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LINK Gun slips from waistband, shoots man in genitals

Hit me with your best shot!!! This needs all the puns it can get.

By HippieChick589
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That sounds like a permanent pecker checker..

Charlene Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

No sympathy.

Lilac-Jade Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

That's one way of stopping over population of the planet. Of course it's a stupid and painful way to do it.

freedom41 Level 7 Mar 2, 2019

The cure for overpopulation: instant vasectomy!

Infoguy211 Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Distribute guns to all the guys !


Gun nut gets nuts gunned by loose control on gun from loose gun controls

Biosteelman Level 6 Mar 2, 2019

Loosely speaking...


How could this be! Everyone who has guns has been through safety training and respects their firearms!

Right? The training to get before you can operate a gun legally is much more rigorous than that pesky driver's license process...NOT

@slydr68 I think I detect a touch of irony in his statement.

The article mentioned that he did not have a license for it, therefore no classes.

What was lacking was common sense.

@Shouldbefishing Doesn’t really matter either way. The vast majority of states do not require gun safety classes or licensure to own a gun. Idiots abound and have relatively free access to guns. Also, a portion of those who’ve been trained and/or licensed are idiots. Gun safety classes and licenses don’t protect against stupid.

@flithyMONKEYmen You just answered your own question. It's a Red Letter Day!

@Shouldbefishing lol I didn’t have a question— I already know the answer. Get guns the fuck away from people.

@slydr68 He was not "...operate a gun legally...", he was carrying illegally. Besides that, how would you know what is required to carry a gun...are you licensed to do so?

@dahermit My comments were meant to be sarcasm. Sorry we don't have a font yet...

And, altho it's none of your business, I have had a concealed carry permit in the past. I have not renewed it.


That is what he gets from mixing stupidity and guns.

wordywalt Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Oh, I thought "this" is what we got with that mix

@Agamic There really isn't an emoji to adequately express my thoughts when I saw this photo. HAHAHAHAHA, OMFG, Dear GOD, SMH, etc.

@Agamic I should post that in the "Hot Hunks" group.


Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just gla...IT IS A PISTOL!!!

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 2, 2019

That's nuts.

I'm just glad numbnuts didn't inadvertently injure or kill someone else.

JimG Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Hopefully he has been neutered. People that stupid should not be allowed to reproduce. I'm a gun owning veteran who does not see the need for a conceal permit or walk around packing. Additionally, this idiot should never have the gun loaded. I hope they press charges.

BrentMBA2004 Level 4 Mar 2, 2019

Wat charges??
Attempted suicide??

@Antidronefreeman *"Marion police said Jones did not have a license for the Hi-Point 9mm gun he was carrying.

Grant County prosecutors will review the case to consider possible criminal charges."*


Another example of our well organized malitia outdoes himself.
His gun was obviously envious of the man's penis and sought to remove it by the only means it could.

Agamic Level 6 Mar 2, 2019

I have no sympaty for him whatsoever......

Lavergne Level 7 Mar 2, 2019

Talk about getting nutted.
Kind of an extreme form of birth control.
'Stand Your Ground' laws are already fucking extreme but this guy has taken it to a whole other level.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Where was the good guy with a gun stop him from blowing his nuts off. Hehehe

bossaxel1 Level 4 Mar 4, 2019

well, maybe he was just trying to get his rocks off.

callmedubious Level 7 Mar 2, 2019

That will be an explosion he will never forget.


I guess this means there IS a gawd...?!

AnneWimsey Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

The cure for this is not to carry your genitals in your waistband.

DenoPenno Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Sing it with me!!!
Oh, you...chitty-chitty bang, bang... Chitty chitty bang bang we love you....

KevinAverett Level 7 Mar 2, 2019

Bwa ha ha ha ......oops....I mean.....oh poor guy. How terrible. I guess that's what playin at cowboys can git ya sometimes. 🙄😱


So if he goes to jail for not having a permit will the other prisoners know him by his high pitched voice?

JackPedigo Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Did he get his Darwin Award?

irascible Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

I think he is a runner up. Doncha have to die to get the award?

@HippieChick58 Not quite: all it takes to achieve a Darwin Award is to permanently remove yourself from the gene pool by means of an act of gross stupidity, and being dead is optional. See [nationalpost.com] for an example.


At least he was a good shot. He could have missed.

Marine Level 8 Mar 3, 2019

Yeah, someone innocent could have been hurt, and that is what concerns me most. I'm fine with him castrating himself. If he hurts a child... does not bear thinking about.

@HippieChick58 that is why i said he was a good shot he got in the way of the bullet.


Bet he got a real bang out of it. But, thankfully, not a gang bang.

Detritus Level 6 Mar 2, 2019

Man PA's pistol with gun.


Poor guy. It’s too easy to poke fun when you don’t know the person or the situation. I hope he recovers well.

indirect76 Level 7 Mar 3, 2019

Just the act of sticking a loaded weapon in his trousers is enough to make me wonder about his intelligence and critical thinking skills.

@HippieChick58 Are the unintelligent unworthy of sympathy and dignity?

@indirect76 Ya know, I took a few minutes to think about this. I am one of the most compassionate people you could ever meet. What this guy did not only endangered himself, but other innocent bystanders as well. I am a proponent of gun control. I spent six years in the Army, I have fired and cleaned an M16A1 rifle. I have an expert badge. I got that badge the year you were born. Guns need to be regulated, gun owners need training and safety courses. Guns should be insured just like cars are. And NO ONE ever dies of embarrassment. I want this man used as an example of really stupid decisions and the need for gun control. I want him used as a horrible example of what can go wrong. I want him used as a warning to others that take the care and handling of dangerous weapons so lightly. I have NO sympathy for him, no one jot, tittle or iota. Jot used as a noun means very little amount. A tittle is a tiny amount or part of something. And iota means an extremely small amount. So no, he does not deserve sympathy or dignity. He lost his dignity when he stuck that weapon in his pants. Do you have any further questions?

@HippieChick58 That’s fair. The article doesn’t say much about the situation other than he was walking by a river. I’m curious why he thought he needed to carry a gun with him. I’m curious about quite a few things. So yeah, I have lots of questions.

@HippieChick58 Nice reply and I agree with you 100%.
(I got my expert badge 6 years later than you and this has nothing to do with your post)

@indirect76 Questions are good, and I appreciate you providing the opportunity to clarify my thinking and for your response. In most places I don't see a need for anyone to carry a loaded weapon. I have grandbabies that I would die for. I'd rather not die for them needlessly because some dolt stuck a loaded gun in his pants and it went off.

@HippieChick58 Well, Thanks. I certainly appreciate you allowing me to see a different viewpoint as well.

Now, the article did say this man was walking on a riverside path. So it’s conceivable that he wasn’t posing a threat to anyone but himself. At the end of the day, we just don’t have that much info about this story.

@HippieChick58 indeed! Perhaps that means the gene pool is to be less contaminated by more imbecilic DNA.

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