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How have you seen movies get space wrong? I am by no means a scientist but I know enough about space to tell that movies often get it wrong for dramatic effect. I have a few to share but I want to see what others will come up with.
By Snake91 3 12 comments GA Mar 23
If you lived a good life, you get to request from Death how you die. It's an interview that lasts less than a second, as the universe perceives it, and your clock is up in the next 60 minutes. So now there is a double conundrum; how to die, and ...
By James00346 6 7 comments NV Mar 16
GoT only 4 weeks left!
By TajI 3 9 comments IL Mar 14
LINK David Gilmour Wish you were here live unplugged - YouTube
By DavidGreen1 5 6 comments UK Mar 1
once upon a time Youtube
By magicwatch 7 5 comments UK Feb 27
Who Remembers? 43 years ago, REJECTING AN OSCAR.. WHAT IS SHE DOING TODAY? [] “Oh, I got threats,” Littlefeather remembered. “They said, ‘Why did they send a woman to do a man’s job?’ [The people backstage] ...
By AmmaRE007 7 21 comments Canada Feb 23
I'm thinking about summer.. and the annual powwow in Kanawake PQ, just south of Montreal!!! here are some memories !! The POWWOW IS ALL ABOUT MUSIC !!!!! Enjoy [] blob:Youtube
By AmmaRE007 7 15 comments Canada Feb 23
Won't You Be My Neighbor? I watched this documentary about Fred Rogers and was brought to tears. He was a religious man, but understood that morality and goodness did not need to be wrapped in it.
By ScienceRocks 4 9 comments VA Feb 20
By Susan74 5 5 comments NC Feb 18
Finally got around to reading "The Godfather". I still hven't seen the movies. However, the book was really good. I recommend it highly.
By snytiger6 8 5 comments WA Feb 11
Just a thought from listening to some great classics. 10cc's "I'm not in love", to me is not only JMHO best songs ever, but from a production, and recording stance, it was revolutionary in its time. They went and recorded all the ooh's, aah's do, ...
By TristanNuvo 8 4 comments FL Jan 28
A young filmmaker/critic tears apart the blockbuster Christian propaganda movie "God's Not Dead 2" Youtube
By commie1776 6 4 comments OR Jan 28
Canned laughter? (or filmed before a live studio audience) I hate it. I dont want or need to be told when to laugh. If its funny then let my chuckle bone decide. Even british sit-coms are not immune to this studio cop out anymore. They are some ...
By 273kelvin 8 8 comments UK Jan 19
I read LaVey's Satanic Bible recently. The philosophical parts mostly made sense to me, but what's with the witchcraft nonsense? Seems kinda contrary to the anti-supernatural sentiments early in the book, but was it all just a joke?
By fourthaveriots 3 7 comments AZ Jan 17
Favorite-read recommendations?
By Bethi 3 32 comments CA Dec 25, 2018
A Facebook friend of mine put up a Bowie fan page and invited me to join. I like Bowie even though I don’t need to see pics of him daily. She asked so I joined. It brings back memories of high school, etc. I was reading about groupies from the ...
By Deiter 7 13 comments CA Dec 21, 2018
POLL Do you listen to religious music?
By chlorine413 6 164 comments CA Nov 15, 2018
Book and Documentary recommendation
By abdmajeedm 4 4 comments UK Nov 13, 2018
What book (or series) would you like to see made into a movie?
By ScubaWags 6 30 comments MI Nov 10, 2018
What's your favourite 80s song? My boyfriend and I are avid lovers of eighties music although we slightly disagree on Madonna then he needs to pull over and reshuffle my playlist. Here are my top 6 favourites. What's yours? 1. Roll With It (Steve ...
By jemzet8 6 31 comments UK Nov 6, 2018
What is/are your favourite Christmas song/s? I was brought up Catholic and Christmas is an important holiday in the Philippines which celebrates one of the longest holiday seasons in the world. Believe you me Christmas songs are played over there as ...
By jemzet8 6 27 comments UK Nov 5, 2018
What Is Everyone Reading? I just started A Confederacy of Dunces and 30 pages in, I can tell I'm going to love it :) So what is everyone reading? A new book or re-visiting an old one? Something amazing or are you struggling to finish it?
By Hastur 7 43 comments FL Nov 4, 2018
Do you have a book you bought perhaps as a holiday read that never got read and still sits on your shelves staring at you in an accusatory manner. What is it and why did you not read it?
By Flettie 7 11 comments UK Nov 2, 2018
What is the most underrated movie in your opinion?
By Darius77 6 90 comments Iran Nov 1, 2018
Are there novels that changed the way you think?
By ForestDweller 4 47 comments CA Oct 30, 2018
Top 10 Songs That Has Been Over Used For Covers?
By JurassicT4 6 21 comments NY Oct 26, 2018
What are your favorite lyrics?
By TimothyDeHoff 5 67 comments OH Oct 24, 2018
Any Reggae Recommendations?
By JurassicT4 6 40 comments NY Oct 23, 2018
What is a childhood movie that still haunts you until this day as an adult?
By EmeraldJewel 7 68 comments OK Oct 22, 2018
For all you lovers of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. []
By propagandazoo1 5 6 comments UK Oct 17, 2018
What are some of your favorite atheist/agnostic songs and song lyrics? I love the theme song for the Atheist Experience podcast and Imagine. Wondering what else is out there.
By AlanMargu 4 57 comments TX Oct 10, 2018
Have you stopped watching a TV show, or listening to a musician due to their political beliefs? Probably. Have you continued to listen/watch/follow an artist in spite of their expressed political beliefs?
By MikaB 5 60 comments MI Oct 3, 2018
Just released: LCD Soundsystem + Rian Johnson = Wow
By VictoriaNotes 8 8 comments MS Oct 1, 2018
Here's a little teaser for you..... How many Beatles songs can you identify in this drawing?
By Sheannutt 9 23 comments OR Sep 22, 2018
POLL How many atheists here are musicians/artists
By drovertone 3 39 comments NY Sep 22, 2018
LINK Anybody here into Industrial Music?
By Unimatrix907 6 27 comments AK Sep 21, 2018
Books Better the 2nd Time? Hello, I've recently been re-reading books I first read 20 years ago: specifically Camus' The Stranger and Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. I hated The Stranger when I read it, but over the years Camus became probably...
By Hastur 7 25 comments FL Sep 15, 2018
Has a certain song ever sounded faster than usual to you on the radio?
By EmeraldJewel 7 36 comments OK Sep 13, 2018
Books for beginning Atheists?
By queerious 4 30 comments AZ Sep 6, 2018
New movies
By KyleHurry 2 9 comments IA Sep 6, 2018
Anybody out there like musicals?
By BoingoOingo42 6 38 comments NM Sep 5, 2018
Who is your favorite Judge on television?
By EmeraldJewel 7 42 comments OK Sep 2, 2018
Being judged
By GodlessWahid666 5 32 comments UK Sep 2, 2018
My Gen Z kids might start liking some Gen X music (I like some of their playlists) I'm so digging this time with them, teenagers rule! Still haven't gotten them to listen to any post punk willingly but they now tolerate my fav Boards of Canada album,...
By Liberty 5 9 comments Norway Sep 1, 2018
Hey there everyone is this site like other sites where no one ever talks to you I'm a big Beatles fan John lennon was fantastic
By Paul1978 3 18 comments UK Aug 30, 2018
What is a book that has been important in the development of your worldview?
By Wombat1624 4 63 comments UT Aug 30, 2018
I’m thinking about dumping Netflix. I haven’t really watched anything for the last few weeks and nothing seems to hold my attention. Why is this such a major decision? What makes me so hesitant to get rid of it?
By Hermit 7 21 comments TX Aug 25, 2018
What music could you...?
By BoingoOingo42 6 47 comments NM Aug 24, 2018
POLL Which do you like better, Star Wars or Star Trek? Why?
By CallMeDave 8 65 comments VA Aug 22, 2018
Who is the most overrated band in your opinion?
By Akfishlady 8 90 comments WA Aug 20, 2018
Favorite genre of book and what is your all time favorite and least favorite book/author
By Crimson67 8 35 comments KY Aug 19, 2018
Share a link to a song that you like. Must have been released in the last five years.
By Crimson67 8 45 comments KY Aug 19, 2018
What decade is your favorite music from? What age were you in your favorite music decade? For me it's the 60s when I was age 4-13. Plus I'm from Detroit and it's when Motown was big.
By lerlo 7 53 comments AZ Aug 17, 2018
What’s a movie or song that you can never get tired of?
By EmeraldJewel 7 86 comments OK Aug 17, 2018
Best concerts?
By Martie1965 6 59 comments FL Aug 16, 2018
Have you lived enough of a life to write a book about? and if you have, would you? If you wrote it, would you conceal some truth with lies or ommissions or would it be blood and guts? How far would you go? I ask as I am beginning my own.
By Savage 7 37 comments UK Aug 12, 2018
What's a movie that you liked but we're ultimately disappointed in because of very high expectations due to so much "buzz"? Just finished The Shape Of Water. It was good, but I didn't like it as much as other Guillermo del Toro films. After ...
By towkneed 6 13 comments TX Aug 9, 2018
What is your favorite movie?
By jwd45244 7 56 comments OH Aug 8, 2018
What is your favorite song right now? Past favorites??
By JenBeberstein 7 41 comments CA Aug 6, 2018
LINK Tsundoku: The practice of buying more books than you can read | TreeHugger
By HippieChick58 9 12 comments NE Aug 6, 2018
If you could choose one book that has impacted your life the most, what would that be, and why?
By pinklotus18 6 56 comments TN Aug 4, 2018
Has a song ever changed your mind? What was the song? How did it affect you?
By grasshopper 4 24 comments AZ Aug 3, 2018
I find this distressing!
By HippieChick58 9 30 comments NE Aug 2, 2018
What's the last book you read that you really enjoyed? I just finished "Dear Hamilton", loved it.
By Sunsetworshiper 6 38 comments MI Aug 1, 2018
What decade do you think put out the best music? You can break it up genre if you want
By StevenMichael 5 26 comments PA Aug 1, 2018
Fantasy or Sci-Fi
By Animegamer 3 51 comments MI July 29, 2018
Have you ever seen a movie so bad, it was laughable and pure comedy?
By EmeraldJewel 7 39 comments OK July 29, 2018
Have you ever seen a movie that you wished you never seen?
By EmeraldJewel 7 57 comments OK July 28, 2018
LINK Watch Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy Read Gilda Radner’s Diaries in Moving Doc Trailer – Rolling Stone
By HippieChick58 9 5 comments NE July 27, 2018
What 5 songs describe you? Here are mine: Least Complicated by Indigo Girls Bitch by Meredith Brooks In Repair by John Mayer Wonder by Natalie Merchant 1985 by Bowling for Soup
By BrendaLeon68 3 9 comments FL July 24, 2018
Scary-Horror films
By WeaZ 7 24 comments MO July 23, 2018
I am wondering about your feelings toward movies or books with fantastic religious themes, particularly thriller or horror types, or other movies with supernatural themes like ghost stories. I really enjoy all such movies. I think as a firm ...
By BoingoOingo42 6 19 comments NM July 23, 2018
To all those book nuts. There's an app called overdrive that let's you rent ebooks and audiobooks for free based off your local library card.
By Belrieve 5 5 comments TX July 23, 2018
Any groups for sci fi literature fans?
By Joanna 2 4 comments UK July 23, 2018
Randomly- any vinyl collectors on here? Would love to meet someone who enjoys playing records as much as I do :)
By Bmb202 3 18 comments Canada July 22, 2018
Summer reading question. I love reading books that promote skeptical thinking or books that reveal insights into human nature. I just finished reading Trick or Treatment. It is a look at alternative medicine. My next book is Paul Offit's newest book,...
By Happystoic 3 15 comments Canada July 21, 2018
Books on leaving Jehovah's witnesses?
By EmberRose003 4 16 comments AZ July 20, 2018
Anyone else a huge fan of Carl Sagan's: The Demon Haunted World - Science as a candle in the dark? It's become a touchstone book for me along with The God Delusion and God is Not Great.
By Baconinsomniac 4 8 comments FL July 19, 2018
Very first concert you attended?
By Dew25 6 122 comments NM July 19, 2018
Is anyone else addicted to reading or listening to audio books? I don't have a lot of free time to spend with actual books but I love listening to them while I drive to and from work. I just started Magic 2.0 book 5 today. This series is hilarious!
By Magic_Spork 5 25 comments TN July 18, 2018
Favorite work of Science Fiction?
By Computronic 3 37 comments FL July 18, 2018
Anyone watch Jesus Camp? (Yes it was fucking awful) How was your religious experience compared to that?
By Sirena 7 18 comments FL July 17, 2018
What was the most unusual album you ever owned?
By jwd45244 7 46 comments OH July 17, 2018
What are some good atheist documentaries to watch?
By KKAloha 5 8 comments OH July 17, 2018
What are some great movies with philosophical meanings behind them??
By Don71 5 37 comments Canada July 17, 2018
I've discovered I was on the autism spectrum late in my life (i.e., mild Asperger's Syndrome). My adult daughter is the one who discovered it, and the story of how she did is quite interesting. She was listening to a podcast where the guest, David...
By Michel 4 7 comments Canada July 16, 2018
Do you have a smartphone app you would recommend? I recommend SoundHound. If you are listening to a song that you can't remember or don't know the name of. SoundHound will tell you. Just hold the microphone near a speaker and it will display ...
By JohnINFP 7 8 comments KY July 14, 2018
Top three movies you watched over and over as a kid. Mine are: The Goonies Never Ending Story E.T.
By Sirena 7 63 comments FL July 14, 2018
Good books???
By OutcastVamp 4 20 comments MS July 13, 2018
Korean drama?
By Matty 3 4 comments MA July 13, 2018
LINK WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? - Official Trailer [HD] - In Select Theaters June 8 - YouTube
By jlrucilez 5 10 comments NV July 12, 2018
LINK From the Mouths of Atheists: Faith Lessons from Terry Pratchett | A Pilgrim in Narnia
By Denker 7 4 comments Netherlands July 12, 2018
The Foundation trilogy is a fantastic example of "God works in mysterious ways" being completely fallible. The Foundation nearly falls because it gets so stuck on "Sheldon's Plan" ("God's Plan") that supposedly accounts for almost everything except ...
By cweigle 5 6 comments IN July 11, 2018
Who is your favorite guitarist?
By gdboogietime74 5 72 comments July 9, 2018
I started writing a book a few years ago. It was about a Francis-like Pope from Nigeria. The longer he wore his crown, the more his belief in God crumbled. Finally, he came to the realization that religion did more harm than good. I was going to ...
By Josephknecht 3 9 comments OH July 8, 2018
POLL Which do you prefer, Star Wars or Star Trek?
By CallMeDave 8 4 comments VA July 8, 2018
POLL Star Trek vs. Star Wars I’m just curious to see which series people on here like better so I made a poll since I’m bored.
By bi_heathen97 6 84 comments MI July 7, 2018
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