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LINK The Dangerous Myth of Good Guys With Guns | Erin Wathen

Mass shootings: the new sadly normal in America.

By Dmej1147
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At the mass shooting that just occurred Wednesday, one of the casualties was a "good guy with a gun", sheriff Ron Helus. At the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, four of the wounded were police officers, also "good guys with guns."

The fact is, good guys with guns are not infrequently among the victims of the bad guys with guns, They are not the "magic bullet"--so to speak--for this problem,

Elganned Level 8 Nov 8, 2018

I'm a gun owner and would gladly hand it over for a disarmament of the country. We need to stop allowing people to hide behind the 2nd Amendment! I'm one of those people banned from having a firearm but I'm still allowed to have one in my home only in my state. I am also one who believes that every person has a right to defend themselves in their own home. Just because a person has a criminal conviction that don't automatically make that person less a human than any other. I think it's longshot but if someone was to have a firearm for home defense or hunting the capacity of rounds should be very limited. I know in Texas when hunting with a shotgun there has to be a plug in the magazine to only allow 3 shots. That's on pump shotguns. Realistically if a person is hunting they only get 1 shot and what they are hunting is gone if they miss. So is any other thing that heard that shot. I see no need for a pistol other than to shoot another person. Same with assault weapons. They should really disarm the law enforcement with any lethal weaponry as they are too trigger happy now anyways. If they are allowed firearms they should have body cams automatically activated the second they pull their weapons. Only in America do we have mass shootings on a daily basis it needs to stop. The same goes with police shooting unarmed citizens. Having a gun does not make anybody cool or tough it makes them a coward for pulling it in any altercation. I'm all for abolishing the 2nd amendment because of all these senseless shootings. Not just the general public but law enforcement as well.


This article implies the argument for the second amendment is predicated on stopping mass shootings. That's a straw man argument. On top of that, it's not true; mass shooters have been stopped, and while uniformed security and police officers are very likely to be priority targets, a civilian or off-duty cop carrying concealed is no more likely to be targeted first than any other potential victim.

I am more than happy to discuss reasonable means to prevent firearm deaths, but let's start with honesty. That's something neither side has been willing to do.

JimG Level 8 Nov 8, 2018



Great post!

kmdskit3 Level 8 Nov 8, 2018

Looks like it’s written inside rectangular box 📦
Outside is different


It's seems we have separate domestic terrorist now in America. First we had the gang violence, most mainstream Americans did not have a good bead on this, it was an inner city problem and did not concern them. As it spread came awareness.
The we had the Oklahoma bombing and Columbine. Almost all the shootings in the last 10 years have been done by white men. The gangs are still out there, killing and maiming but they are not entering schools, bars and places of worship and gunning people down. Most of these guys were not even on anyone's radar.
Sensible guns yes but we need to deal with the mental health issues of the people in this country.

Whole nation is dumb? Not the first time I hear that
So many nut cases per capita seems very incomplete reasoning.
Some of these shooters are quite aware and quite in good mental health and good clipper training too!

@Morganfreeman I never said the whole nation is dumb, I said we have a lot of people with mental health issues that should not have access to firearms. Maybe if we dealth with those issues we would have less mass shootings. Happy people don't seek guns to kill others. Geeezzz. As to gangs, well geez wizz gangs in the city go back to when this country was founded and really are a separate issue from the mass shootings in schools, businesses, night clubs, churches and synagogs.

@silverotter11 gangsters rob to get wealth. Mercenaries kill for hire.
None of them noted insane during firearm purchase and none of them had need to see specialist prior incident.
You know, I noted that movies with super heroes look exactly alike for some reason...

@Morganfreeman Politicians rob to get wealth. The slave owners robbed to get wealth. It's always about the haves and have nots. Sorry we've digressed from the original post ie. good guys with guns. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. But wouldn't it be nice if as a society we could go out into the world and not have to worry so much about being fucking attacked? Believing we need to be ARMED?? Is that not also the point here? If you take care of one another and while I clearly am not a religious, church going christian the idea of love thy neighbor, be kind, take care of each other for we are ALL the same (I just leave off the god's children part) is to mean something then we must deal with the disenfranchised, the poor, the sick, the elderly and the childred.

@silverotter11 I don’t believe in just arms. I learned to use them starting from middle school as part of normal citizens education.
Just my few pennies

@Morganfreeman I get by on my good looks and winning personality - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. another myth bites the dust.


It isn't a dangerous myth. There have been many times a "good guy", or "gal", with a gun, prevented further harm. [washingtontimes.com]

sfvpool Level 7 Nov 8, 2018

Please provide references to the "many times" you speak of.

@jlynn37 Some are mentioned in the Washington Times article I referenced.

@sfvpool The US seems to have averaged over 300 mass shootings a year since at least 2014. Eleven vigilantes do not amount to squat.

@jlynn37 Here are the references you asked for: [americanrifleman.org]

@DoctoralZombie I would recommend checking the accuracy of your statistic of an average of 300 mass shootings a year. Is this coming from shootingtracker.com? A better source may be here: [motherjones.com]

I'm not arguing that we should do nothing about mass shootings, regardless of how many there are, because they certainly are increasing. But, overstating the number accomplishes little. If we want a real solution, we need to look at facts, including some that may not fit your, or my, feelings.

@dahermit While I did not read every article on this site, everyone I did read dealt with an intruder into someone's personal space, one on one encounter, and not one concerned a mass shooter in a crowded space.

Some actual research and more in depth analysis of how insane and uncontrollable these situations almost always are.

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