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What happened after death

By bonobo3
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Remember where you were in the year 1843? You go there again.


A few seconds after death I immediately went back to the exact same place I was ten months before I was conceived.


Ever since my mom died 6 years ago, I have wondered. My mom, for example, sits in a box on my book shelf. At least the remaining ashes of her physical form. Her feelings, thoughts, strong opinions, beliefs... They live on in the people she shared her life with. In after life, all I can prove is that she is ash in a bag, inside a box.


Check out Mary Roach's Stiff: Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. She has an excellent, relatable writing style.

Is her real name Mary Roach STIFF? Cuz people with relatable names are in the profession, There;'s an actual name for that (little did I know) called Aprtonym. This site has examples. Famous football stars named Ball. []. Here are other examples. Colin Bass, British bassist in the rock band Camel[4]
Lance Bass, bass singer for the American pop boy band NSYNC[6]

@K9Kohle789 the apostrophe s was intended to indicate possessive. I was referring to the author Mary Roach and her book, Stiff: Curious Lives of Human Cadavers


Been dead twice...more peaceful, quiet, and far less scary than what was actually going on. Came back to pain, fear, and worry. Did Not come back wanting to save the world or any such claptrap!!! Will be at peace to go again.

Same here. I have experienced death and it is a matter of medical record. My recollection afterward is of the void. In hospital, and after major surgery, it was a nothingness I've not experienced before or since. It is relief from the speculation and uncertainty with which I regarded death before that experience. There is no more suffering.


I don’t know. I haven’t died yet.

Susan74 Level 5 Dec 27, 2018

the brain, which creates our consciousness, dies, so our consciousness stops existing. our bodies decompose. that's it. the end.


genessa Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

@PalacinkyPDX they crawl in, they crawl out, they play pinochle.... my grandfather used to play that but he was no worm!


@PalacinkyPDX excuuuuuse meeeee "jew card game"?????!!!!!
What kind of nasty racist/nazi remark was That?

@PalacinkyPDX well, my lily-white anglo-saxons played pinochle and/or canasta at least once a week amongst the family or at card parties for over 70 years. And both are Huge at Senior Centers and Board Game Meetups around the world. I guess now everything has to have a racial label? Or belong to an ethnic group? Pinochle began in France & Germany, for courtiers, according to Google, deriving from the older game "bezique". Canasta is native to Uraguay. So not so much "old jewish".......
And BTW, do you enjoy slinging around "old jew" the way some black people sling around racial epithets, because " it's okay when we say it"? Just wondering.......


Why the past tense? Are you already dead or do you think we are?


Usually decomposition starts setting in.

DenoPenno Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

We cried, mourned, had a funeral, buried our loved one, and tried to navigate life without those we love.

Benthoven Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

In my case, anything useful gets harvested for organ transplants, the rest goes to the local medical school.


All I can say for sure is that there is lots of worms envolved.

Casey07 Level 6 Jan 21, 2019

As long as there is no Ted Danson, I will be in a good place. ?

bioman888 Level 4 Dec 27, 2018

Who knows? Maybe disintegration maybe ecstasy. One things for sure, we’ll all find out one day so make the most of what is in front of you now. No need to speculate on the end of things. Let the religious types ponder that one.


Does anybody believe in reincarnation?

TonyCarl1 Level 6 Mar 19, 2019

Your just dead.

Trajan61 Level 8 Feb 17, 2019

I fell through the ice when I was a kid. I awoke 3 days later in a hospital. I have absolutely no remembrance of anything that happened in between. No 'tunnel of light'. No 'pearly gates'. No nothing. (Maybe I wasn't "dead" enough?). All I remember is saying "I'm hungry!", and after the doctors got done marveling over my 're-awakening', the nurse brought me a bowl of tomato soup, a tuna sandwich, and a carton of milk. I haven't been out on the ice since. And when I still lived in Michigan, on very cold winter days, I'd get this craving for tomato soup, and a tuna sandwich!

davknight Level 7 Feb 14, 2019

You die.


The whole shit show just kept on goin' without noticing.


Eternal oblivion.

Qwent91 Level 6 Jan 13, 2019

Someone bit the dust. The worms had a feast. Birds ate the worms. Beasts ate the birds. We ate the beasts.

MLinoge Level 7 Jan 13, 2019

Who died?


A very very long nap is ahead


I will never know

august70 Level 5 Jan 2, 2019


Bobby9 Level 8 Dec 27, 2018
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