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Saturday is national atheist day, isn't it? 3/23/19 It is. It is global atheists day. Have a happy day, fckrs. It's our day.
By Bigcurt44 3 8 comments MI Mar 22
Is it better to remain in the closet or profess your disbelief? I have been an atheist for a few months now after a lifetime of guilt, shame and indoctrination. I am a member of a church with my believing wife (she knows) and my beautiful ...
By Snake91 3 11 comments GA Mar 20
I have discovered a niche profession and looking with a cursory glance on the internet I have found no one listed, aside from historical references. Sin Eater. Why not? Learn a few Latin phrases, don't eat before my meal (albeit, I am not going to ...
By Beowulfsfriend 8 5 comments PA Mar 19
LINK 12,000 Doctors Urge the USDA to Issue Dairy Warning | LIVEKINDLY
By SkotlandSkye 8 4 comments OK Mar 19
Every French man, woman, juvenile, or infant consumes 44,2 litres of wine every year. This volume puts them on the podium in second potion … after the Vatican whose predominantly catholic population consumes a whopping 73,8 litres pc between the ...
By PontifexMarximus 7 4 comments Australia Mar 19
LINK Religion for the Nonreligious - Wait But Why - Pocket
By tnorman1236 8 6 comments WV Mar 17
Daily Blasphemy: Happy St. Patrick's Day. Ireland never had snakes. Pointing to a shamrock to teach the "Holy Trinity" isn't preaching--it's bullshit. And St. Patrick wasn't Irish, he was Welsh. So have a Guinness, sing Fields of Athenry with your ...
By BlastedRedeemer 5 15 comments MA Mar 17
Does beleif in god justify how much should people be allowed to spend on end of life care?
By MarkiusMahamius 5 14 comments NY Mar 16
My Cat and I. Girls are simply the prettiest things My Cat and I believe And we're always saddened When it's time for them to leave We watch them titivating (that one takes a while) And thought they keep us waiting My cat & I just smile...
By Jolanta 8 5 comments Australia Mar 15
LINK A Life of One’s Own: A Penetrating 1930s Field Guide to Self-Possession, Mindful Perception, and the Art of Knowing What You Really Want – Brain Pickings
By tnorman1236 8 6 comments WV Mar 14
I’m curious about how many women believe they have a one track mind. I watched a show on the Science channel that says women multitask better than men. I also know women that claim to be OCD but I wonder if they’re reacting to being single ...
By Mortal 8 29 comments CA Mar 11
I am about to lose my most dear niece to the evils of Ewings Sarcoma. I'm close to broken. She is 12 and deserves NONE of this. I'm angry. I'm sad. I'm hurt.
By Ken 5 53 comments AR Mar 6
Put your love glasses on! &Positivevibes &Michiganders
By BeeHappy 9 10 comments NV Feb 22
Pull up a tree! &Positivevibes &Michiganders
By BeeHappy 9 12 comments NV Feb 22
Five legitimate National Emergencies according to real Americans
By LiterateHiker 8 7 comments WA Feb 21
The beat goes on. Pharmacist Mommy sent this to some of us neighbors and wanted to know if she should put a copy in Anti-Vax Mommy's mail box. My input was to re-write it in proper english/grammar and then, maybe. The drama! The excitement! The ...
By bigpawbullets 8 12 comments OH Feb 21
Do you prefer to be in a large group - are you happiest with a few close friends - or are you most comfortable alone?
By Heidi68 7 49 comments NC Feb 20
Hey everyone! I'm a new member here, and I'm looking for some guidance from someone who has been where I am. A local establishment is holding a "Does god exist" debate and I have been asked to participate as the non-theist host. I come from a...
By Sr9090 3 33 comments SD Feb 18
LINK Kansas Republicans back bill requiring doctors to promote reversing medical abortion
By jerry99 7 20 comments CO Feb 17
Dylan the fog. My sons dog. Loves me because I take it for a walk every time I see him.
By Jolanta 8 4 comments Australia Feb 16
LINK Washington state House committee passes bill to ban personal, philosophical vaccine exemptions | TheHill
By ScottHenrie 3 9 comments AR Feb 16
LINK The origins of handfasting at Scottish weddings - When Scots ‘married’ for a year and a day - The Scotsman
By SkotlandSkye 8 7 comments OK Feb 15
What do you think? I guess I was pretty happy at 16, but if it's going to get better at 70, I'll he over the moon my then. I'm the happiest I've ever been right now. []
By kjsgenie 7 4 comments MN Feb 15
Marijuana is now legal throughout Canada and USA is thinking of doing likewise. Are you OK with it or worried that legalizing weed is going to increase problems in society? Will people get so laid back that work related productivity will be ...
By Earthling50 6 34 comments Canada Feb 12
I had to unfriend someone today on facebook. She is the one who sends private messages about me being saved, shares evangelical videos on my wall, and constantly comments with non-sequiturs on my posts. It was hard to get to this point. She ...
By Lillyfield41 7 24 comments PA Feb 11
How can a drug company charge 376000 dollars per dose for a drug with life changing abilities that was once offered for free before they got the generic. Diabetic drugs are facing the same increases placing lives at danger for profit.
By Marine 8 11 comments CT Feb 8
I know I have praised it previously and I am the first to admit it has issues but the NHS is amazing. Tonight I walked into my local chemist (pharmacy), Lyndsey the pharmacist asked how I was doing, offered a chat if I needed it. She then handed me ...
By Amisja 8 11 comments UK Feb 8
Coping with S.A.D. and Depression at the same time. Any suggestions?
By PatrickKerr 5 16 comments Canada Feb 7
We've an "anti-vax mommy" in the 'burb. Probably more than one. But one that's VOCAL in her "belief". Even our local pharmacist mommy cannot get "Anti-vax mommy" to allow her to vaccinate her children, for free. She's been told about herd ...
By bigpawbullets 8 14 comments OH Feb 3
By DiThor 6 21 comments NV Jan 31
Hey Great humans enjoy your day....🤗🤗🤗
By CoryRiv21 5 4 comments NY Jan 31
I have had a chronic yo yo obesity disorder. For the thirt time I have lost approximately 100 pounds by cutting back in volume of my daily food intake while eating foods I like best. I am pleased to be down to 150 pounds now and still working on a ...
By LynneAkkaya 3 5 comments NJ Jan 30
Insurance screw job
By Jk1960 6 7 comments MI Jan 28
LINK How the Dutch got their cycle paths - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 9 comments NV Jan 27
I like the idea of an Emergency Poet, and now a Poetry Pharmacy . Poetry heals. Reading poetry packs more insight than prayer ever did for me. []
By cava 7 4 comments FL Jan 26
This last week Avon apologized for an ad shaming cellulite. They made a makeup to hide cellulite and it is an ad saying cellulite is ugly. Ok, isn't everything Avon makes an attempt to hide flaws? Don't they make women feel bad about their bodies so...
By Tominator 6 11 comments VA Jan 26
Anyone do intermittent fasting? I'm trying to work out how to fit it into my schedule & would love to hear how it's gone for others!
By Decieven 7 21 comments TX Jan 26
Has anyone ever done this or wanted to do this (go up in and fly a jet fighter)? []
By rogueflyer 7 12 comments OR Jan 24
Today's hike: Squirrel bombs us with pine cones
By LiterateHiker 8 10 comments WA Jan 22
NPR talked about this on the morning show. There are no corolations given, thus neither right nor left wing, simply science data. As the guy talking said, it could be we are better at detecting, or there are a myriad of other possibilities to be ...
By Beowulfsfriend 8 5 comments PA Jan 22
Always remember
By BrokenMarrow 7 7 comments VA Jan 18
LINK List of facial hairstyles - Wikipedia
By Denker 7 4 comments Netherlands Jan 18
POLL How many folks enjoy rural living/prefer it to urban/suburban living? Moved to the country eight years back (from suburbs) & my life has improved tremendously. Stress levels dropped immediately, now take pleasure in the simplest things life has to ...
By Lucky57 4 10 comments WY Jan 17
Sometimes the fear won't go away....
By HippieChick58 9 5 comments NE Jan 16
Female film critic: "I got death threats for writing a bad review of 'Aquaman.'"
By LiterateHiker 8 18 comments WA Jan 16
Insight or opinions welcome
By Byrd 7 12 comments WA Jan 11
POLL Did you make a resolution this year? If you did are you still on course?
By Chooseluv 5 11 comments Canada Jan 11
Dealing with grief
By WonderLust 3 22 comments WI Dec 28, 2018
Pear and Cranberry Stuffed Pork Roast
By LiterateHiker 8 9 comments WA Dec 25, 2018
The greatest Christmas movie is not "Die Hard," but "Dick in a Box"
By LiterateHiker 8 11 comments WA Dec 25, 2018
Love has no borders- Arizona man fulfills Christmas wish list
By LiterateHiker 8 8 comments WA Dec 24, 2018
What are you unashamed of?
By VictoriaNotes 8 32 comments MS Dec 23, 2018
POLL How many would like to transform their body?
By WarmFluffy 7 39 comments AL Dec 23, 2018
LINK BBC - Future - Why the quickest route to happiness may be to do nothing
By VictoriaNotes 8 19 comments MS Dec 21, 2018
People with the healthiest personality types have these three qualities
By LiterateHiker 8 16 comments WA Dec 20, 2018
How do you decorate for the holidays?
By LiterateHiker 8 34 comments WA Dec 17, 2018
Why do we feel territorial about parking space?
By LiterateHiker 8 36 comments WA Dec 13, 2018
How did you come out to your family as atheist (or whatever you identify as)?
By EarthKate 5 39 comments AR Dec 11, 2018
Do you see the humor in life? Tell us a funny story.
By LiterateHiker 8 29 comments WA Dec 11, 2018
Am I wrong to have my guard up over this?
By EmeraldJewel 7 19 comments OK Dec 10, 2018
What do you turn to in times of sadness?
By Holodeck30 4 61 comments OH Dec 6, 2018
Three-quarters done and ready to give up. Have you ever felt like that?
By LiterateHiker 8 21 comments WA Dec 6, 2018
Do you enjoy fixing things?
By LiterateHiker 8 24 comments WA Dec 4, 2018
LINK The science is clear: dirty farm water is making us sick
By HippieChick58 9 10 comments NE Dec 2, 2018
What do you enjoy about workplace holiday parties?
By LiterateHiker 8 15 comments WA Nov 26, 2018
LINK What you're getting wrong about your pursuit of happiness
By tnorman1236 8 10 comments WV Nov 24, 2018
For those of you who are alone during the holidays, (and would prefer not to be), has groups where you can meet fabulous people and lots of meetup groups are having Thanksgiving get togethers for people just like you. Volunteering is also ...
By Hihi 6 4 comments OH Nov 22, 2018
What are a few of your favorite things?
By pepperjones 8 50 comments WA Nov 21, 2018
Do you polish your shoes?
By LiterateHiker 8 44 comments WA Nov 17, 2018
Is weight loss surgery a quick fix?
By EmeraldJewel 7 24 comments OK Nov 17, 2018
When was the last time you made someone smile? I told a young woman in the hairdressers' today that I liked her eyelashes, they looked pretty. It was true. They did. Her face lit up and I thought to myself - I really should do this more often ...
By ValJ 7 11 comments UK Nov 17, 2018
Men don't have to worry about this.
By LiterateHiker 8 35 comments WA Nov 16, 2018
How have you handled a crisis or emergency?
By LiterateHiker 8 8 comments WA Nov 14, 2018
Who is the woman in history you admire and draw strength from and why?
By Sunsetmermaid 5 18 comments AR Nov 14, 2018
LINK Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy - The Atlantic - Pocket
By tnorman1236 8 12 comments WV Nov 13, 2018
Wow, what a good talk that onlyif and I had today, we met in person at an Arby's roast beef and had great conversation for about an hour.. We sat, ate, drank and talked, we will have a great great friendship, so cool how like-minded folks like ...
By KevinRock 4 4 comments OH Nov 13, 2018
You are what you eat: True or false?
By EmeraldJewel 7 25 comments OK Nov 13, 2018
Do You Feel Like an Outsider?
By LiterateHiker 8 40 comments WA Nov 11, 2018
I've been observing many friends lately as they go through health challenges. Perhaps it comes with advanced aging, but I can't help but Wonder.... Do you think sometimes we label ourselves and then in some subtle way perform a self-fulfilling ...
By SukiSue 8 11 comments MA Nov 9, 2018
Does anybody else have a crazy neighbor? How do you deal with it? My crazy neighbor was out on her front porch screaming at a crow this morning because it was making too much noise. I'm losing it fast!
By Kojaksmom 8 12 comments NC Nov 7, 2018
Thanksgiving Finger Puppets
By LiterateHiker 8 11 comments WA Nov 1, 2018
LINK What Would You Tell Your 18-Year-Old Self?
By bleurowz 8 97 comments NJ Oct 29, 2018
LINK A Short History of American Medical Insurance - Imprimis
By IAMGROOT 7 6 comments CA Oct 29, 2018
Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
By Alliegirl 7 131 comments SC Oct 28, 2018
LINK What to Do When You Feel Let Down by Someone
By bleurowz 8 24 comments NJ Oct 26, 2018
What makes/made you happy today? Happy hour at Barrio Queen made my evening (Todo a madre!), as well as the Thursday night art walk.
By AzVixen52 7 34 comments AZ Oct 25, 2018
Older People Are Worse Than Young People at Telling Fact from Opinion []
By celticagent 7 30 comments MA Oct 25, 2018
LINK Why Doesn't Ancient Fiction Talk About Feelings?
By tnorman1236 8 13 comments WV Oct 22, 2018
LINK Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have a Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind
By tnorman1236 8 11 comments WV Oct 22, 2018
Atheist = Depressed?
By Lucignolo 6 115 comments FL Oct 22, 2018
Look what was in my mailbox today!
By LiterateHiker 8 49 comments WA Oct 19, 2018
Things I have never done... I am very lucky, I have filled my 52 years with lots of interesting and exciting things. I have travelled the circumfrence of the globe and made stops in between. I have had several exciting careers and managed to do ...
By Amisja 8 8 comments UK Oct 19, 2018
Where should I go?
By Meili 7 19 comments UT Oct 19, 2018
Today my job had a company wide meeting telling us that 200 people were getting laid off immediately. They said go to your desk and wait for a call from your supervisor. I can not even explain how tense that next hour was, seeing your coworkers ...
By Alimacbean 7 95 comments FL Oct 17, 2018
Which one would you prefer in your life; catch up in person or mainly social media? Mine will always be the catch up in person.
By Jolanta 8 30 comments Australia Oct 17, 2018
I'm less fearful of death now because I'm a agnostic/atheist . Several years ago I collapsed with a cardiac condition which has since been resolved. I woke up the following day in a intensive care unit . I remembered collapsing to the floor and then ...
By Lemonhead526 4 42 comments UK Oct 14, 2018
LINK For All Life As We Know It: The Case for Humanist Environmentalism -
By zblaze 7 8 comments OR Oct 5, 2018
I just don't understand how people can stand being alone. It is the worst feeling for me. I wish it weren't but I have to be honest. Wondering if I'm some sort of freak as most seem just fine with it. Am I?
By Deanervin 6 79 comments WA Oct 3, 2018
POLL Do you believe that a cure for cancer exists, but it's not available to the public because medical companies would lose money on treatments?
By UrsiMajor 8 92 comments MD Oct 2, 2018
Home remedies. What's your favorite?
By FynTul 6 37 comments MN Sep 30, 2018
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