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Why do we feel territorial about parking space?

Living in a three-plex, I have two reserved, covered parking spaces. One space for my car; the other for guests.

Have always felt archly amused when normally kind men swear at bad drivers while behind the wheel. Road rage? Not me.

But for the last two days, a Honda sedan has been illegally parked in my second reserved space. Using duct tape, I stuck two notes on the windshield:


"Your car is in my parking space. If you don't move your car immediately, it will be towed. Towing is expensive for you."

"I have guests coming for the holidays," I told the building manager. She said the Honda will be towed in 24 hours.

I was suprised by how aggravated and territorial I felt!

"Refugees are starving and you're upset about a spare parking space?" I thought. "Put this in perspective."

The jerk finally moved his car last night. He tore up my notes and threw them on the ground.

After picking up the litter, as is my habit, I breathed a sigh of relief.

By LiterateHiker8
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Usually because we follow the rules and do not like it if someone else does not.

wordywalt Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

I like the simplistic truth to this one



I park as far away from the store and anyone else possible because I have a nice car and I would love to keep it that way.
It always amazes me how often a huge pickup will park right beside me when there’s a whole parking lot.

Green_eyes Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

Doesn't that just frost you when they do that? I mean, what's up with that?

People that drive newer or pricier vehicles like to park next to the same because they presume those people will take extra care not to let their doors fly open.

My truck is older now and scratched from vandals but when it was new, I absolutely looked for a spot between two new vehicles.


It’s good to acknowledge to self when one is acting outside what one considers one’s norm.

MissKathleen Level 9 Dec 13, 2018

It is just not parking spaces. When I taught seated classes at a community college, the students tended to sit in the same spots that they sat in the first day of class. If a student came into the room and someone was sitting in his/her spot, the student would look disappointed. One day this happened and I jokingly asked, "Is Sally sitting in your spot?" The student said sadly, "Yes." Sally jumped up, apologized, and sat somewhere else.

Gwendolyn2018 Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

So true! It happens at our knitting circle...people like to claim their spot! ha ha

@thinktwice Humans are creatures of habit. I go to McD's often because I work from home and I need to get out of the house, cheaply. The old farts gather in the morning and if some takes their table(s), they are miffed. As soon as the offending party leaves, they will more, en masse to THEIR spot.

That is funny! poor girl smile001.gif

@MST3K It was funny. The girl who was sitting in "her" seat looked as if she had been caught stealing something. I will never forget it.


Next time... Just go to Walmart!

Head to the kitchen items and get a basting needle setup (for injecting flavor into meat) and then over to the sporting goods section to get a bottle of fox urine.

Load the basting syringe with fox urine and stick it through the rubber weatherstripping of the car to spray all over the inside and on the upholstery. Of course this works great if it is a really hot day... But still smells bad on a cold one. When you pull the needle back out you will leave absolutely no mark anywhere and the person will be wondering how you did it.

RiverRick Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

Wtf? That's evil af.

I like it


Do you pay a premium for that extra space? Most apt complexes and other developments where there is assigned parking typically leaves guests with a select few spots. If I had to pay an extra premium to ensure my visitors had a place to park I'd sure as hell be territorial. LOL!

IAMGROOT Level 7 Dec 13, 2018


Two reserved, covered parkings spots are included in the rent.


That's when it's fun to block their car in ...
"ya wanna park here ? STAY !"

evergreen Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

lol at our office building, we have no assigned parking spaces...and we have more parking spaces than tenants but somehow, we all have our own designated parking spots...I think it is a weird thing as well...sometimes I want to park closer to the building, but I don't want to take the spot where the grey Honda accord parks...I won't be towed, obviously, but out of some weird parking space respect, I park in my spot...third bush on the north side...

thinktwice Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

At work, i always chose the covered garage that was across the street from convenient, but few spaces near the door in an open lot. I could not be bothered with the addes office politics about parking.

@Lillyfield41 yeah...it is ridiculous, especially when it snows...I park in one of twelve visitor spots now because I have a bad knee and I get dirty looks...uh, we get no visitors...chill, people! ha ha

My self assigned spot is far enough way from the entrance to not violate the customer only parking, yet not all the way out in BFE. There are two smallish oak trees side by side. One has a bird shitter and the other doesn't

I used to park under the bird shitter cuz it is a bigger tree but those birds can shit a lot in 8 to 10 hours. So now I park under the smaller tree which still affords some shade with no bird shit.

It's all about the shade down here

edited to correct another goddam typo


Next time do not leave a note. Have it towed. HE (she?) should have left a note. And if you see the same car, have it done immediately.

Mitch07102 Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

No need to apologize for being territorial. I'm assuming you pay for those spaces. They're your territory! No one should be parked there that isn't allowed by you. Bravo for asserting your right to your parking spaces!!!

linxminx Level 7 Dec 13, 2018


Thank you. I briefly considered covering his car door handles with vaseline, followed by his windshield the next day. Decided that was childish.

Instead I called the building manager.


@LiterateHiker You did the adult thing...and you could have done more, like have it towed without warning...so you did a decent thing as well. No need escalating unless the other person does. I am sick of people going from 0-90 when they only needed to go to 10. I admire you for that.


Those of us who believe in civility and respect, sometimes feel indignation at these trespasses, and justifiably so. We give respect, we expect it in return. Unfortunately, there are many out there that were not raised with the same principles.

Condor5 Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

I live across the street from a Catholic church. One Sunday morning my son went outside to find one of the parishioners blocking our driveway. He talked to the church and told them it was bad enough that they park all around the house, but NEVER block our driveway again or the car will be towed. So far, we haven't had any issue.

kiramea Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

I just have a little Ford Focus and can usually fit in any spot. But I get super annoyed if 2 vehicles hug the yellow line on either side of a space so that I can’t even fit my little car there

Marcie1974 Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

Fellow little Ford Focus owner here... YEAH, especially when one of the cars is an oversized Dodge Ram pickup or some big ass SUV.

@PalacinkyPDX yep! Or when a truck tries backing into a stall but doesn’t quite have the driving skills to accomplish it


Because you captured it. Primal lizard brain kicks in defend what you capture.

azzow2 Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

Even though lizards don't usually drive cars, I agree with you about lizard brains and driving.

@PalacinkyPDX Some of the drivers I've seen definitely have lizard brains...


I'm worse. There is just enough room on the public street in front of our house to park one car. But! It's dangerously close to our mailbox.. DANGEROUSLY CLOSE. Whenever anyone parks there, I track them down and tell them; YOU'RE BLOCKING MY MAILBOX. MOVE YOUR CAR." The neighbors are good natured and tell any and all guests/workers to not park in front of old man "Bigpaw's" house.....

bigpawbullets Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

ha ha good to know...having a bit of a reputation for being cranky is a good thing...ha ha

I've let it be known that I've a documented and medicated case of PTSD from "The War". And that I've a CCW (concealed carry weapons) permit. And, my next door neighbor is the Chief of Police and we get along really well. People tend to leave me alone. smile009.gif

@bigpawbullets that should do it! ha ha

@bigpawbullets That plus the 8-foot electrified fence, and the land mines, and the pit bulls...

Just one USAF security trained German Shepherd.
The rest sounds like an excellent plan.

@bigpawbullets Glad to have given some direction to your life. smile001.gif

I'm more familiar with claymores. Land mines might be problematic with our irrigation system.

@bigpawbullets But isn't that long blade tiring? And confining? You need a lot of space to swing it effectively.
I prefer shortswords myself...


Because our vehicles are an extension of ourselves?

Varn Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

I don't know why but it pisses me off to see someone in "my" space at work. My is in quotation marks because I do not have an assigned space; it just happens to be the one I chose as mine

Lucy_Fehr Level 7 Dec 14, 2018

That is why I tend to park in the same spot all the time even if I see an empty closer to the building...I don't care if someone parks where I normally spot, we have lots of spaces, but some people just are territorial and like the comfort of going to the same place when they leave at night...I get it...I won't steal your spot! ha ha ha


I feel frustrated even if it is an unassigned stall at work. I park in the same stall all the time, every day and I'm even early to make sure of it. When my routine is broken when my stall is gone it throws off my day.
When people used to park in my second stall at an old apartment I would leave a friendly note the first time. The second time I towed them out of it.

MightyJebus Level 4 Dec 13, 2018

It will only affect me for a little while before the days work distracts me but the flash irritation will return when I leave and see my precious parked NOT where it should be lol


Because it's YOURS, dammit! That's why!
And, frankly, that's good enough.

Elganned Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

Gee, I hope it's the end, not the beginning of something

IamNobody Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

As long as we're bitching about parking, how about those people with a big ass truck or phat SUV parking in space designated for compacts only to take up 1 1/2 spaces?! Sadly, in Oregon, there is an unofficial rule that "the bigger your tires, the more entitled you are." Grrrr.

PalacinkyPDX Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

I have jeep envy. If i could afford a big wrangler with big fat tires, i would totally get a bigger jeep. But like last night, i was driving my renegade and loved that i squeezed through two jammy traffic situations.

@Lillyfield41 BFTE... big fat tire envy... I've read about it in psychology texts. smile009.gif


Wow, that's some aggressive behavior. I think I would have written a note that said something like: "please find another spot to park by xx/xx I have company coming, or I have to tow your car". I would write a much different note if it wasn't where I live or if the spot was nowhere near my car. Then I would agree with the aggressive approach.

Occgenius Level 4 Dec 13, 2018

Nah. I'd have confronted the asshole.


The asshole left his car in my spot for two days.

First I put a note under his windshield wiper. Carrying a bigger note ("NO PARKING. MOVE THIS CAR NOW" ) and duct tape, I taped both notes firmly onto his windshield. Hoped the tape would be hard to remove. The car was not moved.

Then I called the manager. She promptly called around, asking if anyone knew the car owner. No luck.

"If the car is not moved in 24 hours, I will have it towed," she told me. He moved the car that night, tearing up my notes and throwing them on the ground.

What a jerk!


Some people are just abrasive.

I don't think she was overly aggressive at all. She left a note and was ignored.


We must not encourage rude behavior,good job

WayneDalton Level 7 Dec 13, 2018


Thank you.


I was moving in to my house, and a neighbor two houses away told me my van - in front of MY house- was in his parking space. Two years later, when out to dinner with his hair dresser, she told me the street i live on is full of real jerks, then told me of the parking fight i had on day one. Needless to say, when i got home, there was another fight in the neighborhood.

Lillyfield41 Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

We get parking wars in the summer...people dig out a place in the street and some asshole parks there...I have seen people snow people in for doing that...fights ensue...it is nuts!

@thinktwice i'm seen some fights in philly!


Because you pay for the space.

darthfaja Level 7 Dec 13, 2018
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