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What is your Heaven?

Heaven is usually thought of as some sort of afterlife, a view provoking hopeful belief on the one hand and skepticism on the other. Yet heaven is much more complicated and diverse than that. Those influenced by Western civilizations generally think of heaven along Christian lines—or along caricatures of those lines, as in cartoons featuring harps, wings, and clouds. On a less crude level, heaven is often derided as part of a system of reward and punishment, a "pie in the sky" or "opiate" diverting people from attention to bettering their present, earthly lives. However, the essence of the word "heaven" worldwide is the transformation of chaos into order , meaninglessness into meaning, and selfishness into compassion. Its attributes are usually joy, contentment, harmony, compassion, bliss, community, love, and a vision of God, or even union with God.
Different languages have different words for "heaven." More than that, the concepts behind the words vary radically among different religions and even within each religion. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and innumerable other religions display a panoply of beliefs. Heaven is not necessarily an afterlife. The most universal meaning of the concept is a joyful existence beyond the plane of human ordinary thought, feelings, and perceptions: a "new life" or "different life." To be sure, that concept is frequently expressed as afterlife, but it is also expressed as timeless or eternal life, transcendent life, and even as a state of existence in which humans can live a life free of illusion during their present lives. Heaven often means the realm of god(s), a distinctly different meaning from heaven as a goal for humans, but the two ideas readily merged.

what is your Heaven ?

anonymous 7 Oct 19

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I am there right now. Retired, single, no savings, living in an amazing community with great friends and family nearby. I can pursue my hobbies, volunteer when I wish, love when I want and play like there is no tomorrow. I am old and my body is deteriorating, which I accept, so I live each day as if it were my last and treasure every breath I take. The only thing missing is that I can not legally take my own life when I want to, when my time has come. I do not want my loved ones to suffer my end of life.

I here you. That may come about in the future.

wow, so similar to my situation,

I feel the same way. When I am frail, weak, can't take care of myself, I will not go into a nursing home. I deserve quality of life. The shotgun or the pills with the plastic bag and velcro - much better than spending years lying in a bed, physically helpless and suffering.

Everything you said is my life except that I move around, not yet nomad style but may get there. Not rooting anymore. I wouldn't terminate my presence here just because I want to suck it up to the last drop. But The living in a Phase 3, leaving the worries to others because You earned it... Hell Yeah. Wish you a long and active life on your Phase 3 (as I call it).

Oregon. Then there is Switzerland. But you can always research Final Exit. I have had my own euthanasia kit since I was a member of the Hemlock Society . No government is going to dictate my exit. Peace. Stay happy.

Screw "leagally."

Doitto what Brigitta said

@SusanHilde This is why it is so important to vote and remove religion from our government and the lawmakers that are sworn to hold up their belief before the laws of their land and have ruled us accordingly in favor of the sky fairy.

Well said I understand you're views on life as I feel the same I don't have a family just my dogs nice lady very God post

My daughter took her life at 49 yrs old. She called me to come see her the night before. She was yellow and dying of liver fatlure. She was married to an abusive drunk she would not leave. I begged her t call us an ambulance. She smiled angelically and said no. She said leave Mom I can sleep now. I hugged her kissed her good-bye. urned knowing that was the last time I saw her alive. I found her in the morning. My point is she dis not make it easier. I was in shock for 18 months, Then I became aware of reality and I have cried abd cried. I do not know which is right, but it will only delay dealing with the pain.

Is suicide illegal in your state? There are several very good organisations who can and will advise you if you are serious about having a planned end to your life, such as Exit International, and My Death, My Decision.

Brought tears to my eyes. I have no answers...Much love Bridgetta xx


I remember a special on, I believe, CNN where they were interviewing a woman sitting by a pool in which her kids were playing. There was a large nice home in the background and an expensive car in the driveway. The woman was answering a question about the state of things in the world and she was going on about how utterly terrible the world is. It totally disgusted me because I’m thinking: “What do you want lady?” People tend to think only in terms of how much stuff they can collect. Expensive art, wine, parties, toys like big trucks and 4-wheelers is success and there is never enough. Any heaven could never be enough for these people. I have a home that keeps me warm and a car on which the wheels go around. I have, more importantly, a loving wife and daughter. I have heaven, enjoying each day as if may be my last because I am satisfied with what I have.

gearl Level 7 Oct 29, 2017

I ride motorcycles. There's no other feeling on Earth like riding on a twisty road on a sunny day

My wife and I were on my Ultra Classic a few years ago in the fall, riding from Asheville back to Knoxville on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's the most beautiful ride in the world. I'll agree that can be heaven, but it can also be roasting marshmallows with the grandkids while they fight over who gets to sit with Grandpa, or kayaking on the Clinch river. I don't know, I guess heaven's wherever you are at the time.

It sounds like she was expressing concerns about something aside from her material possessions


Heaven to me is the day that people stop believing in heaven.



As the term usually refers to an afterlife in which I do not believe I can only describe my heaven on Earth. I.e.... a juicy fillet steak with potatoes and peas followed by great sex and a good nights sleep. It’s just my opinion.

mjpwl Level 3 Oct 20, 2017

Great memories


Kitty-cats all over the place, and pop-music that's not full of vapid, self-aggrandizing "artists" with no talent—the "worst" music would be stuff that's still pretty good, like REO Speedwagon, Poison and maybe classic disco like KC & the Sunshine Band 😀

Gaaaah! If I were to ever be convinced of a devil, REO Speedwagon would be the selling point! No offence to your choice of music... They just drive me bonkers. 🙂


My Heaven will not come in my lifetime, but it would be a day when humanity realizes that there is no need to pray or worship an invisible man in the sky, when borders drop around the world and when the resources of Earth are protected. My Heaven will include a world where (taking from Martin Luther King Jr.) we are judged on the content of our character and not by the color of our skin. My heaven is a world where education and the pursuit of happiness is the worlds credo. My Heaven is a dream that if not realized will leave us divided and vulnerable to annihilation. My afterlife is in the knowledge that humankind is my kin and as long as humanity exists the part I played in it will always be there

Sadly the way it looks lately, we're headed in the wrong direction

@paul, You must like John Lennon's song IMAGINE. It's what a free thinker, non believer would want.

@K9Kohle789 Imagine is a favorite song of mine.


I like the idea of chaos as heaven; heaven to me would be a room full of Border Collie pups.

that would be beyond chaos


Heaven is on earth when you reach the joy and compassion through self awareness.......

Jammo Level 5 Oct 19, 2017

My heaven would not be all to dissimilar from the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams in which heaven is simply the reward for having followed the natural order and will be a world of your conjuring inhabited by your soulmate and past pets and anyone else who should choose to dwell in your heaven. You can't see the mortal world but somehow things are still semi connected

Wow! Thats cool.

Perfect answer.

I'll look for it!


Not sure, but hell is other people.

Right about that. BTW, how did you come up with Torquemada? The Spanish author from the late 1900?. Funny stuff

I meant to say late 1800 and Torquemada the main character on a bunch of short stories. The author was Benito Pérez Galdós.

@Godlesscarl Tomas de Torquemada was the Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish inquisition. I was trying to be ironical. 🙂[]

@torquemada. I should know that since the Holy Inquisition reached the shores of by beloved country of origin, Peru. I do remember though, in the history books the gruesome pictures of torture. Perhaps I became an atheist back then.


A Naturalist Zen retreat around lake, or other large body of water, with hiking paths. Free body expression areas would be accessible for those who want even greater freedom.


My heaven would be living in a society that utilized only logic and reason to derive at their conclusions. So, yep, heaven equals pure fantasy!

Oh to be ruled by a Philosopher King...


There are no heavens of any sort -- only brief, transitory moments of beauty and joy and beautiful memories


One of the things that always bothers me when somebody dies is that somebody is always bound to say, "they're in a better place now". I believe that this is a dangerous belief. If we believe that there is a life after this one then we won't realize the importance of getting what we need to get done now.

So that means that my heaven is being a good enough person now so that I am remembered and missed long after I'm gone. It's the only way that some part of me can continue after I am dead.


To me "heaven is beign outdoors out in nature on a sunny day, hiking naked and feeling the sun and wind on my skin, skinny dipping and just enjoying beign natural out in a natural setting.

We’d get along real well.

That sounds delish...

Im to fat for


For me, heaven would be that I wouldn't have to worry about losing everything I've earned. My animals (horses and dogs) would be happy and healthy. Hopefully have a family and a good career. Be able to have farm animals again (like sheep, they are so much fun).

I guess that's my heaven, seems pretty basic. I've had it rough for a few years and am ready to be happy again.

Stardust, it sounds like you deserve some happiness now.

You stay in there positive. It is coming your way. Think bout what you want seriously because sometimes the universe misreads us.


I yearn for the comforting arms of utter oblivion after my demise. It's a disarming fact that religious evangelists can't cope with. All of their religious witterings are predicated on some kind of afterlife. When you tell them you could not think of anything worse than eternal existence they tend to shut up.

I hope there is oblivion. An ending of consciousness. If there is any sort or reincarnation, I want to come back as a big tree, providing a home for birds and squirrels and low branches for little kids to climb.


Heaven for me is a nice relaxing warm bath, or a day spent in nature with nowhere to be and no schedule.

I don't believe in any other form of heaven, except perhaps to refer to the universe as the "heavens".


Endless pleasure,

SamL Level 7 Oct 19, 2017

Lying in the sand , girl at side , fish in the sea, sun in the sky

Sounds blissful


absence of suffering, boundless joy and contentment, preferable with puppies and a few hummingbirds thrown in.


I have no idea what Heaven is or what I'd like it to be on the very unlikely chance I'd find myself there. I don't even think about it. I do enjoy a warm spot in the sun and a cup of strong coffee. Is Heaven something like that only stretched out? I think I'll go decaf.


My "heaven" would allow me to see all of the places this world has to offer. Allow me to fly and be invincible. Money would be obsolete and only my favorite foods would exist. I would get to meet all of the people I've admired throughout the years. People would be possessed with good intentions and qualities. There would be no government, diseases, alcohol, drugs, physical deficiencies or hatred. Wait a minute, I think I here my alarm clock! Oh well, time to wake up. Back to reality.

No booze?!!! Ugh!


As a recovering alcoholic I can say this: I don't know much about heaven but I've been to Hell and back!


Unlimited free sushi, until I die... and I'll probably die from eating myself to death.

Ha haaa I love it also

cancer from too much sun. I have experience.


I've never really thought about this before but I suppose, if there was an afterlife with a Heaven, my Heaven would be stories. The ability to read or live stories that make it as though you are living again. Not only realistic stories though, but fantasies and dramas. There would be the safety of knowing it was just a story but you could experience lives and events that you otherwise could not have in actual life.

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