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GOP Rep to plead guilty in campaign finance case he calls a "Witch Hunt"

Another Republican politician is going to prison.

"The Republican congressman claimed the federal investigation into his spending was because of his support for President Donald Trump.

Hunter was indicted in August 2018. Months later, he won reelection after launching false, racist attacks against his opponent, who was of Palestinian and Latino descent.

Hunter’s wife previously pleaded guilty in the campaign finance scheme, admitting that the couple used campaign funds for a wide variety of family expenses, including flying their pet rabbit around. Hunter also used campaign money to fund extramarital affairs, according to federal prosecutors.


By LiterateHiker8
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Excuse while I laugh..... I forgot about this story. We covered this earlier in our course. Which I have passed. I'm going to miss US politics...


I do so hope we see Duncan in prison. He is one of the worst repubs in Congress and deserves a nice cold cell to sit and think about his fucked up self for 5 years or more.


A pet rabbit?


Public funds for personal use? What a shock. Who needs social welfare programs when you can have those affairs.


396 more to go corrupt incumbent Congressmembers


I was just flat stunned when I heard the news. Coulda knocked me over with a feather. I just couldn't fathom such perfidy in this day and age.

1of5 Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

Did the rabbit fly first class or coach?

Paul4747 Level 8 Dec 3, 2019


Their pet rabbit likely flew first class. That detail was not reported.


Times are changing and all politicans who are A Holes are not getting away with it any more in a lot o countrys,,people are not taking it any more


Why does anybody vote for these cretins?🤔

Because the world is full of cretins who like to vote for other cretins to make themselves feel good/justify thier own miserable existence, and unfortuatly not enough non cretins vote to cancel them out.

@1of5 Spot on.


Yup typical Republican

bobwjr Level 9 Dec 2, 2019

another instance of legal stealing

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