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LINK Ultra-Orthodox Jews Delayed a Flight (Again) by Refusing to Sit Next to Women – Friendly Atheist

By NerdyOkieDude7
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Common sense dictates that when you have special needs it is YOUR responsibility to take care of those matters in advance and NOT expect everyone to meet your needs at the last minute. They need to talk with airline reps WELL in advance and reserve things accordingly. Religion sucks BIG time and this is only another example of the sort of crap it creates !!!


don't they use carriages to travel if they are so antiquated, a thing that gets on my nerves about religions how they bashed all things science and then used to propagate their lies.?


These guys arw dangerous nut jobs and the reason why Israel have a shit name in political circles

Flettie Level 7 July 6, 2018

Throw the orthodox moron off the plane, simple.

Bobby9 Level 7 July 5, 2018

Or Oxymoron for short


Orthies have very old (dinosour) rules of men and wome seating separately that just the way it is.... it hard to maintain objectivity or be non- judgement when we live in a potentially free society unless you a woman or Black


Why are these men not taking care of this either when they book or at the ticket counter? It is not like they don't know they can't sit next to a woman or that women are also going to be in the plane.

GwenC Level 7 July 3, 2018


That's uncalled for. NerdyOkieDude is a decent guy.

Why are they flying in the first place, if you live by old rules travel on foot or in a horse.


Shouldn't they have grown out of the 'cooties' phase by now?


Religion needs to die....

I would like to cram these living fossils into a plane full of RuPaul type drag queens playing at flight attendant.


Yeah. I've had it with "respecting" discriminatory belief systems. Toss em out the plane. If god wants to save them, I'm sure he'll stage a miracle.


They should, by all means, go ahead and start their own airline.

Paul628 Level 8 July 3, 2018

Im only flying kosher from here on out. They serve the best hot dogs.

@Wurlitzer You mean like these?

@Paul628 yeah i mean i bring my own bacon though, cause it belongs on a beef frank. Dont ask where I smuggled it on my person but its usually done cooking by the time the cart comes through.

@Wurlitzer There was a lawsuit against the makers of Hebrew Nationals because some people didn't think they were kosher. I don't know how it turned out though.

@Wurlitzer so basically, these flights will be sausage fests?

@Blindbird yeah I mean maybe we can get these Moyles to switch to suckin on lil smokies n leave the kids alone.

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