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How many of us are there in NC?

Since there seems to be a relatively small number of us in a few liberal strongholds and some of us living in the conservative fringes, just wondered if I'm alone here?

By Grady3023
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You might be able to fill the corner booth at an IHOP.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 7, 2019


@RedskyRiver Don't tell anybody, but I love that place. shhhhhh


Probably more than you would expect.. I grew up here and have lots of friends here that are secular.


People like us are hard to find out there. I lived in NC for a while I was stationed at Ft. Bragg(Fayetteville) after I got out the Army I moved to Asheville then Highpoint and I don't recall ever meeting another atheist.

When were you at Fort Bragg?

05 -09
3rd BCT 2/505 PIR

@Airbornejoe786 If you had stayed a little while longer you would have heard of a show I did there called Rock Beyond Belief. First (and probably last) secular event ever done on a military base.. so I've heard anyway. Was started by a Specialist Justin Griffin stationed there. We started working on it in 2010 and finally had the show in 2012.. Fun times.. There were, and I'm guessing still are, plenty of Atheists in uniform, just not willing to admit it. There is a club there though for them. I was the Production Manager. That's me on the right with our key Speaker Richard Dawkins and Justin on the far left.


Well, you've got me here in Cary, just west of Raleigh. Granted this is part of a (relatively) liberal part of the state, but it's certainly not San Francisco or Austin. There's a difference between how many actual atheists and agnostics are here vs. the ones who actually admit it.

zeuser Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

Checking in from Durham. You are not alone!


I'm in Concord. This is definitely bible belt.

ldheinz Level 7 Mar 7, 2019

Ever get out toward Rimertown? That's where I'm at.

Occasionally. My sister lives near there.

@ldheinz Yeah? I'm on Sisk Carter Rd.

I'm near downtown Concord, in Locke Mill. My sister is off Centergrove near Hilton Lake Road.


Hey there fellow paratrooper! Bragg was my last duty station. I got out in 05. After airborne school I was stationed at Ft Campbell. 5th SFG 95-02. Bragg 02-05 7th SFG.

Brad71 Level 4 Mar 9, 2019

I’m here in Charlotte

Brad71 Level 4 Mar 9, 2019


LizL Level 5 Mar 9, 2019

I’m in the Charlotte area

BudFrank Level 7 Mar 8, 2019

New Caledonia!


I'm not but I did vacation in Asheville with a girlfriend in 2001 if that counts. We toured the Biltmore, drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway, wandered through the Grove Park Inn, etc... We stayed at a great old B&B called the Albemarle Inn. Beautiful state.


I am in Wilkesboro originally from Atlantic Beach.

Heidi68 Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

You might want to try the "Meet Members"/"Map View" feature, it will display pins on the map for members in your area.


This ol' boy from North Carolina got hisself a scholarship to Harvard University one time. He went on up there and got hisself all situated into his room and started feelin' a mite peckish. So he went out yonder wanderin' about for the mess hall.

He come across one of the profs there and asked him, says, "Hey where's y'all's mess hall at?"

Well the prof kinda looked down his nose at the ol' boy and tells him, says, "Pardon yourself, sir. Here at Harvard, we do not end sentences with prepositions."

Ol' boy replied, says, "Ahight, where's y'all's mess hall at, ya asshole?"

that is like the joke I have always used about those d---yankee's, was at a party in NYC, went up to some women and said, what ya'll up to? response, up to a place that does not end sentences with prepositions, ok, what ya'll up to bitiches!!! after graduating from univ in nc, my profs told me I should apply to Harvard, they really liked diversity, my response, the day I go to a school that allows free admission to the children of graduates and money lenders to the so called Temple of advanced learning, in Boston, sure they love diversity, but think I will just stay in the south, Chapel Hill was a place, at least at one time, not anymore for some reasons I could discuss in detail, was just fine with me! So, you too?? Dang it, that ain't no way to treat a person!!! Maybe it is time for some catfishing, had more than a few of these dudes on my "how dare you try to take economics", I was the only woman in the class of 8 males, and the prof was a german from germany and old enough to have been in Berlin during those good old days, and he tried to stop me from entering, so I did the Nazi salute and told him, you Nazi, how did you get out of Germany and end up in Asheville, we did battle everyday and I tutored the guys in the class, they could not believe me, no german prof from Berlin and old enough to have participated, this woman of some jewish ancestory, only got a B+, but everyone knew I deserved an A, but everyday I had those microeconomics problems solved and taught the class how to solve it, it really annoyed him, so Heil Hitler, and this woman will not obey and submit, not a Sophie's Choice! Love to hear a story that is similar to mine. Amelia




Well I grew up in Asheville NC. Have lived all around the world. Am now residing in Western Tennessee.

@Gooniesnvrdie It has always been a bizarre mishmash of conservative culture and liberal freedom


I think there are quite a few!


I’m here! ?‍♀️?

Susan74 Level 5 Mar 7, 2019


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