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that would be Mitch McConnell.


Yes, yes... everyone is lying except the supreme leader

Leetx Level 5 Nov 8, 2019



You obviously have an agenda here - anti-Democratic party. I am a progressive myself but I am not buying it. Tearing down the Dem party will re-elect criminal Trump. What's your real goal of this post? What do my Leftists feel about this post? BitFlipper is that a Russian response?

It's not about tearing down the democratic party but reforming it. Currently, the dem party is bought by corporations and wealthy donors and therefore, their loyalty lies with the elites, not the working class people as they claim. We need to expose their hypocrisy and vote in Sanders to take over the party.

@RoboGraham I've liked Bernie since he was my mayor in Burlington, VT. The Dems need a moderate candidate to represent the party or they are going to scare middle of the road voters off. My 92 year old Democratic mom does not want anyone taking away her health care from her doctors. We need to fix Obamacare not reinvent the wheel.

@sassygirl3869 We tried running a centrist against trump the last time and we lost. Those same old moderate policies don't motivate people to vote. We shouldn't be worried about losing moderate voters when the progressive ideas that Bernie runs on are some of the most popular in the country. The largest group of potential voters in America are the nonvoters. They are disillusioned with the status quo and the way to get them to the polls is to offer them something that will actually improve their lives, not the same old neoliberal policies that have been screwing them for decades. We need to energize people with bold ideas, not worry that some conservative leaning dems might be scared off.

I'm not sure what you mean about someone taking away your mom's healthcare from her doctors. I'm guessing that you think a single payer system will mean government will be getting between you and your doctor but this is an old republican talking point. The only thing that will change in healthcare is how it's paid for. Rather than a for profit insurance company paying, it will be medicare funded through taxation. And you will have more freedom to see whatever doctor and get whichever treatment you want because medicare for all will make all healthcare professionals and facilities linked together into one single network rather than the patchy system we have now that determines which doctors and facilities and procedures are available to you based on your insurer and your plan. It will be cheaper, more efficient, more comprehensive, and available to all citizens.
Also, Medicare for All is not reinventing the wheel. Medicare already exist. Medicare for all is simply to extend what is already there to everyone. If every other developed country in the world is able to do this, we can too. We are the wealthiest nation on earth, providing comprehensive healthcare for all of us is far from being out of reach. The only thing stopping it is the big money donations from elites who benefit off of the current for profit system.

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