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Divine Right: Born to the Lurk & Perk. There are the haves and the have-nots. That’s the case today. That’s always been the case. There are the rich; there are the poor. Inequality exists. What makes that somewhat acceptable is that the status...
By johnprytz 7 6 comments Australia Mar 24
Though it seems paradoxical after I poked the bear last night, I believe 100% in's core principles: The following are core principles we agree with: Be open-minded and be willing to alter your beliefs with new evidence. ...
By GnosticLove 4 4 comments VA Mar 24
You were raped?
By Ilovefood 4 6 comments WA Mar 24
Isn’t it interesting how someone can believe in god without any evidence while multiple sightings of extra terristial life have been recorded and dismiss that without fail? According to science (see “life’s rocky start”), life must exist ...
By Marcel3405 6 10 comments WA Mar 24
when i look at all the ppl here who believe every word from the global warming, now climate change, alarmists without ever questioning the source i have great difficulty discerning any real difference between them & the religious nut cases.
By callmedubious 7 28 comments Canada Mar 23
How bad is it when a bible basher is on a street corner shouting religious drool.
By Green_lucifer 4 14 comments Australia Mar 23
LINK How “Case for Christ” author Lee Strobel fabricated his best-selling story –
By chalupacabre 8 9 comments WA Mar 23
So as I take a drunkard's walk through this site I see some interesting concepts, some wisdom and a genuine search for truth. Of course there are quite many who are part of this mutual masturbation cult where they are totally entwined in jeking ...
By GnosticLove 4 17 comments VA Mar 23
Anyone else ever wonder what percentage of "religious" people are simply faking it to fit in?
By AgnoLulu 4 38 comments SC Mar 23
Greetings! 🤘🤘🤘
By JayWest 1 4 comments MS Mar 23
Aside from the obvious similarities between organized crime and organized religion, and the churches money making racket in the US, I thought about how religion also has worked as a filter on progress and innovation. From a theoretical perspective, ...
By BrentMBA2004 4 9 comments FL Mar 23
LINK U.S.’s Biggest Christian Charity Reportedly Channeled $56.1 Million to Purported Hate Groups
By THHA 7 6 comments AZ Mar 23
We atheists and atheist allies hereby declare that from now on, March 23rd is Atheist Day. We recognize the struggle of atheists to live authentic lives in many parts of the world. The struggle to openly affirm one’s atheism. The fear of intolerant...
By AtheistNews 5 13 comments TN Mar 23
POLL Under the federal law passed in 1954, a “minister of the gospel” doesn’t pay income taxes on compensation that is designated part of a housing allowance. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, headquartered in Madison, argued that the law ...
By AtheistNews 5 6 comments TN Mar 23
‪Time for rational people to come out of the oppressive closet of religious mythologies and be honest. GoodWithoutGods AtheistDay @atheist_day []‬
By FionaAtNight 3 4 comments IL Mar 23
LINK Costa Rica Quarantines U.S. Anti-Vaxx Missionary Family Who Brought Measles | David Gee
By snytiger6 8 6 comments WA Mar 23
LINK U.S.’s Biggest Christian Charity Reportedly Channeled $56.1 Million to Purported Hate Groups
By HippieChick58 9 9 comments NE Mar 23
LINK Florida boy, 6, fatally shoots himself while playing with unsecured gun
By HippieChick58 9 12 comments NE Mar 23
Atheist Day
By finallyfree 4 6 comments CA Mar 23
As an atheist, this is something I enjoy, so don't bust my balls. I like things to be logical and consistent, I don't find that in any religions, especially christianity. Christian believes their bible is the inspired word of god. How can that be if ...
By Tomm 5 6 comments OR Mar 23
Today would have been my dad’s birthday. He would have been 81 today and I miss him so much. I never really knew how much I needed his advice and support until he was gone. I certainly could have used him these past few months. He always helped ...
By NorCalFreethinker 5 5 comments CA Mar 23
How have you seen movies get space wrong? I am by no means a scientist but I know enough about space to tell that movies often get it wrong for dramatic effect. I have a few to share but I want to see what others will come up with.
By Snake91 3 12 comments GA Mar 23
On The Concept of an All-Knowing God. Assuming there is such a being as an all-knowing (omniscient) Maximally Great Being (i.e. - God), this would suggest among other things that: If you are all knowing then you know the past, the present, and ...
By johnprytz 7 6 comments Australia Mar 23
This is fun. I like it here. Free speech rules! Well done
By sydarthur7 3 6 comments Australia Mar 23
History of religion
By Ilovefood 4 9 comments WA Mar 23
LINK Calgary School Cancels Talk by Ex-Muslim Atheist, Citing New Zealand Attack | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
By Closeted 8 5 comments IL Mar 22
Saturday is national atheist day, isn't it? 3/23/19 It is. It is global atheists day. Have a happy day, fckrs. It's our day.
By Bigcurt44 3 8 comments MI Mar 22
LINK 'Nones’ now as big as evangelicals, Catholics in the US - Religion News Service
By HippieChick58 9 11 comments NE Mar 22
LINK The Secret Jehovah’s Witness Database of Child Molesters - The Atlantic
By 1of5 5 8 comments NM Mar 22
Secular Club Fundraising Ideas: Go!
By anonymous 7 7 comments Online Mar 22
I recently learned the philosophy community defines an atheist more broadly than any definition that I’d ever seen. A common definition of atheist is simply one who does not believe. Under that definition, I label myself an atheist to Christians,...
By TheAstroChuck 8 10 comments NY Mar 22
Where is the best place to live in the US as an atheist? I hear Portland and Seattle are good with many people that are not affiliated with religion, but unfortunately the cost of living is pretty high for both. Any suggestions?
By AwarenessNow 7 14 comments CO Mar 22
Hello I am here to find friends. I love making art and was an RN for many years. I have had many hobbies over the years but painting is my fav. Like movies and reading just about everything but sci-fi and fantasy have held my interest since I was a ...
By Kimbastet 3 13 comments TN Mar 22
According to just released 2018 data from the General Social Survey, “Nones” are now the largest single “religious” demographic in the country (23.1%), statistically tied with Catholics (23.0%) and just above evangelical Christians (22.5%)....
By AtheistNews 5 6 comments TN Mar 22
How common is it for societies to become predominantly deist before becoming predominantly atheist or agnostic?
By IntoTheMist 4 9 comments OR Mar 22
Did Jesus Christ commit sins? That depends on what counts as a sin, so I've used various criteria. I have also used how he was depicted in the canonical Gospels. Here is which ones he has committed of the Seven Deadly Sins of medieval Catholicism....
By lpetrich 4 11 comments OR Mar 22
Here's one issue i never could understand about god when i was a church attending christian. If God is all powerful and all knowing then why would he get so mad when people sin against him. Wouldn't already know they would do it when he created ...
By abyers1970 4 12 comments GA Mar 22
Many here might look at this and say "That's why I am agnostic/atheist" or whatever. But I don't think this would actually change anyone's mind. This does demonstrate why religion is bad. I'm always told by believers that without religion or the fear...
By CK-One 6 4 comments WA Mar 22
The Logic of Indecision: If you say you are agnostic, you are saying that you do not know, but the implication is that you believe there is insufficient evidence and that no one else should claim to know either. If you say that you are ...
By WilliamFleming 7 20 comments AL Mar 22
LINK Tyson is recalling 69,000 pounds of chicken strips after customers complained they contained metal - AOL Finance
By IAJO163 7 15 comments PA Mar 22
I want to bash religion here and in no way am I bashing a fallen country music star. I want to make this clear in the beginning. This is also why I am not using his name, but it can be looked up. He was making a music video in Houston and a gun ...
By DenoPenno 8 13 comments MO Mar 22
What do you do when religious people knock?
By celticagent 7 27 comments MA Mar 22
POLL So, as I rattle around here in the bowels of this beast during half time of the various first 4 playoff games, a thought came to me in a rather reverse (female) bukaki-esque fashion... I looked at the following and something occurred to me - ...
By GnosticLove 4 6 comments VA Mar 22
If America has known peace for only 17 years since 1776, does that make them the most aggressive nation in the past 200 odd years ?
By Green_lucifer 4 13 comments Australia Mar 21
I am Mufassil Islam. Probably one of the most well known faces on social media as an apostate from Islam who is under constant death threat. Trying to unite apostates from all religions to help the suffering ex Muslims worldwide. I now head an ...
By mufassil 3 13 comments UK Mar 21
"Standing in a church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car." George Carlin
By WilliamCharles 7 10 comments CA Mar 21
"You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do." Anne Lamott
By WilliamCharles 7 8 comments CA Mar 21
"In Homer, magic has been abolished. It is practically nonexistent in the Iliad and the Odyssey. The enormous spiritual advance this shows—and intellectual, no less—is hard for us to realize. Before Greece all religion was magical. Magic was of ...
By THHA 7 4 comments AZ Mar 21
Why do people believe in God?
By Ilovefood 4 11 comments WA Mar 21
I really had not considered the "Is atheism another religion" argument and the first four of the NCAA March Madness is underway I think I will pass. Beside I have started taking prebiotic fiber supplements and I have already dealt with my quote...
By GnosticLove 4 4 comments VA Mar 21
SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION With SCIENCE, assertions not only have to be reasonable, they also have to be supported by empirical evidence. With PHILOSOPHY, assertions only have to be reasonable. With RELIGION, assertions neither have to be ...
By permanwilson 7 5 comments NJ Mar 21
LINK FL Bill Forcing Public High Schools to Offer Bible Classes Passes First Hurdle | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
By zblaze 7 12 comments OR Mar 21
LINK Pope meets with Mormon leadership in Rome to dedicate temple - Religion News Service
By zblaze 7 5 comments OR Mar 21
Catholic priest accused of groping woman during last rites – []
By Charliesey 6 6 comments FL Mar 21
People are desperate for the Messiah alright! []
By Allamanda 6 9 comments Virgin Islands, U.S. Mar 21
POLL Will they ever get tired of "atheism is just another religion" argument?
By KenChang 7 20 comments WA Mar 21
LINK The Latest: Mississippi 'heartbeat' abortion law signed
By Elganned 7 9 comments MI Mar 21
Howdy Folks, I am new and desperately in need of kindred spirits for discussing mutual beliefs. Being as we are smothered in the bible belt surrounded by "believers" its hard to find support outside religion. Is it just me or does anyone else ...
By Coyote1 3 24 comments MO Mar 21
Some of the most truly nasty people I ever met, and fortunately there were not many, espoused extreme altruistic doctrines like Christianity. Such subcultures become easy feeding grounds for hypocrites and criminals because they rarely call people to...
By Fernapple 7 9 comments UK Mar 21
Awesome moment at work. I get called into a meeting where they want my approval to bump some work out to a later date. I asked a few questions did some quick research and then approved the request. ‘Sue’ says: Thank you Jesus Me reply’s: ...
By GwenBFree 5 12 comments FL Mar 21
Just read a piece on a scientist that had been awarded a big award, that said atheism could not follow the method of science....or something...then went on to say this institute had spent some big money to study "non-believers", .....trying to find ...
By HankSherman 7 12 comments TX Mar 21
Many with religious viewpoints say that religion makes them better as people,so it must be true. That's a fallacy. Yes I have no doubt that people became better morally ,but does that make Mormon ism true or any other superstition true? I could ...
By Dogpound10 2 11 comments OK Mar 21
I want to see what other people think about the phrase 'callout culture'. I saw it used in an article and discovered a discussion about it in "Wired", which I attach below. From what I understand, sharing instances of racism and bigotry somehow ...
By mojo5501 6 4 comments WI Mar 21
Atheism is just another religion. Here’s why: 1. You spend too much time thinking about the existence of God. 2. You attempt to convince others of your belief, and get angry when they don’t subscribe. 3. You sometimes establish churches and...
By Mark958 4 58 comments VA Mar 21
LINK In Texas, a Quiet Effort to Protect 'Conversion Therapy' Is Underway - Rewire.News
By Elganned 7 7 comments MI Mar 21
The Emptiness of Atomic Space. Given that all atoms (hence all matter) are roughly 99.999% empty space, you’d think that all physical substances of near equal density and thickness should be equally transparent (or opaque). But that’s not the...
By johnprytz 7 9 comments Australia Mar 21
March 23rd is International Atheist Day. []
By JoplinAtheist1 6 6 comments MO Mar 21
Just recently was pretty much forced out of a relationship. The reason... she found out I was an atheist. I’m guessing I’m not the only one I could use some words of encouragement right about now.
By hwidtyayth 3 21 comments TN Mar 21
Atheism vs. Scientific Method
By jonevanmoore 4 15 comments OR Mar 21
Can you be atheist and agnostic?
By Trinityp333 3 29 comments TN Mar 21
Is it better to remain in the closet or profess your disbelief? I have been an atheist for a few months now after a lifetime of guilt, shame and indoctrination. I am a member of a church with my believing wife (she knows) and my beautiful ...
By Snake91 3 11 comments GA Mar 20
Let's make our spring a fabulous. Time ... Ok ?? :d hugs... Tc... Be safe ...... Peace & love !!
By Green13Purple 3 4 comments CA Mar 20
I used to be a passive atheist but now I am a very militant one.
By Wrytyr 7 12 comments CA Mar 20
[] The Spanish play, "God has a Vagina", has Christian lawers up in arms! Good!!
By Petter 8 12 comments Spain Mar 20
Forgive me if this has been posted about already, but with the obvious association of agnosticism with reason, skepticism, and rational thought, I'm interested in the general disposition and reactions of the agnostic community toward the current US ...
By SortaStoic 3 6 comments MA Mar 20
I'm new at this and I don't have many Questions
By CharlesMorris 4 9 comments IN Mar 20
Non-biased opinions. Who is more likely to help humanity more when winning the lottery... Religious or non-religious minded people?
By SeamusFarrell 4 6 comments AR Mar 20
Tonight 2 guys from the church of jesus chrit of latter day saints can to my door I said not interested and then shut the door in their face. So they stuffed my mail slot with business cards HOW MATURE IS THAT
By DavidGreen1 5 22 comments UK Mar 20
I Have A Dream: What if we (Atheist / Agnostics / Freethinkers / Humanist and Free People of All Kind ) had our own country. What kind of country we should create. If you could envision it in the future... What would you envision? What are your ...
By missgi 4 34 comments CA Mar 20
Atheist spotlight.. Musician and composer Danny Elfman has been atheist since the age of 12. He was the lead singer and songwriter of the popular band Oingo Boingo that was based out of Los Angeles. He wrote songs challenging socialism and communism,...
By repubatheists 7 10 comments CA Mar 20
Catholic Church scandal: 395 Illinois priests, deacons accused of sexual misconduct [] via @usatoday
By Charliesey 6 7 comments FL Mar 20
LINK PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING | An Atheist with a Tall Hat On: The Forgotten History of Agnosticism -
By zblaze 7 8 comments OR Mar 20
I don't know about you but when I was quite young, I thought I had failed if I were to change an idea, plan or decision I made. I must have chosen wrong to begin with, right? I'd fight changing my mind, I didn't want to be wrong. But this is ...
By BeeHappy 9 12 comments NV Mar 20
LINK Satirical Story on Harris Treated as Fact
By Elganned 7 6 comments MI Mar 20
While contemplating the existence of Christian's god, a hobby, a came upon this thought. The Christian god by definition has no beginning or ending, infinite existence. So, this Christian god decides to create man. When he creates man, he ...
By Tomm 5 15 comments OR Mar 20
Funko Pops! I recently kicked off a new hobby collecting some of those Funko Pops. But sparsely and only what interests me. But I noticed on YouTube that there are real fanatics out there with thousands of them in their collections and even some ...
By johnprytz 7 10 comments Australia Mar 20
One time i went to a church group for a friend. They began discussing music and satanism....i then took it upon myself to show them true satanic black metal. I could no longer abide them labeling Metallica as devil music lol. Soooooo i introduced ...
By Charles9488 4 9 comments MS Mar 20
Jesus take the wheel...
By GeorgeRocheleau 8 13 comments AZ Mar 20
Today's new site feature In groups, you can now see which posts are trending this week based on comments and likes. To see it, click on the "+More" button then on the new Trending" option. If you're a group owner, you can see stats for ...
By Admin 8 6 comments Online Mar 20
Some bizarre parallel universe.
By dokala 7 9 comments MD Mar 19
Any reason the Apple app has decided to open to the Groups page instead of the home page now? Thanks.
By flithyMONKEYmen 6 10 comments VA Mar 19
LINK 10 easy ways you can tell for yourself that the Earth is not flat | Popular Science
By balou 8 10 comments TX Mar 19
LINK 151 - Will We Destroy the Future?
By zblaze 7 6 comments OR Mar 19
In appreciation for agnostic. The logical way to go. "...atheism should be construed as the proposition that God does not exist (or, more broadly, the proposition that there are no gods)." [] Atheism has burdon of proof....
By Antifred 7 22 comments TX Mar 19
As a parent of a special needs child with ADD i get frustrated in search of ways to make my child act the way i want him to. Through my frustration to make him mind, I've actually contemplated telling him that if he doesn't act right then the boogie...
By abyers1970 4 13 comments GA Mar 19
Is the "afterlife" possible without a god or gods?
By Storm1752 6 34 comments FL Mar 19
Is the "afterlife" possible without a god or gods?
By Storm1752 6 7 comments FL Mar 19
West Virginia sues Catholic diocese, charging that it knowingly employed pedophiles. []
By Elganned 7 5 comments MI Mar 19
Why Did God Create Atheists? There is a famous story told in Hasidic literature that addresses this very question. The Master teaches the student that God created everything in the world to be appreciated, since everything is here to teach us a ...
By Biosteelman 6 7 comments NV Mar 19
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