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Who/what are the creators?

Let's look at: create
bring (something) into existence.
"he created a thirty-acre lake"
synonyms:generate, produce, design, make, fabricate, fashion, manufacture, build, construct, erect, do, turn out;
bring into being, originate, invent,initiate, engender, devise, frame,develop, shape, form, mold, forge,concoct, hatch; 
informalknock together, knock up, knock off
"the sculpture has been created out of Portland stone" When a Male and female do the reproductive activity, this causes a new being to come into existence. People are creators when making babies.

Often, create is used in context of bringing something from nothing like the big bang myth would speculate. I am not discussing that version here.

Hydrogen, they say is fused in the gravity pressure of stars to build larger elements like helium and the rest of the known periodic table of elements.

When ever a new helium atom is made by fusion it would be a new creation. Not that helium is new but that specific atom is new. The Sun and stars then could be looked at as Creators.

Continue with chemical reactions that bring about compounds that support what we call life having complex cell structures. Each one may very well be a simular copy of another yet they are each created and unique.

Creation by combining by use of forces is all around. Almost omnipresent maybe.

From the reference: #1.
The Positive and Negative nature of Elohim
When I speak of the positive and negative nature of Elohim, I am not speaking about a "moral" positive and negative, but the "forces" of positive and negative, much like the two poles of a magnet or the forces of the protons (positive) and electrons (negative) of an atom. God is a perfect balance of positive and negative:
#2. Ruach is force, something with kinetic energy. Its base meaning is "moving air" — whether in the form of breath, a breeze, or violent storm winds.

So, what is written about Ruach of Elohim, or in English "spirit of God"?

Ruach (force of kinetic energy) of Elohim (positive and negative, electron and proton charges) created.

Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. (These people refered to as Gods, is it claimed that all of them did Harry Potter style God whiz bang? NO.)

Homo sapians beget homo sapiens. Child are from their parents to become a mature "most high" species on Earth. Children become adults as like people become Gods compared to chimpanzees.

By Antifred7
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why don't you just take the last step? WE are completely separate from our body and mind and memories. We are the viewers of the screen upon which a life is projected by the senses. Our viewing is what starts the chain of probability in the universe. We are the blank space upon which the rules of the universe are written and interact with matter. And as space we are without and within all. As pure awareness vibration is our only sense ... the vibration caused by is and is not. advaita vedanta

JeffMesser Level 7 July 11, 2019

Very sociological. May I suggest you read C Wright Mills 'Sociological Imagination' if you have not done so already. From your reply, I think you'd like it, and see the similarity of what you have written to one of the greatest sociologists so far.


Time and energy are ∞ there is no end or beginning

azzow2 Level 8 July 11, 2019

Or is there? But within the lifetime of humanity it makes little difference.
Within the question of the 'big bang', are we the first? Will there be others? For that we must look to science and imagiantion to help explain.

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