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LINK Secret tapes linger over Buttigieg's meteoric rise | TheHill

There's always something, eh?

By IAJO1637
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Ut oh! I wondered when someone would get this to mainstream media. And I'm so thrilled they did. He's just a run of the mill Indianan. If he weren't gay, he's be just another educated redneck spewing his brand of racism & religiosity.

It's almost shocking to me how many people actually buy into mainstream American media's ability to make or break candidates. It's no accident this guy's all over the media, Bernie Sanders scares the shit out of all things Corporate. Anyone, to these people & companies is better than Sanders, especially a Corporate Tool like Buttigiege.

He does clean up nicely and speaks intelligently and well.

@ToolGuy sigh So? Most gay men clean up nicely.

Mainstream media is the icon of this country's mantra. Capitalism. They sell stories that people buy into and take sensationalizing to the bank. That marketing and American. Am I right? The media does an excellent job of forcing opinions out into the open. smile009.gif

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