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LINK Paul Manafort indicted in New York moments after sentencing in D.C. case

Nice to see that he was immediately indicted again after getting another white man's break on his prison sentence.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., said a New York grand jury charged Manafort with 16 counts including residential mortgage fraud, conspiracy, falsifying business records and a scheme to defraud. The indictment was filed in the New York State Supreme Court on March 7 and unsealed on Wednesday.

By jerry997
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Poor Paul's Karma is catching up with his ass finally.

Grayghost Level 5 Mar 15, 2019

If these are completely separate offenses then double jeopardy should not apply. And since they are State charges he would not be able to skate on a pardon from Trump. So maybe the dirty SOB will get what he deserves. Fingers crossed!


90 months and $18 million dollars

Biosteelman Level 6 Mar 13, 2019

I hope the indictment includes new charges otherwise manafort's attorney will argue double jeopardy.
This was suppose to be coming up be the U.S. Supreme court. I know Fed and State charges are different but someone is saying otherwise (can not remember the case) and it has made it to the SC.
Otherwise blameless life my ass, Manafort is scum.

silverotter11 Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

Something tells me the State of New York is nowhere near finished with the Orange Menace's criminal gang.


Shows not everyone is a trump flunky

benhmiller Level 6 Mar 13, 2019

Aw, and him with an otherwise blameless life. 🤣

Electro68 Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

Even if 45 pardons him now, he's still subject to prison time if he's convicted on the State charges.
A presidential pardon only covers federal charges, it doesn't cover State charges.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 13, 2019

Yes. And prosecutors were aware and made sure he would go to prison.

And 45 should be worried about this tactic himself.


@Marcel3405 Exactly!

I guess this continues to speak about his blameless life.
I'd finish with Lol but none of it is all that funny. 🙁

@RichCC No, you are right. None of this is funny at all.

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