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Do you talk to yourself?

And, does your self talk back? ; )

I talk to myself a lot. Even while I sleep. You?

silvereyes 8 Mar 26

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Hey, sometimes I need expert advice πŸ˜‰

Mea Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

Yeah! What SHE said!


Sometimes. But she's kinda a dick so sometimes we don't talk. But in the end I'm kinda stuck with her. Fuck you, me. Lol

Lol...makes ya wonder about our SANITY!!


Only sane conversation of the day


I do! Especially since I live alone. There's no one around to think I'm nuts.


No, just to my dog, and my cat, chooks, fish, lizards, plants .......


No, I don't.
Well, sometimes you do…
Yeah, you're right, sometimes. But not very often.


"No I don't" -- "yes you do."


Of course. I have multiple personality disorder. We have solved a number of problems together, but I just hate filling out all of those name tags.


I do, sometimes.

> No you don’t, not at all.

Of course I do, what do you know?

> > I know you’re making shit up.

Dude, you always do this. You always try to start a fight.

> You’re the one fighting here, I was just pointing out the obvious.

Alright, we’re done here.

LOL! - what's funny? - shut up! - no, i won't! - this is getting an embarassment. - so what!? my inner child. - whoah! pulling more imaginary selfs out now? - bwaaaaah! mama! she's mean to me....

LOL Wow... its one thing to talk to yourself... but arguing? I got nothin' to worry about. LOL!
You two are a riot... so are your inner selves. Hehehe


All the time. Self-talk gets me through the day.


I live alone. If I don't talk to myself how will I have scintillating conversation? Actually I talk to myself less since I found this site, but I think I talk to the cats more. Maybe becasue there are now two cats.

I talk to the dogs all the time. Nothing wrong with that. πŸ˜‰

I talk to any animal that will listen.


It would be impolite to ignore the voices in my head.


Yes, and I learned not long ago that this can be quite beneficial.

"Mental and vocal monologues are essential in learning and performing better in life. Researchers have identified that talking to yourself is insanely great for the brain. The better you are at self-talk the better off you will be.

When you give yourself mental messages whether out loud or in the mind, it enhances your attention spanβ€”allowing you to concentrate despite distractions. It helps to regulate your decision-making capabilities and to control how you respond to your brain's emotional and cognitive processes."



Only when the voices aren't paying attention.


I do, and I love seeing so many others saying they do also. Now I don’t feel so weird.


I do it often and sometimes I think I'm the only one who listens. lol


Of course I talk to myself. I'm the only one who'll listen.


why shouldn't I be worth talking to?


Yes, I like to tell myself jokes only I'd get.


Everyone talks to themselves, the question is, do you move your lips?


I talk to myself all the time. Also, I am somebody that has a condition where I hear voices so I talk to them too sometimes. The conversations are primitive and the voices say the same things over and over again. But it is somewhat entertaining honestly. This is rare because most people who hear voices are tormented by them whereas I cope with them very well.


Yes, no. Argue sometimes. I don't always win.


My inner monologue comes out a lot because I drive for a living.


No, but I have some interesting conversations with the leprechaun who sits on my shoulder.

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