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Christmas cactus- my longest relationship.

The first flower on my big, 48 year-old Christmas Cactus opened today. This is a "Thanksgiving" style Christmas Cactus that blooms from November to April.

At age 17, I started this plant with two cutting in Michigan.

When my daughter Claire was little, we laid on our backs and gazed up at cascading flowers.

"They look like butterflies!" Claire said, delighted.

In April 2017, I took cuttings from this plant and gave newly-rooted plants to Claire and a friend. Claire was thrilled to have a duplicate of the Christmas Cactus she loves.

Claire said her new Christmas Cactus is starting to bloom, too.

By LiterateHiker8
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Beautiful. I'd like to have some.

EdEarl Level 8 Nov 11, 2018

Now thats a beautiful plant...

Buddha Level 7 Nov 10, 2018

What a great thing to be able to pass a clone onto your daughter! I’m sure she is thrilled! ❤️👍


You're right. Claire was thrilled!


This one is my roommates.


MOST Impressive! I have one that lasted 40 years and thought that was pretty special. But Wow on yours! Good TLC and a green thumb you have!


Here is my friend's new Christmas Cactus, that I started with cuttings in April 2017.


This is wonderful I am terrible with plants. No matter how hard I try, they keep dieing on me.


These are some of my favorite plants to keep around the house. They are so pretty. 😍


What a beautiful plant. My Christmas cactus are not even close to blooming. 😐
My longest relationship were with my dogs (16years).... they both passed. I have a dracaena (bought on sale after mothers day) that might be older, but I gave it to my friend when I moved, then last year I took a cut out of it.

Zoohome Level 7 Nov 8, 2018

That is beautiful!!!!-!

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