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If Trump offered to resign from the presidency immediately in exchange for a pardon for his alleged crimes & a one way ticket to Russia, would you take him up on the offer?

Remiforce 7 Nov 8

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Trump and the entire GOP are climate change deniers, and it is already wreaking havoc with people's lives and killing people. They should all be charged with crimes against humanity, convinced and spend the rest of their lives in prison. If we could stop emitting greenhouse gases today, millions, probably billions, of people will die from climate change. Why would anyone want to let Trump off the hook. Make an example of him!

If he resigns, Pence will pardon him for any current federal charges. We have nothing to say about it. Yes, I would like him to resign.

Trump may not have killed millions of people like Hitler & Stalin, but he's working on it


Yes.. he needs to go

It would be one way of getting that maniac away from power before he destroys the world. Some people may have moral qualms, but sometimes the best is the enemy of the good


Vengence is sweet, sayeth the Lord

@Remiforce I only wish for him to be treated as any average citizen, and held accountable for his Illegal actions.

@MissKathleen To my mind, Trump is not an average citizen--he is the incarnation of EVIL!!!

@Remiforce I can certainly understand your opinion. Unfortunately, wealthy white men often get away with the evil they visit upon others I hope this case is the exception. Unfortunately, this person, and his cronies, have visited their evil upon our country, only for their own greed. I would wish them all to be held accountable, but this man, especially, should be made an example to those who consider such action in the future.


Too late for that. I want him punished for his crimes, and his group of evil cronies as well.

Lets not forget to meet out Justice to his pack of evil crony enablers--The rethuglicans must be voted out


impaling might be better.

Trump has done a job of shafting us, so we might return the favor


Put him under a tree on a horse, have a noose around his neck & tree then slap the horses ass. ONLY then can I forgive his raping of America.


Tempting. I'm still inclined toward public execution, as befits the traitorous slug that he is.

Too bad the Extreme Court defined treason as giving aid & comfort to an enemy only in time of declared war, which we haven't had since WW 11. They used to hang those guilty of treason


Yes, as long as the plane only had enough fuel to make it halfway there.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 8, 2019

& it was a pilotless drone programmed to crash in an unpopulated area. We can't be too careful

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