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Showing the newest forum posts in all categories as well as posts from your groups.

How are you coping with the new realities? Are you managing life according to what is? Have you ever uttered the words, "When things get back to normal...." Living life to the max then waking up one morning in ICU not knowing how i got there ...
josephr Oct 26 Oct 26 44
The silver lining is everywhere.
Jolanta Australia Oct 25 Oct 25 22
Continued sporadic fever and continuous gut issues. Headache is iffy. Throat has had a barely there ache for three days but I can control it with hot herbal tea. Sleeping a lot. Had my first grocery delivery and I'm very pleased. My son is ...
Larimar MO Oct 25 Oct 25 77
Well, the fevers have begun....tylenol is working. Son's test came back positive this morning.
Larimar MO Oct 24 Oct 24 99
I check this site every day, and the trend recently is very scary. It is getting worse every day. This is going to be a long winter.
HippieChick58 NE Oct 24 Oct 24 99
LINK Tesla in 2030 - $40,000/share? The Battery-Revenue Model - YouTube
EdEarl TX Oct 24 Oct 24 11
The next stage of my life shall be entitled "Leaving Evansville."
onthefire IN Oct 24 Oct 24 22
LMAO! Brian Williams closing his show tonite urging all of us,while we are "out & about" this weekend to help find drumpy's lost health care plan, followed by about 20 clips of 45 promising one "momentarily", spanning all 4 years plus 2016 ...
AnneWimsey CT Oct 24 Oct 24 22
update Head hurts less, body aches have begun, still gastric issues, throat pain begun, and congestion. Not bad yet. Doc is calling me daily to check in. So far so good. But they say days 7-10 are the real test of how it turns out.
Larimar MO Oct 23 Oct 23 1515
LINK Nutritional Yeast for the Common Cold - YouTube
EdEarl TX Oct 23 Oct 23 33
As a corrections officer, this scares the crap out of me
Paul4747 MI Oct 22 Oct 22 44
Just remember, national health care is national wealth care. Take it from an unfortunate cancer survivor that can only afford to live in her car. If you're not comfortable with that level of Socialism, then you should love Capitalistic ...
Willow_Wisp CA Oct 22 Oct 22 77
LINK Oakland events space continues to hold big events while city officials do little to stop it
prometheus CA Oct 22 Oct 22 77
CDC broadens definition of who's at risk of getting coronavirus
desertastronomer CA Oct 22 Oct 22 11
I am FURIOUS. I live with my son and his GF. They went to a wedding a week and a half ago and I told them then that they shouldn't. There all day, lots of people, no masks. They got sick Sunday, she's now got a positive covid test and he just ...
Larimar MO Oct 21 Oct 21 2121
First covid-19 death linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reported in Minnesota If it only effected bikers I'd be happier.
Willow_Wisp CA Oct 21 Oct 21 1414
We need to develop mastery of bacteriophage therapy in the U. S. but drug companies aren't motivated... who can we rely on? No one?
EarnestEccentric IN Oct 20 Oct 20 44
I was just telling a friend at work about having a feeling of dread and imminent doom. He told me that Rush Limbaugh just announced he has terminal lung cancer. Now I feel great. I thought this might brighten your day as well.
Willow_Wisp CA Oct 20 Oct 20 55
I was checking out different Medicare advantage plans. You can go online put an x in the bottom corner and see the differences. So I DO NOT need phone calls but I have been receiving like 15 calls daily from ins. companies and I ask "What do you have...
K9Kohle789 TN Oct 20 Oct 20 11
Last night I had a nightmare that I think will haunt me for a long time. I was asleep in my bed in my current apartment and I woke up feeling that someone was in bed with me. It was one of those waking nightmares where your still asleep but ...
Gypsy31771 GA Oct 18 Oct 18 44
LINK Wear a Mask (Be Our Guest Parody) - YouTube
TheoryNumber3 IL Oct 18 Oct 18 77
The inside of my ears are itchy, have anyone els got that problem. I need to know how to deal with it. At the moment I do have a cream but may there be anything els that I could do?
Jolanta Australia Oct 17 Oct 17 1010
POLL Cat Lovers are special people
Leeecke MI Oct 17 Oct 17 44
The truth hurts ellusionist, so what the hell!!!
Castlepaloma Canada Oct 17 Oct 17 44
LINK My Brief Spell as an Activist – Quillette
sunhatpat Albania Oct 17 Oct 17 33
I'm so frustrated with my life now. My wife is not doing well. I want to do everything I can but the luck of the genetic draw delt her a bad hand in 1962. I'm trying to be supportive, but biology is not helpful. We met in '72 when my parents moved ...
DonSchneider MI Oct 16 Oct 16 11
I'm so frustrated with my life now. My wife is not doing well. I want to do everything I can but the luck of the genetic draw delt her a bad hand in 1962. I'm trying to be supportive, but biology is not helpful. We met in '72 when my parents moved ...
DonSchneider MI Oct 16 Oct 16 11
I'm so frustrated with my life now. My wife is not doing well. I want to do everything I can but the luck of the genetic draw delt her a bad hand in 1962. I'm trying to be supportive, but biology is not helpful. We met in '72 when my parents moved ...
DonSchneider MI Oct 16 Oct 16 11
5 Tips to Save Natural Resources and Energy
PhoebeLambert UK Oct 16 Oct 16 11
Is covid bringing us back to the great depression and the health care system killing us more than the covid?
Castlepaloma Canada Oct 16 Oct 16 33
Well, I've done it again.... On my last day of work for the week, it seems like my brain won't shut down and keeps coming up with "just one more thing" I need to do before going to bed. It's as if I subconsciously don't want to miss any of the time I...
Paul4747 MI Oct 16 Oct 16 55
I wish I was allowed to access the internet for nonprofessional use while at work. Yesterday a coworker, defending Trump's handling of the pandemic and minimizing how bad COVID-19 is, asked me if I realized that there are 80,000 to 100,000 deaths ...
Paul4747 MI Oct 16 Oct 16 33
Got my 3rd "Misfit" Box (organic not-perfect fruits & vegies), finally figured out how to specify, not just get random stuff. So, who has ideas for Shishido peppers & Bok Choy?
AnneWimsey CT Oct 15 Oct 15 44
102 years ago, our little community was attacked by the flu pandemic. Every person's tragedy is the worst, to them, so here's some context for those who feel 'done by'. There's no need to become a COVIDIOT, humans manage best when they...
josephr Oct 14 Oct 14 11
Watching Rachel Maddow Tuesday the 12th, talking about how the current " leadership" has decided that we all need to get Covid to cause "herd immunity", despite documented cases of, for example, a 25-year old getting it twice, and an 89-year old ...
AnneWimsey CT Oct 14 Oct 14 1111
The backside of Woo...
FrostyJim AK Oct 13 Oct 13 44
LINK Working from home misery: Many people hate remote work.
HippieChick58 NE Oct 12 Oct 12 44
Good advice for control of your blood pressure
Mcflewster Oct 12 Oct 12 44
How do you turn your day around if you’re really tired and get woken up early, finding yourself unable to sleep?
girlwithsmiles UK Oct 12 Oct 12 66
Could it be that the idiot Trump is deliberately trying to lose the election? His behavior this year has shown such incompetency and stupidity, and so bizarre that it has cost him supporter at every turn. Could it be that he is tired of having his ...
wordywalt FL Oct 9 Oct 9 99
I hate when people are mean to others if they’re having a bad day. When I’m feeling awful, I make it a point to be EXTRA friendly & kind cause I’ve had others treat me so badly for that reason. The “golden rule” we learned in 3rd grade ...
VeronicaAnn WI Oct 9 Oct 9 55
Amazing and sad.
Jolanta Australia Oct 8 Oct 8 22
LINK Canada single-use plastics ban: Feds say straws, cutlery and other single-use items to go by end of 2021 | CTV News
RichCC AZ Oct 8 Oct 8 33
COVIDWISE uses bluetooth to trace nearby people who have phones with COVIDWISE. If, within 14 days, another of those nearby people tests positive and reports it, you will be notified. If you test positive, you may share that info via COVIDWISE, so ...
EdEarl TX Oct 7 Oct 7 11
The other deadly disease I lost my brother Benny to a disease but it wasn't his, it was the guy driving the car that killed him who was drunk If it is a disease or whatever it is I have at too. I was a blackout drunk I drove my car home had no ...
TomToDay TX Oct 6 Oct 6 77
Have anyone can tell that is there any motivational speaker or seminar who doesn't mention the word god or any related inside the bible?
qwertyqwerty Thailand Oct 6 Oct 6 22
An incident happened to me at my job today that left me heartbroken. I checked out these two people at my register today. They had a little girl who had a ball that I rang up. I gave the ball back to the girl and was playing with the ball with her ...
anonymous Online Oct 5 Oct 5 99
Drunk on fire In my younger days I worked for Levi Harner He was showing me the stables and mention If there is ever a fire ,when you let the horses out of the stall always latch the door shut. I look at him curiously then he explained At ...
TomToDay TX Oct 5 Oct 5 44
WH Press Secretary
PBuck0145 Canada Oct 5 Oct 5 22
Pandemic issues
Mom-goddess TN Oct 5 Oct 5 11
Desiderata - A Life Changing Poem for Hard Times
Somnium KS Oct 5 Oct 5 00
Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. Roy T. Bennett
HughesB TX Oct 5 Oct 5 11
4 to 7 orgasms a month is not enough, men... You need AT LEAST 21 a month.
EarnestEccentric IN Oct 5 Oct 5 44
This is my New Hampshire. Enjoy the foliage!!!!!! These were taken by a professional.!!!!
sassygirl3869 NY Oct 4 Oct 4 1010
Bug Hotel in the city centre
Jolanta Australia Oct 3 Oct 3 11
I hate my town. When I was walking to the bus stop after work, these loud obnoxious teenagers with a Trump 2020 flag on their trunk were speeding in the parking lot, yelling, and almost ran me over... Once I’m done with school and have all my ...
VeronicaAnn WI Oct 2 Oct 2 88
Suprt help not answeing sometimes happenes I saed cousen friend sisters don't want be catolic and nobody gave support....
AnaMavrin11 Croatia Oct 2 Oct 2 11
Ok can si stop being catolic this year or can't cos covid
AnaMavrin11 Croatia Oct 2 Oct 2 33
LINK Here we go again: COVID spikes are happening because politicians let ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods live by different rules - New York Daily News
OldMetalHead AZ Oct 2 Oct 2 33
Stealth atheist stealth camper Planing next stop for Scotland ...................Pa. I'm paying a visit to some Mennonite Friends On the Pennsylvania Maryland border I usually buy cheese from them they have a little store there and they let me camp...
TomToDay TX Oct 1 Oct 1 66
Having guests tpmorow feel like must be happy in good mood
AnaMavrin11 Croatia Oct 1 Oct 1 22
I posted about maladaptive daydream can someone help me how to deal with iz
AnaMavrin11 Croatia Oct 1 Oct 1 22
This video is for all the ANTI-MASK IDIOTS and the CONSPIRACY NUTS (including the rabid QANON-ers, Trumpers, and crazy "God will save us" Evangelicals)... COVID-19 is NOT a joke! Wear your MASKS, please...and take all the safety precautions. If not, ...
Green_Soldier71 Sep 30 Sep 30 1414
I'm listening to Episode 191: A New Era for AA? on AA Beyond Belief with @TuneIn. NowPlaying
TomToDay TX Sep 28 Sep 28 11
I am in Prague, Czech Republic till Nov 21. In Arizona from Nov 22. I have a ranch in Arizona and can entertain. Jerry realjoydeal@gmail.
ArizonaJerry1 Canada Sep 27 Sep 27 00
So what is everyone's opinion? Do u think the coronavirus is going to mutate with the flu virus and become a way more fucked up situation? Or do u think that this virus will stay with us forever returning every year as the cold does? Or do you think ...
Marilyn8658 VA Sep 27 Sep 27 88
Martial Artists: Awareness or Oneness?
DangerDave NV Sep 26 Sep 26 33
Plenty of us are turning to laughter during this difficult covid-19 effects on our lives.
TimeOutForMe Sep 26 Sep 26 55
LINK Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (from The Concert in Central Park) - YouTube
Paddypereira Sep 26 Sep 26 77
My job is a little different. I do accounting but as a consultant in a way. I go into a place for 2 months to a couple years at a time and fix problems, inplement new software, or cover for maternity or sick leaves, etc. Sometimes, when ...
Larimar MO Sep 24 Sep 24 22
People who think masks DON’T WORK...if they were to ever have surgery, they should tell their surgeons it’s okay to not wear a mask while operating & see what the surgeons have to say about that! The endless mask debate is getting tiresome.
VeronicaAnn WI Sep 24 Sep 24 88
I don’t ever copy and paste other people’s statuses. However, I am making an exception with this because, you know, death. Let's say you woke up with a terrible cough, a fever, and severe body aches. Immediately, you rush to the testing ...
Mcflewster Sep 24 Sep 24 1111
After responding to a comment from a member and a considered friend I would like to make this very heart-felt plea to all. Please, please do NOT shun, avoid, deride,etc, etc, those around us who are battling cancers, DO NOT see them as being ...
Triphid Sep 23 Sep 23 66
More is coming out, about the possible long term burdens. Sorry to be gloomy but it has to be said.
Fernapple UK Sep 23 Sep 23 22
If you think wearing a mask doesn’t help, still wear it as you’re told & shut up about it. I worked 8 hrs yesterday, 7 of which I wore my mask. This seems to be a common theme among A LOT of whinny, crybaby conservatives...!! I’m not ...
VeronicaAnn WI Sep 22 Sep 22 2424
Moment of Happiness
HughesB TX Sep 22 Sep 22 11
A vase of small artificial tulips to be admired.
Jolanta Australia Sep 21 Sep 21 55
Just add a pair of gloves. Is this our future?
bigpawbullets OH Sep 20 Sep 20 33
For all of you in western Canada and US who are suffering thru smoke inhalation ,I have heard it is like smoking 40 plus cigarettes a day and do not have an air purifier or they are sold out every where her is a simple in expensive way to make one Go...
RoyMillar Canada Sep 19 Sep 19 44
Do you think religious trauma gets taken seriously?
SlewSuffer OH Sep 18 Sep 18 2222
Watch this and learn about white privilege...
FrostyJim AK Sep 17 Sep 17 22
Namaste MFs
sullykemp12 UK Sep 16 Sep 16 11
Feeling fine with pandemic isolation.
Mooolah CO Sep 16 Sep 16 33
There is often a fine line between treatment and torture.
Lorajay OK Sep 15 Sep 15 33
LINK Report: Mass Hysterectomies Being Performed At ICE Detention Center | Michael Stone
Tinocca CA Sep 14 Sep 14 99
I hope I don't go there.
Lorajay OK Sep 14 Sep 14 33
Just when you think that the lunacy can't get any worse: missing mass over Covid 19 is a "grave sin." It could mean the grave, that's for sure.
Gwendolyn2018 MO Sep 13 Sep 13 2727
LINK Obituary: Shere Hite, pioneering sex researcher - BBC News
Amzungu IL Sep 13 Sep 13 22
Why you should worry even if you are young and fit.
Fernapple UK Sep 13 Sep 13 22
My state is covid testing college students frequently this fall in Dover to track spread among college students . This is because of their parties and stupidity , this may finally bring them a dose of reality . I am doing this Monday and Tuesday ...
bobwjr DE Sep 12 Sep 12 33
Gorgeous tulips at my doctors surgery. Makes my heart glad.
Jolanta Australia Sep 11 Sep 11 11
Fireman finds baby deer.
dalefvictor OR Sep 10 Sep 10 11
El Dorado gender reveal party destroyed more property than every protest combined, but Trump isn't mad because it's not an empty vessel to air his racial hatred and instill fear.
barjoe PA Sep 10 Sep 10 11
Crime rates by country, I was surprised at both Sweden and France have high crime rates.
Lorajay OK Sep 10 Sep 10 77
This is somewhat of a sombre topic, even though I am having a good day. Was looking at myself in the mirror and started wondering what my elder-years were gonna look like. I am a life-coach and I know that 'old-age' is a moving target and it's ...
Green_Soldier71 Sep 10 Sep 10 2929
LINK Paleo Got It Wrong: We've Loved Carbs for Over 100,000 Years | SciShow News - YouTube
EdEarl TX Sep 10 Sep 10 22
the corruption & greed in the American healthcare industry boggles the imagination.
callmedubious Canada Sep 9 Sep 9 33
If coffee and or hiking doesn't fix it for you, what does?
Scott1234 MI Sep 9 Sep 9 22
Is consciousness real or just ego woo..woo???????
sullykemp12 UK Sep 9 Sep 9 22
From a talk on Forgiveness
Mcflewster Sep 8 Sep 8 1414