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Tomato, Tom'ah'to

So, my American cousins. Sometimes here in the UK there is a fury of noise sounding at the sound or nature of how words are said or spelt.
I used to get caught up in that until I realised (s, no 'z' ?) that it is of no consequence at all preferring to see language, even text, as an evolutionary thing, not fixed with a set of rules sign which to beat the ignorant with. So, what do you think?

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By tartanathiest5
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The english language might win the global language races because it is so excepting of change. Even emoji are coming in to general use.


'"Be'n as you're bang'n on 'bout' the linguistics between countries; I'll admit that English, is English, is English. I prefer the Brit (Cockney, is hard to learn, but awesome in verse), over the "twang" of the American versions.


What are generally viewed as rules were originally created in an effort to describe the usages and logical patterns of usage of most speakers of the language. In other words, they were intended to be descriptive not prescriptive. Grammar, mechanics and usage "rules" should not be viewed as "rules" at all, although since they are still widely taught in schools, there developes a kind of snobbery between those who demonstrate knowledge of them and those who do not. The same is true for dictionaries pronunciation directions. I must say, however, since you are from the UK, that thee seems to be little effort to adhere to any pronunciation consistency. People pronounce words pretty much as they see fit, with little complaint from any quarter.


As a former editor, I am often told I'm too strict or severe in regards to language, but I am actually totally fine with other people misspelling words or using slang and stuff. I try not to correct others unless it's vital for clarification in some way, or they've asked for criticism - learned long ago not to hold people to my standards; it would be permanent folly.

PolyWolf Level 7 Dec 24, 2018

Please remove your name from my pic. Go to it and press like. That will undo the like you put there before. I do not want your name on my picture. Read my bio. Thank you

I have a tee-shirt that reads: "I am correcting your grammar silently."

@EduardoVallejo Can I ask where you got it? I love that.


Due to the fact that I can spell, tend to use formal grammar and speak public school received pronunciation, people assume I'll be the sort of person who is bothered by others who do not and will feel the need to correct them.

But I bear don't, brah; play wiv language like a toy innit?

Jnei Level 8 Dec 24, 2018

Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!

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