POLL Under the federal law passed in 1954, a “minister of the gospel” doesn’t pay income taxes on compensation that is designated part of a housing allowance. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, headquartered in Madison, argued that the law ...
By AtheistNews 5 6 comments TN Mar 23
POLL So, as I rattle around here in the bowels of this beast during half time of the various first 4 playoff games, a thought came to me in a rather reverse (female) bukaki-esque fashion... I looked at the following and something occurred to me - ...
By GnosticLove 4 6 comments VA Mar 22
POLL Will they ever get tired of "atheism is just another religion" argument?
By KenChang 7 20 comments WA Mar 21
POLL Was jesus entirely made up
By Shanemonty4 3 17 comments FL Mar 18
POLL Which group of people would be more likely to help those in need... theists, agnostics or atheists? Why?
By stillsy 3 45 comments UK Mar 3
POLL Violation of the 8th Amendment? People doing life for nonviolent crime..[democracynow.org]
By thinkwithme 6 27 comments NM Feb 26
POLL Have we (America) separated church and state? What makes you think that? I don't think so, but I'd like to hear other opinions, I assume the general answer would be no. I think if we separated church and state there would be no "under God" ...
By CoffeeChamp 4 44 comments WA Feb 22
POLL The Bern man is in, man. Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign, No Longer An Underdog [n.pr]
By CallMeDave 8 36 comments VA Feb 19
POLL Recent discussion with a friend: How many of you can overlook differences in religious beliefs in a relationship? Could it work between a believer and a non-believer? What do you guys think? I’m in an area that is 95% Christian, and it has been ...
By Michael76 3 24 comments NC Feb 19
POLL This is currently relevant to the UK but could affect any western countries. Should Jihadi brides be allowed back to their home country after joining ISIS and now finding themselves in a refugee camp in Syria. As usual I can see both sides and ...
By Moravian 7 36 comments UK Feb 18
POLL Would you vote for Kamala Harris for President? Kamala Devi Harris (/ˈkɑːmələ/ KAH-mə-lə; born October 20, 1964) is an American attorney and politician who has served as the junior United States Senator from California since 2017. A member of ...
By AirForceNurse1 6 31 comments CA Feb 12
POLL I don't understand how people use science to disprove freewill. Yes, our behaviours are heavily influenced by external factors. Yes, our decisions are made subconsciously before they are made conscious. But how does one go from this to supposedly ...
By agnostictheist 3 17 comments UK Feb 9
POLL Have you gone on a date with someone you met on this site?
By BohoHeathen 7 54 comments OH Feb 8
POLL Will Trump win? biblesinschools
By Instajacome 3 31 comments NJ Jan 29
POLL In bed, top sheet or no top sheet?
By Sydland 7 23 comments MD Jan 24
POLL Medicare for all - are you for or against it? I've never had a hospital bill in my life. And I've had asthma since birth, my mother and I had to spend two weeks in the hospital after I was born, I've had jaw surgery aswell as multiple injuries ...
By BornAtheist 4 35 comments Sweden Jan 19
POLL Islam a religion or cult?
By jchristian88 4 19 comments Jan 17
POLL How many folks enjoy rural living/prefer it to urban/suburban living? Moved to the country eight years back (from suburbs) & my life has improved tremendously. Stress levels dropped immediately, now take pleasure in the simplest things life has to ...
By Lucky57 4 10 comments WY Jan 17
POLL Why does justice exist?
By Beowulfsfriend 8 6 comments PA Jan 11
POLL Did you make a resolution this year? If you did are you still on course?
By Chooseluv 5 11 comments Canada Jan 11
POLL What do you believe in?
By Occgenius 4 48 comments WA Jan 11
POLL Tomato, Tom'ah'to
By tartanathiest 5 5 comments UK Dec 24, 2018
POLL How many would like to transform their body?
By WarmFluffy 7 39 comments AL Dec 23, 2018
POLL When to write a man off?
By brainyactress 7 55 comments GA Dec 4, 2018
POLL Are atheists less likely to fall in love? Love has been described as "unconditional positive regard". Not very romantic I grant you but accurate to a degree. Theists open themselves up to "gods love" without question. It is a matter of faith. We ...
By 273kelvin 8 28 comments UK Dec 2, 2018
POLL Dating in todays society
By darien75 7 27 comments UK Nov 28, 2018
POLL Okay folks what is The Classic Atheist Sunday? Is it vibrators and wine? A decadent brunch? We know where we aren't - so how do we spend the day!? Feel free to expound in the comment section.
By RavenCT 9 24 comments CT Nov 18, 2018
POLL Do you listen to religious music?
By chlorine413 6 164 comments CA Nov 15, 2018
POLL Are Churches anti-choice? Memories of a Catholic elementary school protest: By pointing out what I thought was obvious tongue in cheek satirical yet honest observation that the bible defines life beginning at first breath with implied ...
By NoMagicCookie 8 7 comments ND Nov 13, 2018
POLL Do you display any symbols of your humanist philosophy?
By Diogenes1972 6 20 comments NY Nov 9, 2018
POLL What's your favorite atheist youtuber/channel and why?
By celticagent 7 16 comments MA Nov 7, 2018
POLL Blue Wave or Blue let down?
By paul1967 8 14 comments CA Nov 5, 2018
POLL Have you done the Myers Briggs?
By BABSDAGGER 5 59 comments MI Nov 3, 2018
POLL Ok so let's hear how everyone thinks on this issue. Do you take off your shoes when you enter your home? Do you require others to take off their shoes.. and how do you deal with it? do you provide slippers?
By AmmaRE007 7 73 comments Canada Oct 30, 2018
POLL Does your partner need to share your beliefs? I think there is no other way around. What do you think?
By Granateo 4 17 comments TX Oct 23, 2018
POLL When you're the only atheist at work
By JurassicT4 6 64 comments NY Oct 22, 2018
POLL How do you handle negativity regarding your agnostic ideas?
By Bettyann 4 41 comments CA Oct 21, 2018
POLL When AI and Android tech gets sophisticated enough to mimic your dream partner what will happen to romance?
By paul1967 8 31 comments CA Oct 20, 2018
POLL I've been on here a few days now & I LOVE IT! Such a great respit from the other mind numbing sites. Great conversations! Keep it up party people.
By Avidawn 4 26 comments NC Oct 10, 2018
POLL Take me to church?
By Look4AJourney 5 51 comments MN Oct 7, 2018
POLL Going for a loved one
By anonymous 7 25 comments Online Oct 7, 2018
POLL Does evil exist? As non-believers do we still accept the concept of evil in its pure form?
By 273kelvin 8 67 comments UK Oct 7, 2018
POLL Do you believe that a cure for cancer exists, but it's not available to the public because medical companies would lose money on treatments?
By UrsiMajor 8 92 comments MD Oct 2, 2018
POLL Plagiarism, anyone?
By misternatureboy 7 40 comments CA Oct 1, 2018
POLL What's worse?
By Ravenwolfcasey 7 71 comments NJ Oct 1, 2018
POLL At what age did you stop believing in traditional love as perpetuated in music / movies / mainstream society?
By umang 3 27 comments Canada Sep 30, 2018
POLL What would you expect?
By Antifred 7 16 comments TX Sep 30, 2018
POLL Do atheists, who find no magic in the world, live drab, boring lives, by comparison?
By CallMeDave 8 73 comments VA Sep 29, 2018
POLL Is it child abuse or child neglect to take a child under 18 to a religious establishment and live the kid with a member of the clergy without constant parental supervision?
By zesty 7 29 comments FL Sep 25, 2018
POLL Would you want to know? A friend of mine just told me that after taking a treatment for weak arms/muscles for 3 months, his doctor, after telling him that the treatments seem to be working, told him that he had feared that he had Lou Gehrig's ...
By lerlo 7 29 comments AZ Sep 24, 2018
POLL How many atheists here are musicians/artists
By drovertone 3 39 comments NY Sep 22, 2018
POLL Where do you prefer to be beach or mountain?
By DrBoolean 3 48 comments TX Sep 22, 2018
POLL shoes laces or slip-ons? I myself am partial to laces.... actually I'm partial to Converse All Stars with laces. . Do you have a favorite shoe? I know Barefoot ain't a shoe, but this is about comfort more than Style.
By hankster 8 36 comments TN Sep 21, 2018
POLL Have you met anyone from this site? I have met 2 people that I would consider acquaintances. I keep hoping to make some friends and dream of romance through the site but so far no luck. How about you?
By Akfishlady 8 49 comments WA Sep 20, 2018
POLL If a woman says, "Pick a place and time and let me know," and then ignores whichever part of my decision she doesn't like...
By CallMeDave 8 28 comments VA Sep 17, 2018
POLL Had a great day today, world didn't burn up because I'm a atheist. Funny others need the belief to make it every day. Question is when we are all gone from this lifetime will the next generation past us consider the future better without religion?
By Cooper1020 2 5 comments IN Sep 9, 2018
POLL Questions for Democrats: Which Candidate is your top choice to run for President in 2020?
By balou 8 63 comments TX Sep 6, 2018
POLL Is religion or spirituality okay as a coping mechanism?
By Heathen1997 5 25 comments TX Sep 6, 2018
POLL What is your biggest fear?
By Akfishlady 8 78 comments WA Sep 3, 2018
POLL Religions: More harm then good? The depth of intellectual damage religions impose on their followers never ceases to surprise me. I was chatting with an old friend last night and she recalled the bad old days when she was a Catholic (I ...
By NoMagicCookie 8 21 comments ND Sep 2, 2018
POLL IPhone or Android? Why?
By JenBeberstein 7 49 comments CA Aug 29, 2018
POLL What kind of driver are you? This morning on my way to the dock I was passed by an impatient driver who subsequently followed the next car all too close while simultaneously hitting the breaks all too much. That car finally pulled off and then the ...
By Akfishlady 8 34 comments WA Aug 25, 2018
POLL Women (unless you guys have real input), have you ever colored your hair blond? Do you still? What are your reasons? I was blond until high school, then dishwater brown, then as a statement I would color all shades of red because I wanted that more ...
By Akfishlady 8 51 comments WA Aug 23, 2018
POLL Quick question. What is growing in YOUR garden this season?
By santocoyote 4 24 comments CA Aug 23, 2018
POLL Which do you like better, Star Wars or Star Trek? Why?
By CallMeDave 8 65 comments VA Aug 22, 2018
POLL To reuse or not to reuse, that is the question.
By Byrd 7 52 comments WA Aug 21, 2018
POLL Michigan Agnostics.com Gathering
By TGTARITPNBBGMLT 6 4 comments MI Aug 16, 2018
POLL How do you respond to religious conversation?
By Byrd 7 50 comments WA Aug 13, 2018
POLL How long have you been here?
By Crimson67 8 34 comments KY Aug 12, 2018
POLL What kind of humour do you like ??
By Fibonacci1618 7 22 comments TX Aug 10, 2018
POLL Is "believing" in karma superstitious or is it scientific based? Does karma even exist? For me, karma stems from the Newton's law that states "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." What do you think?
By Ana305 4 34 comments FL Aug 4, 2018
POLL Popcorn, which way is the best?
By Sheannutt 9 47 comments OR Aug 1, 2018
POLL This poll is inspired by this article: The venomous ideology of religious intolerance [economist.com] I hear alot of atheists and anti-theists state the the world would be a better place without religion or that the religious are ...
By TheMiddleWay 8 21 comments CA Aug 1, 2018
POLL Just curious...
By DanielBrady 4 26 comments IN Aug 1, 2018
POLL Is pantheism compatible with atheism?
By contravalid 4 17 comments FL July 30, 2018
POLL The Best Sex Doesn't come From Hot-Blooded Passion
By VictoriaNotes 8 48 comments MS July 30, 2018
POLL Question for ex Catholics. Part of my elementary years were spent in Pueblo, Colorado. I went to public school and rarely to a Baptist church. Most of my friends went to Saint Leanders school and church, it was a den of evil, filled with corporal ...
By Buttercup 7 5 comments WA July 29, 2018
POLL Time Sensitive! I need some advice! I met a cute guy on Wednesday who seemed into me. I sent him an email asking if he wanted to go out with me on Sunday, my birthday. I received a limp answer 2 days later. Today I sent another email asking if he...
By Meta-Jen 4 71 comments Canada July 29, 2018
POLL Apples or Oranges
By Netochka 5 27 comments AZ July 28, 2018
POLL Which do you think woudl be more likely...
By snytiger6 8 10 comments WA July 27, 2018
POLL How did your neigbors vote?
By MissaDixon 7 22 comments TN July 26, 2018
POLL Myers-Briggs Personality Type? The poll only allows 8 options, so build your type using 1 of every 2 fields. I'm curious if there are any trends here.
By mattersauce 7 17 comments FL July 26, 2018
POLL Do you or did you ever have someone in your life whose pets you liked better than the person(s)? I used to be friends with and visit a woman from work. There were cracks in the friendship until it shattered completely a couple of years ago. I ...
By pixiedust 8 8 comments Canada July 25, 2018
POLL You work in healthcare, you are about to be fully responsible for the life of a patient in surgery for hours. Your patient has pastor and family in room before going to OR. Pastor asks you to join them in a prayer to help the surgery along. Everyone ...
By thatgirllaura 5 54 comments SC July 24, 2018
POLL Gamers– where you at?
By BlackSG24 4 29 comments NY July 23, 2018
POLL Have you ever been to a movie you found so gauche and tasteless that when other audience members laughed all you could think was, "Aha! So that's the target audience! Memo to self: never date those guys"?
By pixiedust 8 26 comments Canada July 23, 2018
POLL Is the universe amoral?
By RickTheChemist 4 24 comments OH July 23, 2018
POLL How many of you agree? We don't need a religion
By Dushyant 4 15 comments India July 22, 2018
POLL Do you have activities, art, health routines, social responsibilities that just get put on the back burner sometimes? I love doing yoga and know it is good for me, yet I find it difficult to stick to a practice. Do you find parts of you life to be...
By Akfishlady 8 19 comments WA July 21, 2018
POLL Whatcha doing this weekend? Any big plans?
By Sara72712 6 34 comments AR July 21, 2018
POLL Brunettes or blondes?
By pepperjones 8 67 comments WA July 20, 2018
POLL I honestly believe within the next 10 years we will have solid proof of alien life. What do you guys think?
By MrChange 7 28 comments FL July 20, 2018
POLL After discussions and comments with several of our Agnostic.Com ladies, I'm curious to know: How many of the ladies here have been schooled in and/or practice some form of physical self defense?
By bigpawbullets 8 21 comments OH July 19, 2018
POLL Does Atheism Attract A Specific Political Affiliation?
By Keita 5 20 comments AZ July 19, 2018
POLL How important is having the same taste in music for a relationship?
By G0dlessHeathen 4 53 comments IN July 18, 2018
POLL How often do you watch the news?
By CrazyQuilter 7 31 comments AZ July 17, 2018
POLL Dating with Kids
By TheLizzard 4 24 comments CO July 16, 2018
POLL What length of hair do you prefer on your significant other?
By MyLiege 7 31 comments FL July 16, 2018
POLL Do you think religious or spiritual belief systems should be allowed to interfere with scientific research? Homicide in Kennewick (Ancient Mystery Documentary) - Real Stories Youtube
By pixiedust 8 22 comments Canada July 16, 2018
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