His kids wanted no religious service. My other brother T and Mom took it upon themselves to make sure his soul was saved. Saying prayers at the burial and ...
By anonymous 7 38 comments Online Aug 16, 2018
Gay tales, stories about being a father of a gay son. When my son came out as gay we were active in church, a church that was mildly hostile to gay folks. In support of or son we changed churches to the Metropolitain Community Church a, from the ...
By Tominator 6 5 comments VA Aug 14, 2018
Family and Religion
By marksam8484 6 16 comments WV Aug 10, 2018
For those of you with children, how do you address the issue of your belief system? If kids are too young to understand religion or non-religion, how might you, for example, answer questions about "Jesus"?
By pinklotus18 6 22 comments TN Aug 9, 2018
First day of school and my heathen has to wear his atheist shirt. Lol
By Crimson67 8 35 comments KY Aug 9, 2018
Why are men and women put under so much pressure to have kids in this society?
By EmeraldJewel 7 58 comments OK Aug 7, 2018
I am 100% against circumcision it's a form of religious child abuse no different to FGM. This needs further study, correlation is not causation but it needs to be properly examined and acted on! []
By Josephine 7 43 comments UK Aug 7, 2018
What do you call your mother-in-law?
By Rhetoric 7 72 comments NM Aug 7, 2018
So… a friend told me last week that he brought up Harry Potter to a colleague's daughter and she said she didn't know much about it. Her father then said that her mother didn't allow her to be exposed to Harry Potter because of the magic and ...
By Jamar 4 17 comments TN Aug 6, 2018
God mother/father
By AmyMay 3 33 comments Canada Aug 4, 2018
My mother wants to take my daughter to church every sunday. It makes her feel good and my daughter has fun in the Sunday School. But I feel like it's brainwashing child abuse. I also feel like if you are going to brainwash somebody that you would do ...
By Rawreality 4 57 comments FL Aug 4, 2018
LINK The Humanist Dilemma: Does Becoming a Parent Mean a Closeted Atheist Has to Grow Up? -
By zblaze 7 8 comments OR July 30, 2018
I'm 29, living in Texas where most, if not all of my peers have had children. Even when I was married, I actively prevented pregnancy. The majority of people in my life believe I never want to have children, as I speak quite hesitantly about the idea...
By Nerdyowltx 5 29 comments TX July 29, 2018
For those who have no children, would you date a partner with a child?
By Nerdyowltx 5 62 comments TX July 29, 2018
How your family responded when they learned about your atheism? How did you approach telling them?
By MoralesHuman 4 37 comments FL July 28, 2018
LINK Foster Failure: Proposed Amendment Puts Faith-Based Discrimination before Child Welfare -
By zblaze 7 9 comments OR July 23, 2018
So, it is just me, or is it infuriating when other adults tell your child that they are not old enough to know that they don't believe in a "God"? I can't even being to imagine the outrage if I started telling other people's children that they aren't...
By NoMyGod 5 20 comments ID July 22, 2018
Anybody know the laws on teaching creationism in Australian schools? I had a prep interview at Genesis Christian College for my daughter. They asked how I felt about my daughter being taught religious studies. I jokingly said ‘as long as ...
By leighdon78 2 14 comments Australia July 22, 2018
Social Gender Roles? Since much of what is expected of us socially has come from religion, how much of it do we take for granted without considering the source? It seems that there's a lot going on in society based on assumptions that "That's ...
By JustKip 7 18 comments CA July 21, 2018
The United Way is conducting a fundraising for school supplies. What does it say when charity organizations are raising money to help teachers with the basic necessities to educate our children ???
By Switchcraft 6 7 comments FL July 20, 2018
When I was in 1st grade, I was excited to tell my mother about my day at school. Before I could share my positive experience, she asked "did you get in trouble with the teacher today?" and I answered honestly "yes". She got upset, ranted about my ...
By DustinFL 4 8 comments FL July 19, 2018
I have been divorced for almost five years. I have primary custody of my sons, 11 and 12. I teach my boys to "always question- never be a 'sheep', or someone that follows blindly." Their father is a hardcore, churchgoing Christian, so we do not ...
By pinklotus18 6 16 comments TN July 19, 2018
LINK A GOP-Backed Law Would Punish States That Don’t Fund Anti-Gay Adoption Agencies – Friendly Atheist
By Dmej114 7 7 comments MI July 17, 2018
LINK Breastfeeding model causes stir on catwalk - BBC News
By irascible 8 12 comments Australia July 17, 2018
What are the best arguments you have in favor of marriage?
By OrangeJuice 6 46 comments CA July 16, 2018
How do you plan on raising your children?
By Sgposter 3 25 comments MN July 16, 2018
For all of you city brats
By Slava3 7 11 comments Canada July 15, 2018
LINK Middle children are going extinct because Millennial family planning
By HippieChick58 9 7 comments NE July 15, 2018
POLL What is the worst thing for a child to see in an R rated movie?
By Mystical 4 27 comments NV July 15, 2018
Pet rats and children
By SeanNock 5 17 comments MO July 15, 2018
Stories from childhood. Back when I was a child, there was a large beer joint (that was the terminology for it then, at least around where I lived) just outside of town called Sabre’s. It was a big old square building surrounded by a dirt and...
By tnorman1236 8 7 comments WV July 14, 2018
We really do create our own misery! I'm not downplaying real pain or abuse but the longer I am alive the more I am convinced that a good percentage of our own unhappiness is completely self imposed. Just this week I've encountered two ...
By Crimson67 8 19 comments KY July 14, 2018
I’ll be visiting my mother in less than a month. She lives in a different state and is overly Christian. What recommendations do you have for me to remain sane? She doesn’t know I’m an atheist, she probably just thinks I’ve pushed god to the ...
By Mariv357 5 34 comments FL July 9, 2018
Your Advice, please I am getting rid of 45 years of collecting- books, stuff, you name it, I had it sitting on a shelf in front of the books. I just opened up the credenza in the dining room and there are at least six framed picture of one of my six...
By Spinliesel 8 13 comments NY July 9, 2018
Traditions. My lovely wife''s family has what I'll refer to for lack of a better term as "extended family traditions". These were started by my wife's parents, based somewhat on their parents' values and reinforced by personal experience. These ...
By bigpawbullets 8 5 comments OH July 8, 2018
What do you say to your family when "coming out"? I love my family so please no negativity. I just am trying to find a compassionate way to tell them.
By Charlie713 3 10 comments WA July 7, 2018
Would like your opinion, Im separated and getting a divorce. I bought a house. I decided to rent out my extra rooms to other females. I picked another single mom thinking that we could act as a support system to each other. I really like her. The...
By anonymous 7 43 comments Online July 7, 2018
Should I go for full custody of my child?
By ThomasLevi 6 42 comments IL July 3, 2018
Dealing with family and loved ones
By happyaprn18 4 24 comments TX July 1, 2018
How do you feel about this one? We see all sorts of multiple standards, particularly when females are the object of the "rules". How many schools in the US, including 'christian' schools are there whose cheerleaders costumes comply with the dress ...
By TimothyIII 5 6 comments VA July 1, 2018
Your explanation to your spouse.... Where was he?
By BucketlistBob 8 7 comments LA July 1, 2018
Holiday Characters
By Transprincess 5 4 comments GA June 30, 2018
So after reading some comments on an FB post, I became very curious. I hope to keep this post relatively mature as it is of a personal nature. I have a few different questions/comments to present... 1) As someone who plans to adopt and ...
By Kassandra 6 104 comments TX June 29, 2018
I was very religious, and I used to pray with my son a lot, we also went to church every Sunday. Well... now I am agnostic (barely new) and he is asking me if I still believe god.. i want him to make his own decisions, but at the same time I want to...
By vmedel 6 14 comments FL June 28, 2018
We dropped off our son at a sleep away camp yesterday. It's his first time away. We're not exactly having an easy time with it. Anyone else run into this?
By Kbdank71 7 8 comments AR June 25, 2018
How do you deal with semi-supportive family?
By VikrantGautam 3 14 comments VA June 25, 2018
POLL Unattended children
By Count 5 35 comments OK June 24, 2018
I lost my little girl (my 15 year old chihuahua) on Monday. I miss her so much. She was my constant companion for 11.5 years. I think there were only about maybe 7 or 10 days in the time I had her that she did not sleep with me in my bed. I know her...
By Violet 3 24 comments WI June 24, 2018
Phones and internet are causing unforeseen socal problems in community creating families who set down to dinner looking at phones not talking and sharing ideas and bonding. We have a serious unaddressed problem with internet and social media ...
By Holymoly 4 14 comments MO June 23, 2018
What activities do you participate in regularly that are environmentally friendly and do your body/mind good?
By Happygypsynana 4 16 comments Australia June 22, 2018
What activities do you participate in regularly that are environmentally friendly and do your body/mind good?
By Happygypsynana 4 13 comments Australia June 22, 2018
What is your opinion about to get married?
By Sensiwoman7 6 37 comments UK June 22, 2018
My parents still believe i am as christian as i was when i was in the private elementary school they spent so much money to send me to. On a drive back to college, my dad made a remark about how stupid he thinks people are as soon as he finds out ...
By Jab723 3 23 comments IL June 21, 2018
So, my great nephew will be staying with me for the next month or so, he is fifteen years old and lies a lot. Should I ignore it or call him out on it? It is nothing significant or life altering but by does he tell some whoppers like the squirrel ...
By CreativelyMe 7 30 comments MN June 19, 2018
To all my friends on this forum . I wrote a letter to John Kennedy of Louisiana about the children held captive at the boarder without their parents. I could not copy the email but I do have a receipt for my email.
By BucketlistBob 8 8 comments LA June 19, 2018
My two daughters' (both over 50) comments on Fathers Day, made my day. My oldest daughter sent me a copy of the Robert Frost poem about a road less travelled. amd said that she has always admired me for being a person who consciously chose "the road...
By wordywalt 8 9 comments FL June 19, 2018
My father once said, "How can I be a bad person just for being born?" He was raised Catholic & was referring to original sin. I was a child when he said that. I was firm in my belief that there was no god by age 8. He's a non-practicing Catholic &, I...
By MermaidSuzy888 6 7 comments NJ June 17, 2018
Sister relationship
By delilah 5 12 comments Australia June 17, 2018
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