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Showing the newest forum posts in all categories as well as posts from your groups.

When you find NO solution to a PROBLEM....😌😔 It’s probably not a problem to be SOLVED. But a TRUTH to be ACCEPTED.
Green_Soldier71 Oct 27 Oct 27 88
What is MATURITY? Explained by Sri Adi Shankaracharya - a Hindu Guru from India. 1. Maturity is when you stop trying to change others, ...instead focus on changing yourself. 2. Maturity is when you accept people ...
Green_Soldier71 Oct 27 Oct 27 1818
What is difference in "fans" and "worshippers"?
Word TX Oct 27 Oct 27 55
I was raised in the restorationist church of christ from a baby and I took it all in deeply, singing, praying, teaching, and preaching our form of righteousness until real behaviors about death and loss strongly conflicted with our hardline ...
EarnestEccentric IN Oct 27 Oct 27 77
Beautiful, powerful, and truly wise!
floWteiuQ IL Oct 24 Oct 24 22
Question: What are your thoughts on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche? I'm quite impressed by his critiques of religion.
Hages OH Oct 24 Oct 24 1111
LINK Examine Your Existence- What am I doing with my life? Ft. Marcus Aurelius - YouTube
Sheetal26 India Oct 24 Oct 24 22
LINK Paganism for Beginners: Diversity | Yvonne Aburrow
DangerDave NV Oct 23 Oct 23 77
LINK I am a death-row executioner
Green_Soldier71 Oct 23 Oct 23 2020
I am feeling a lot of 3 today...
FrostyJim AK Oct 22 Oct 22 44
Good bye James "the great" Rhandi Magician, showman, skeptic, debunker of charlatans and all round good guy Born: August 7, 1928 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Died: October 20, 2020 (age 92) in Plantation, Florida, USA Sadly ...
LenHazell53 UK Oct 22 Oct 22 22
Just a thought So the America I loved still exists, if not in the White House or the Supreme Court or the Senate or the House of Representatives or the media. The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries.” ― ...
LenHazell53 UK Oct 21 Oct 21 66
LINK BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL By Friedrich Nietzsche
Hages OH Oct 21 Oct 21 22
How the "Greater Good" is Used as a Tool of Social Control
Somnium KS Oct 21 Oct 21 22
LINK This is Water
sunhatpat Albania Oct 21 Oct 21 22
Alright. I know I am being a debbie-downer, but I am going to rant. I am so disappointed at the way things are. My misanthropy is firing like crazy. One of my childhood hero (anti-hero) was Captain Nemo. I just don't have his intelligence, ...
AtheistReader WA Oct 20 Oct 20 1313
I have always thought that A. Evil is a bad thing by definition and should not be supported or empowered. And I had assumed, without giving it all that much thought, that B. Most people agreed with A. I still don’t see a problem with A, although I ...
AlanCliffe OH Oct 19 Oct 19 2929
Maybe...just maybe...both sides should be following this to stand united and to hold this great nation together.
Green_Soldier71 Oct 19 Oct 19 22
LINK Joseph Campbell – The Story of Indra from the Brahmavar Upanishad – The Power of Myth - YouTube
OldWiseAss KS Oct 19 Oct 19 88
“A Little Bit of Logic” Who is Donald Trump? Donald Trump is a salesman, and an entrepreneur. He is not a statesman or a politician. He knows nothing about government , but he does know how to sell....
fishline79 PA Oct 18 Oct 18 55
"I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way i want to." Jimi Hendrix
scorpinake77 VA Oct 18 Oct 18 11
"I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way i want to." Jimi Hendrix
scorpinake77 VA Oct 18 Oct 18 11
As Agnostics, we had best stop using that word . . . . This is from the etymological dictionary. Goodbye . . . uuuuhhh!
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 17 Oct 17 2323
Was Ayn Rand inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche?
Hages OH Oct 16 Oct 16 66
Dear Hatred, I trust this letter finds you well. Actually, from the look of things out there business is booming for you lately. I’ve got to hand it to you, you’ve managed to keep yourself in the news pretty steadily and these days that’s...
Anismail UK Oct 16 Oct 16 33
Merry Meet
Jademannor321 MI Oct 16 Oct 16 1717 you know what to do with your life.
FrostyJim AK Oct 16 Oct 16 11
I’d like to get members opinions and thoughts and feelings about agnostic theists; of which I am one. I don’t KNOW if an entity was the first cause or if there even was a first cause but the Kalam really makes one think. I have all kinds of ...
tactic8 IL Oct 15 Oct 15 4141
What does Nietzsche mean by “eternal recurrence”?
Hages OH Oct 15 Oct 15 33
LINK Why are Smart People So Dumb? - YouTube
Pedrohbds Oct 15 Oct 15 66
My October thus far: 10/6 Eddie Van Halen dies. Not good at all even though I knew it was coming. He was a big part of me growing up learning music. 10/8 the anniversary of my dad's death. 10/12 my friend (39) dies of cancer out of no where. 10/16 is...
onthefire IN Oct 14 Oct 14 22
Is there anything in this submission about atheism that is not covered by science ?
Mcflewster Oct 14 Oct 14 55
I figured it out, my mother is going to live forever. God doesn't want her, and the devil doesn't want the competition. I can imagine the hotline conversation." okay Lucy you got to take her" " no dog in 6 months she will be running this place"...
m16566 CO Oct 14 Oct 14 22
LINK You DON'T know there is a god: Point 2 - Misdefining Atheism - YouTube
BlizzardMan IL Oct 13 Oct 13 77
LINK Acceptance of the Inevitable
Enchanter OR Oct 13 Oct 13 22
Homage to my homies
DangerDave NV Oct 12 Oct 12 22
Solipsism Silliness
DangerDave NV Oct 12 Oct 12 33
31 Different Fallacies: I am a one-year old atheist, and I occasionally lock horns with theists (mostly my ex-church members) trying to get me to come back into the 'fold'. It's hard countering their arguments at times because I've not been properly...
Green_Soldier71 Oct 12 Oct 12 44
No true scotsman is born in India unless they immigrate to Scotland and get legally naturalized. .
Word TX Oct 12 Oct 12 11
LINK Ur-Fascism | by Umberto Eco | The New York Review of Books
Umbrella_Guard CA Oct 12 Oct 12 11
How will I know if my brain is in a jar on someones desk and this is a simulated reality? (I would give credit to the teacher that asked me this, but Im not sure if it was his question or if he would want me to name him here)
thinkwithme NM Oct 11 Oct 11 1414
What does accountability mean to you? What does integrity mean to you? Can you forgive, have integrity and accountability while leaving the past behind you and answering to nobody?
Thirst2learn TX Oct 11 Oct 11 66
The God of Spinoza Love When Einstein gave lectures at U.S. universities, the recurring question that students asked him most was: - Do you believe in God? And he always answered: - I believe in the God of Spinoza. Baruch de Spinoza was a...
HippieChick58 NE Oct 11 Oct 11 1111
Every storm runs out of rain- Maya Angelou
kni23154 VA Oct 10 Oct 10 11
POLL Through a Glass Darkly - Discourse
rainmanjr NV Oct 9 Oct 9 22
Communism seeks control through central banking and central communication. Sound familiar? The federal reserve was created on Jekyll island off the coast of georgia, in order to create central banking and control of the money supply, to promote a ...
Thirst2learn TX Oct 8 Oct 8 88😂🤷🏻‍♂️😂
sullykemp12 UK Oct 8 Oct 8 33
Nietzsche on philosophy
Hages OH Oct 7 Oct 7 33
Trump Says Getting The Coronavirus Was A ‘Blessing From God’ Was it a blessing from god that we got him as a president?
Healthydoc70 MA Oct 7 Oct 7 33
LINK Humanism - Wikipedia
DangerDave NV Oct 7 Oct 7 66
Common Sense Atheism on Quora "What is it that keeps atheists going on in their life?" "What an odd question! "As an atheist, I accept that this life is all I have, and once I die I will simply cease to exist. And that’s exactly what keeps...
Daco2007 ME Oct 7 Oct 7 22
Here’s a zinger in the sense that you can tell somebody that we know more now than Jesus did or the writers of the Christian bible: “I don’t think that we can go back at all, either to the secularism of Odysseus or to the days of Mohammed or...
Scott321 FL Oct 7 Oct 7 33
The Post: In light of our current global situation--of which I spoke in my last post--the most enticing rabbit hole for me involves the rush to transhumanism, the mission de jour of Silicon Valley that wants to conquer not only the physical ...
Archeus_Lore AZ Oct 6 Oct 6 11
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science
Somnium KS Oct 5 Oct 5 22
BE UNSHAKEABLE - Ultimate Stoic Quotes Compilation
Somnium KS Oct 5 Oct 5 11
Do not know what to post. Do you? Ok. Right now I describe myself as a humanist. But believe maybe there was something before the " big cosmos bang" or whatever there was at first. I guess there maybe was a first. Humanism - " being good without ...
petermzakrewski VT Oct 4 Oct 4 33
>>> <3 <3 <3 <<<
WilliamCharles CA Oct 4 Oct 4 22
I'd rather have a life of "oh, well" then 'what ifs".
Jolanta Australia Oct 3 Oct 3 22
Anthony Trollope's Mother, herself an author, travelled in the US in 1832 and had this to say," Americans were most lamentably deficient in every feeling of honour and integrity... You will see them with one hand hoisting the flag of liberty, and ...
Healthydoc70 MA Oct 2 Oct 2 11
LINK TAOISM | Be Like Water - YouTube
rainmanjr NV Oct 2 Oct 2 11
This is a tough time to avoid becoming cynical but I'm working on it.
Lorajay OK Oct 1 Oct 1 44
Despite an individual's propensity for math, the math that a society uses influences the way that society functions. To date, the math we've been using (called set theory) is based on the notion of membership: an items is either a member of a...
TheMiddleWay OH Oct 1 Oct 1 99
LINK Ignosticism
Pedrohbds Oct 1 Oct 1 1616
From biography of Anthony Trollope- a "pervert " was someone who converted from Anglican to Catholic
Healthydoc70 MA Sep 30 Sep 30 88
I do not consider myself an Atheist, but an Agnostic. I have studied religions and their morals. In the last few years I came upon Stoicism and lately Humanism, I believe mankind is evolving, at some point we have to let religion go. A lot about ...
Wolfen1701 RI Sep 30 Sep 30 2424
To those whom enjoy an occasional bit of antiquated articulation - U should most certainly appreciate this tale of - sorrow & strength - to those who R - grammatically challenged - DO NOT attempt to read this nor should U attempt to ...
KWAPELL7 GA Sep 30 Sep 30 11
LINK Awen - Wikipedia
DangerDave NV Sep 29 Sep 29 22
So where do you get your morality from if you’re an atheist?
TheHitch IL Sep 29 Sep 29 105105
Something a little philosophical? I've never believed, and I think I've found meaning in my life without Sartre or Camus absurdity, or that Nazi Heidigger. Anyone else feeling replete without any magical thinking? (Oh and btw the pic is one of my ...
jedimasterpaul Sep 28 Sep 28 2121
I am simply running out of... whatever it takes to keep going in this horrible disgusting nation and culture we have become. I feel like no matter what we do, we are beaten and stomped on and spit on and degraded and shamed. All for more dollars for ...
Seeker3CO CO Sep 27 Sep 27 77
TomToDay TX Sep 27 Sep 27 22
"Show me a hero, and I'll show you a bum."
Archeus_Lore AZ Sep 27 Sep 27 11
MY MENTOR SENT ME THIS: I once asked a very successful woman to share her secret with me. She smiled and said to me... "I started succeeding when I started leaving the small fights for small fighters. I stopped fighting those who gossiped about ...
Green_Soldier71 Sep 26 Sep 26 44
Nothing there
TomToDay TX Sep 26 Sep 26 66
LINK Story of Bikram - My life story - YouTube
BikramK India Sep 26 Sep 26 00
LINK Story of Bikram - My life story - YouTube
BikramK India Sep 26 Sep 26 00
Button pushing problems can't be wholly resolved solely within the button pushing system (Godel's theorem).
HenAgnDon UK Sep 26 Sep 26 22
Destroyed by the truth
Gatovicolo TX Sep 25 Sep 25 33
For your information: TONIGHT (Sept 24) at 7pm ET, on the next Skeptical Inquirer Presents live online event, biologist and bestselling author Nathan Lents will join host Leighann Lord to turn the tables on Intelligent Design, revealing a ...
Klodzan Mauritius Sep 25 Sep 25 22
LINK Eternal Recurrence - Existential Comics
Hages OH Sep 23 Sep 23 00
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words
TonyCarl1 NV Sep 23 Sep 23 22
A stitch in time saves nine
Amanda35 AL Sep 23 Sep 23 22
Is Life Predestined?
Philomena Ireland Sep 22 Sep 22 1313
How the "Greater Good" is Used as a Tool of Social Control
Honir KS Sep 22 Sep 22 11
“There is really only one question you ever need to direct at someone to work out whether or not they are a good person – and that is, with deliberate simplicity: Do you think you are a good person? And to this there is only one acceptable ...
Honir KS Sep 22 Sep 22 1919
What did Voltaire mean with his gardening advice? That we must keep a good distance between ourselves and the world, because taking too close an interest in politics or public opinion (what people are talking about) these things are a fast route to ...
Honir KS Sep 22 Sep 22 55
Offered without comment.
WilliamCharles CA Sep 22 Sep 22 11
LINK String Theorist Brian Greene Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - One of the Most Eye Opening Interviews - YouTube
EdEarl TX Sep 22 Sep 22 33
I'm living like Thoreau on Wheels in my RV testing out my newly-installed diesel heater I step out into the Adirondacks mountains to take a whiz at 3 in the morning under a Starry Sky 35 degrees no pond but near a creek I keep Mars My Little ...
TomToDay TX Sep 22 Sep 22 33
LINK Friedrich Nietzsche - The Gay Science : Book III - Aphorism 125
Hages OH Sep 21 Sep 21 44
Seneca - Moral Letters - 3: On True and False Friendship
Honir KS Sep 21 Sep 21 11
Seneca - Moral Letters - 2: On Discursive Reading
Honir KS Sep 21 Sep 21 00
Seneca - Moral Letters - 1: On Saving Time
Honir KS Sep 21 Sep 21 22
To help illogical atheist that want to bump around with terminology saying lack of/unbelief/disbelief/nonbelief "I that you exist" It appears to me we can address this from the reference of the word denial. The definition of "in ...
Word TX Sep 21 Sep 21 2222
The relative merits of debate...
skado AL Sep 21 Sep 21 44
What would you never forgive?
Jolanta Australia Sep 20 Sep 20 1111
Do you think people who see ghosts are schizophrenic, liars, or truly seeing something, like someone from another dimension or the energy of someone who died?
Bobbie63 NC Sep 20 Sep 20 88
Somewhere I saw a supposedly biblical story from the OT -- young David was being chased by King Saul and hid in a recess off the main part of a cave. A fearsome repulsive spider came in with David and spin webbing over the opening of the hole David ...
AgnoBill VA Sep 20 Sep 20 1010
Why worry?
Alani Australia Sep 19 Sep 19 66
The GOP sold their souls.
sassygirl3869 NY Sep 19 Sep 19 44