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The greatest Christmas movie is not "Die Hard," but "Dick in a Box"

By LiterateHiker8
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Sounds like the name of a porn movie.

august70 Level 5 Dec 30, 2018

I had to come back to view the link..That was a good one that tickled my funny bone!


LMAO! I'm dead!

slm22 Level 4 Dec 25, 2018

People have different preferences.. I suppose, Is "Dick in a box" an actual movie or a music video by The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake?.. ?


Ok, How about a reboot?: Dick in a box 2 Die Hard


Classic. I always considered that a short. (pun intended) not a full length production.


I’ve been generous with mine for special occasions and holidays, just never thought to wrap it. Too funny........

Dhiltong Level 7 Dec 25, 2018

"Vidéo unavailable in your country". Oh well.


Go to The hilarious Saturday Night Live video is on

Can view on metatube. in Canada.

@LiterateHiker still not available outside the USA. Oh well, I'll just have to skip that particular holiday entertainment.


I love the heartwarming ending.

You’re such a sentimentalist ?


I have wicked sense of humor.

@LiterateHiker It’s on display in many of your comments, some recent ones included smile009.gif


Thank you,Bobby. High praise, indeed.


In this case, the cliché, "There is more happiness in giving than in receiving..." would apply for me.

sfvpool Level 7 Dec 25, 2018

If I could only find a box small enough to fit mine

Do what I do. Use a 1/4-inch drill bit. ?


Is a 1/4-inch drill bit 1/4" long or wide?

@LiterateHiker lol ?

@Bobbyzen do you always gotta brag??? Showoff..lmfao!

@Looking4-Others I was trying to impress @LiterateHiker ??

@Bobbyzen I believe she was!

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