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Showing the newest forum posts in all categories as well as posts from your groups.
LINK Drew and Sharon Discuss Men
thinkwithme NM Oct 26 Oct 26 33
Problem solving technique I've employed that works for me & relieves stress....simple questions 1) what is the cause of the problem? 2) am I able to do anything about it? 3) if no, fuck it & move on. If yes, find solution. It looks simple but ...
scorpinake77 VA Oct 26 Oct 26 11
Do girls date guys that are fat
TrentonSwartz2 OR Oct 26 Oct 26 1515
LINK One Million Moms Threatens Oreo Boycott Over LGBTQ+ Ad: VIDEO - Comic Sands
HippieChick58 NE Oct 25 Oct 25 55
I have a friend who is moving to another city. I have been helping her to pack and get rid of stuff. I am truly exhausted mentally with all the drama that she has with the move, most of it self inflicted. Cannot wait for it to end. How someone ...
Jolanta Australia Oct 21 Oct 21 55
Being single can be so boring 😉 nobody sends me goodmorning texts anymore lol
Tory TX Oct 19 Oct 19 99
Chance encounter with a troubled lady more engaging than two months of online dating. Ladies being 3 sheets to the wind and reeking of alcohol doesn't make a positive first impression. Recently I went to a pizza joint/bar (something I think ...
RobertFoley OR Oct 13 Oct 13 1313
Well, shit.
Holysocks IN Oct 10 Oct 10 55
Makes you wonder, is life a repetition. Have we live our lives a million times over. Jeez
Prominent4 FL Oct 8 Oct 8 44
I value your opinion of course, I believe the best toy ever is" The Hitachi magic wand" do you agree? I used to own a" Sybian" most of the women found it too intimidating. what do you think?
m16566 CO Oct 8 Oct 8 33
Last night I saw the season premiere of an interesting new series on AMC called Soulmates. It's an anthology series along the line of Black Mirror that has six episodes about different people in a world years from now where there is now a totally ...
TomMcGiverin IA Oct 6 Oct 6 22
I am a 77 year old agnostic-atheist, lesbian, who is looking for a long term relationship with a woman with whom I would be compatible. Are you also looking for this? Then let's get acquainted. I look forward to us getting to know one another.
Pinkticket MO Oct 5 Oct 5 99
Lately, I find my own behavior somewhat puzzling. I am "out" as an Atheist. So my friends and relatives know. Still I try to ignore the occasional "God bless" and other remarks that might be culturally "reflexive". I have lately began to ...
Normanbites WA Oct 4 Oct 4 2929
Offensive? Or a beautiful work of art?
palex NJ Sep 28 Sep 28 77
Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people. Roy T. Bennett
HughesB TX Sep 27 Sep 27 22
I am in Prague, Czech Republic till Nov 21. In Arizona from Nov 22. I have a ranch in Arizona and can entertain. Jerry realjoydeal@gmail.
ArizonaJerry1 Canada Sep 27 Sep 27 22
LINK The Lack of Opposite-Gender Friendships Among Evangelicals is Itself a Problem | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
Hages OH Sep 27 Sep 27 99
Great article on how critisism can ruin your relationship
K8TE WA Sep 26 Sep 26 22
When I gain 2 pounds more than I'm used to, I can't stand it. It's a constant reminder until I get rid of it. I look around me and see a lot of males with beer bellies. Are women OK with that now. Is that a sign of masculinity? Also, I'm on-line ...
dannydreamer FL Sep 26 Sep 26 1212
To those of you with a believing partner how do you enter into meaningful conversations about why you don’t believe? My wife and I have been married almost 23 years and have always been dedicated Christians, that is until I began deconstructing 2 ...
MichaelOne SC Sep 22 Sep 22 2828
I strayed away from religion as it was always the people that claimed any sort of religion that have used me as a disposable sex toy or tried. They are the ones that lacked respect for women. How can anyone trust anyone or expect anyone to relax when...
WhitneyAnne94 WI Sep 20 Sep 20 22
Hey handsome
Marry805 NY Sep 17 Sep 17 33
LINK Irrationality 2020 - 1hr with Robert Greene
Mvtt Australia Sep 17 Sep 17 11
"You are my love if your heart is kind as your eyes are" Vachel Lindsay
Jolanta Australia Sep 15 Sep 15 11
Why Do Girls Like Gay Porn?
m16566 CO Sep 15 Sep 15 88
I don't know if this belongs here, but here i go. Does anyone else get angry or sad or both when they see happy beautiful couples in public? I feel like i will never find someone that i can conncet with like that. I feel like i am getting bitter ...
RyanGuareno CA Sep 14 Sep 14 55
When and how do you reveal past mistakes to new romantic interests?
UpsideDownAgain UT Sep 14 Sep 14 4949
I’ve never been married, so I have no experience from which to judge. But I’m curious to know how common this is. A quite happily married couple, who are friends of mine, maintain separate bedrooms. When they want to be together, they ...
skado AL Sep 11 Sep 11 2222
I am posting this video in response to something a friend of mine said to me a few days ago...something to the effect of (don't have her exact words) being scared to fall in love with someone only to find out that they have been loving a ...
Green_Soldier71 Sep 11 Sep 11 99
My Model Man
St-Sinner TX Sep 10 Sep 10 11
No wonder Trump is such a pedophile: OBAMA is a over-protective psycho. I hate the Jonas Brothers but launching kill-bots after them because they attempted to taste his 's crotch is a unfunny over-reaction. My cousin could not get married ...
Umbrella_Guard CA Sep 8 Sep 8 11
Hey people. It’s been a while since I posted anything here. Probably more than a year. Is this not the worst time ever to be single and ? Especially for guys my age.
Hermit TX Sep 8 Sep 8 00
My heart ❤️ keeper.
Jessiiqueen CA Sep 8 Sep 8 88
Anybody getting waaayyy too intimate messages from @ArizonaJerry1? Helpful guy.......
AnneWimsey CT Sep 7 Sep 7 88
Curvy me lol
Jessiiqueen CA Sep 7 Sep 7 1414
LINK 7 Steps to Grooming Your Young Christian Wife | Biblical Gender Roles
HippieChick58 NE Sep 4 Sep 4 3232
Over 60 dating? - a response to an ignorant man.
FrayedBear Sep 3 Sep 3 55
Over 60 dating? - a response to an ignorant man.
FrayedBear Sep 3 Sep 3 22
Over 60 dating? - a response to an ignorant man.
FrayedBear Sep 3 Sep 3 00
I need a hug. Like seriously just a hug. Sex is amazing yeah but ugh I just need a hug. Not fishing for attention or whatever. Could just really use a hug. Pay me no mind just thinking out loud
Kashif TX Sep 1 Sep 1 77
LINK Majority of Older Americans Say That Physical Attraction Is No Longer Most Important in Dating
IAJO163 PA Aug 28 Aug 28 55
"Another One Bites the Dust" (because of the Heathen !) On a dating site, on a whim, I responded to a photo I favored - even though there was little information offered about the person. (his spelling verbatim) Me: thought I'd say hello,...
evergreen FL Aug 28 Aug 28 99
What is love?
tsallinia UK Aug 27 Aug 27 77
What is the most embarrassing question that you would not answer?
Atheist3 Canada Aug 26 Aug 26 1010
the Divine - Eternal - Spirit - Being - Self - that - U R - as an Entity whose essence was derived from - GOD - as All Things & No thing being - Loves Energy - in Life - U R an Individuation of GOD as ALL of Life is GOD - BEING - U & I - R ...
KWAPELL7 GA Aug 25 Aug 25 44
LINK North Korean Defector Exposes Kim Jong Un & China - YouTube
AstralSmoke TN Aug 24 Aug 24 11
Seeing this on FB tonight made me think about what I really want to know about people. I think a better question would be "tell me what you love." I think that is really more important.
HippieChick58 NE Aug 24 Aug 24 1515
Important info
Larimar MO Aug 24 Aug 24 00
Is monogamy a biblical idea?
ildar717 FL Aug 24 Aug 24 99
What creeps out women?
MrChange FL Aug 24 Aug 24 1313
Is Israel a country that has some of the best LGBT rights in the world
dermot235 Ireland Aug 23 Aug 23 33
odd, what leads to memories. a moment ago i saw a flash and heard the sharp nearby crack of thunder. it was a good head ducker. i thought of how that would've had Bandit and Ringo all hunkered down in their houses. i miss them.
hankster TN Aug 20 Aug 20 33
I joined in '18 and to tell the truth, I haven't spent very much time here. But today I updated my profile, added a couple of pictures, and I have decided to put some effort into this site, just to see what happens. Plenty of fish has become more and...
G_ogmoney CO Aug 20 Aug 20 55
Hello, where's that proposition I was hoping waitingforgodo would send me, you could be asking yourself by now? Conveniently, I've decided to ask you all simultaneously to save on cloud time and satellite money. You will of course have noticed ...
waitingforgodo Aug 19 Aug 19 33
there are really wonderful people who make the world a better place and he is one of them
bklynite53 CA Aug 18 Aug 18 11
Do women pass gas?
dannydreamer FL Aug 15 Aug 15 1212
Who is active ?
Pete_kupper VA Aug 14 Aug 14 66
Another bot... For once, I actually matched with someone on Tinder. We texted for a while and after a while I trusted her enough to exchange numbers and then chatted on WhatsApp for a while. Couple of days later, everything seems to be going ...
Xenokat WV Aug 13 Aug 13 1414
Post covid dating have you done it
Janiesuper NM Aug 12 Aug 12 99
POF live?
Janiesuper NM Aug 12 Aug 12 88
General Observation: If you can find someone who will listen to all the 'crap' in your life, hear about all your emotional 'baggage' and still not walk away, you've found a keeper!!!💕
Green_Soldier71 Aug 11 Aug 11 99
It’s official, I suck at dating! I’ll try again next year.😬😬😬😬
sandrarocks83 TX Aug 11 Aug 11 1515
Am new here how does this work?? Am gay
Davidjose48 Canada Aug 11 Aug 11 77
Had a very interesting conversation with my ex-. I was telling her about our group and how happy I am to be part of this family. I was telling her how everyone I've met is very well educated, or well accomplished, or at least well-rounded in ...
Green_Soldier71 Aug 10 Aug 10 44
LINK Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships | Joanne Davila | TEDxSBU - YouTube
MightyMax UK Aug 10 Aug 10 00
Friends with Benefits
Green_Soldier71 Aug 9 Aug 9 1414
The one thing the makes the world go round is love . you can have strong hateful point of views and feeling but . their is some one for everyone and having that common ground is love . one world under love makes the chaos don't seem as bad.
Lyvye13 NY Aug 9 Aug 9 33
If you was told not to do something with out fully understanding why or the consequence behind it . Can you really blame them from making the wrong choice ?
Lyvye13 NY Aug 7 Aug 7 99
My day is almost over while your's is just starting ☺ how'd you all heathens? ☺ wanna talk? All human brains have an emotional and logical side. People come in different proportions, but we all have this in common—an unending strife in which...
Boomtarat03 Aug 6 Aug 6 55
I have a topic of discussion based on my friend's recent, and my past experience, with liars/cheaters. Would anyone here say snooping on a partner, who you have a pretty good feeling is lying about cheating or sleeping around, is unethical or wrong? ...
anonymous Online Aug 6 Aug 6 77
I need an atheist/agnostic girl friend. Who is ready for it??
wakanda123 India Aug 5 Aug 5 2323
I love the question, are you single by choice or cuz no one wants you? Living in the Bible Belt is Wreaking havoc on my dating life!!!! The ones I want, don’t want me....and the ones that want me, I don’t want.... sooooo, I’m single by ...
lilCindy LA Aug 5 Aug 5 88
LINK Successful women are unhappy that they have to "Date Down" - YouTube
anonymous Online Aug 4 Aug 4 55
To understand watch this...
Benz South Africa Aug 4 Aug 4 22
How does one process the fact when you grow up and come to the conclusion that you don't really like your parents?
Jolanta Australia Aug 3 Aug 3 1313
Sooo,after eight months of what I considered growing/ building relationship, I got dumped like hot potato 😂😂 np , not the first or last time,just want to say I'm back on meat market,emotionally available,and ready to share stories from this ...
Transition1 NY Aug 2 Aug 2 22
POLL Is it important to always step up when someone is insulted?
girlwithsmiles UK Aug 1 Aug 1 66
How much profile is too much? I'm on several 'dating sites' and I tend to fill out everything I can on my profile(s), often with a moderate lengthly bio. But I've been thinking that might be too much; the only messages I EVER get are ...
Xenokat WV July 30 Jul 30 77
I like this photo pie chart. This is an interesting chart for Sunday school and high schoolers... But what about sex? Procreation only?... What about emotional intimacy, shared intimacy acts, what do these things involve??? To me, this represents a ...
EarnestEccentric IN July 30 Jul 30 55
Looking for an intelligent, kind man interested in long term relationship.
Riomadison IL July 29 Jul 29 1313
In my last post i spoke about coming out as an atheist and the ramifications of doing so. Now for a somewhat smaller part of all of this. In coming out as an atheist i also let slip that i am a lesbian. Now that really didn't change any.of how my ...
PixieStyx VA July 26 Jul 26 4242
Revenge porn. The New Pandemic. Should Social Media companies be more active in policing this and how should they do this
dermot235 Ireland July 26 Jul 26 44
Think out of the box: What are your thoughts on 'Feminist Polygyny' dynamics?
KinkyBourgeois Canada July 26 Jul 26 44
I had two previous Feminist Polygyny relationships before when I used to live in USA. My first 'throuple' experience lasted 5, and the second one for 3 years. Happiest years of my life. (In both instances my partners were non-religious) I'd love ...
KinkyBourgeois Canada July 26 Jul 26 77
What are your thoughts on 'Feminist Polygyny'?
anonymous Online July 26 Jul 26 77
‎Tuesday, ‎July ‎21, ‎2020 my gift to U - the intellectually astute - an opportunity to - "personally" - experience - observe - Feel - percieve - see - elucidate & validate - Ones - Soul Spirit Essence - as One Self - Divinely - ...
KWAPELL7 GA July 25 Jul 25 1212
Romantic relationship with a strongly religious person?
Dunnottar TN July 24 Jul 24 4848
For those here for dating, you're welcome. 😁
Amzungu IL July 22 Jul 22 88
Relationships with Christians
anonymous Online July 22 Jul 22 1111
I had one long term relationship since my husband died. I became friends with the young man at political events and after a year and a 1/2 it became a physical relationship which lasted another year. He was much too young for me and that bothered me ...
Lorajay OK July 22 Jul 22 66
Has anyone in this group actually met someone? Asking for a friend.
Patrick MO July 21 Jul 21 99
Well it seems that Life does throw up a few welcome surprises from time to time. Yesterday, while waiting for taxi to come, collect me and my fortnightly groceries I got a very big surprise. Sitting and having a most welcome smoke, tobacco not weed...
Triphid July 21 Jul 21 2525
A user sent me a message. She said she'd never been friends with a free-thinker before (which I thought was odd, especially for someone who would be a person on; she then noted that I was open to meeting women (as I state on my ...
Xenokat WV July 20 Jul 20 1212
I looking for people in Brooksville, Florida to get together for an occasional lunch.
TerryDavidson FL July 19 Jul 19 11
Greetings heathens, I am a newbe, looking for friend in my area. How do I search for that?
Amisfit FL July 18 Jul 18 22
“Love is an addiction—a perfectly wonderful addiction when it’s going well, and a perfectly horrible addiction when it’s going poorly,” Helen Fisher on love and biochemistry. “We’ve evolved three distinctly different brain systems ...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. July 17 Jul 17 33
Who's your fave person on the site? Spread love ❤️ not hate 🌠 i love you all from the Philippines 🇵🇭 currently living in Hongkong 🇭🇰 with muahs! 💚💙🧡💛💜❤🖤
Boomtarat03 July 17 Jul 17 3333
Does being social right now have a taint of hostility? We all need to be social, to connect, and for those of us who do not have families or partners, being social requires the willingness of others. But, dating right now feels almost impossible. ...
Green_Chile_Type NM July 16 Jul 16 1212
We don't require a measure for male virginity, so why should we for female virginity? An interesting TEDx Talk about The Virginity Fraud.
linxminx NE July 16 Jul 16 22
After work and other work I chill on my front porch and read with my doggo. The lady that lives upstairs gets home from work and we chat . A LOT. (3-5 hours a week) She's 30 and I'm 45. I'm not getting any vibes from her at all. I'm fine being ...
onthefire IN July 15 Jul 15 99