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I don't know why I'm ever even surprised anyone

MsAl 7 Sep 11

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Not so funny. If he wins the 2020 election he will try to change the constitution so that he can carry on. After all Xi managed it in China


Somewhere. In a McDonalds freezer, is a bag of frozen French fries. And, in that bag, is Lee Harvey French fry!


These are the bastards that have decided he should be our dictator.

But its him. HE tweeted that last night.

@MsAl He just wanted to be the first dumb phuck to do it. Tangerine colored commissar. 💩

You said tater, heh, heh, heh!

@MsAl Looks like you are right.


He will be in prison before 2024.

I would enjoy seeing that 😀


I bet he's not alive then. Or if do, in a home for the insane


If I believe correctly by his reckoning there should not have to be in election for him in 2024 he will be there for life. 🤮🤯😵🤬

He does like to float the idea once in a while. 🙄

If so I hope it's a really short one.

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