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Will America be a Socialist State?

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By Richard19623
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Not Socialist, Democratic Socialist. There is a difference, words and definitions matter.

t1nick Level 8 Apr 15, 2019

Whatever, where is the Democratic process in Socialism. NO WHERE. Do you really believe Putin is really elected? How about Fidel Castro? The Socialist decide who you will vote for. How in the hell is that even close to Democracy?


What is a "socialist state"?

Cuba, Venezuela, Russia...


It needs to head towards a more socialist agenda but even countries like Canada are not considered socialist.
It’s a dirty word for the right as they don’t seem to understand that there’s a heck of lot of social programs in America.. and the people love it.

Name one Government program that people love.

@Richard1962 Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, social security, chip

@Richard1962 REALLY!

Because Socialism sucks. Don't believe me ask the people in Venezuela. You name me one Govenrment controlled program that is worth a shit, besides the military?

@Green_eyes All ran like shit. I want one Government program that the Government runs well.

@Green_eyes, @Xuande How many roads, Dick, do you know are kept in good conduction? Every thing the corrupt Government gets it's hands on is raped until it does not work. You want the Government to tell you your job, your pay and after you too old to pay in anymore, what happens?

@Green_eyes, @Xuande Public school are shit too, dick.

@Richard1962 you honestly think the military is run well. For an area that receives more money than the next ten countries combined, it should be perfection.. but it’s not. You can’t go off on education where this is not a priority for this administration despite the right continually cutting funding leading teachers to leave the profession. America’s academic scores are pathetic compared to the rest of the world.
As for healthcare, America is the only developed nation where life spans are decreasing every year despite paying three times as much per person than Countries with universal healthcare.

@Green_eyes I was in the military and yes I believe the military is the best example of what the government gets right. (Sorry) I also believe our Country is the greatest Country in the history of the world. Do you not understand that Socialism does not work? As long as people are in charge of the government, the government will be corrupt. You cannot have a honest Socialist government. (Sorry, again) The reason for Socialism is this type of government has little to none checks and balances. There is a ton of money to steal from. Just think if they were in charge of health care, totally? They suck at medicare. What makes you think they'll do a better job managing health care as they do Social Security?

@Richard1962 there is a fundamental error with your argument. There is a difference between socialism and communism and the right is convoluting the two. One has an authoritarian government and the latter does not. Your president wishes for an authoritarian presidency.. without checks and balances. Hence his criminal behavior.

If you look at countries that most would consider socialist such as Scandinavian countries, Canada and the some of the other commonwealth nations.. quality and quantity of life easily beats what you perceive you have here.
I take issue with your defense of the military. It is corrupt, black hole for money and I question the necessity of such spending. There’s been many scandals coming out of the military over the past few years.
I also come from a military family, they are troubled by the state of America.

@Green_eyes I really only see the difference in how they take over. The Communist come from the outside and Socialist come from the inside. With Socialist the initial take over is not as bloody, but after that there is no difference. You may want to think there's a difference so you can tell yourself that Socialist are good people. Communism, Socialism it's is the same, fundamentally I mean.


Not in this lifetime. But, it would be Nice. I predict a totalitarian government first. And massive decline - a bit faster than our current slow bleed.


Not on my watch

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