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How would the mythical Noah's ark crew have perished, first?

We all know the tale. 40/40 of rain, then it stayed that way for approximately a year, every land mass underwater, etc. Well, if everything is underwater, that includes the highest peaks, and...well, that's not water up that's ice. We know oxygen for breathing is beyond not optimal that elevation. We also know that all vegetation has been wiped out in this scenario, so not even just the lack of food production is gone, also gone is any way that co2 is being turned back into oxygen. do the mythical crew perish, first???

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DaganCurie 5 Nov 8

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Eaten by Steakosauruses!


Parasites, they had to infect themselves with so many diseases and bugs, they would never have made it up the boarding ramp. LOL


Myths don't perish. They would have to be real first in order to perish.


They can't perish. If they did perish we wouldn't be here to take this poll.



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