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Does god exist?

What is god? How do we define god? Just because we can’t see it does that mean it does not exist?

JpGee 4 Jan 1

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Dogs exist.
Dogs are most excellent.
Dyslexics exist, too.

Both are better than gods, because gods do not exist.


If someone tells you they have a dog and yet they have no food and water bowls or hair anywhere in the house, no dog poo in the back yard and not so much of a foot print anywhere near or in the house, would you be much impressed by their claim that they have a dog?
If a thing makes no impression in this world, what would it much matter if there was a dog?


Of course gods do not exist. Men made up invisible deities to control people.

As an atheist since age 13, I chose rational thinking, not magical beliefs.

I don't believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or imaginary gods.

I hear the tumbleweeds are attacking over there? Hwy 240?


No tumbleweeds in Wenatchee in winter.


Atheism is true and correct because Bible God does not exist. "God is Love" 1John 4:8 But Bible God endorses slavery, polygamy, genocide, and the murder of Heretics and Homosexuals. Bible God treats women as 2nd class citizens, and he is prejudiced against the handicapped. God intends to burn Billions in Hell for all eternity. This is not love. "God is love" is contradicted by the above mentioned unloving actions. Therefore God does not exist and Atheism is true and correct


::: strolls into thread, stops, sits and licks self, looks around :::

oh for fuck's sake...

::: leaves :::


On the basic premise that we need some sort of evidence to believe in the existence of anything, then the answer to the question you pose is No. There is evidence that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, latest evidence dates earliest man at around 2.9 billion years and since earliest times he has been looking for evidence of a creator. In all that length of time no evidence has been found (or put another way, god has not revealed himself to man in any tangible way), then in all laws of probability I believe it’s a logical conclusion to arrive at, that he is merely a figment of man’s imagination.


😂😂😂😂 .... Next question please


Why bother asking this in a group of agnostics and atheists? Pointless.


I have, in my garage a Dragon which has been there since time began.
Only I, and my followers can see it.
Prove me wrong!

i don't believe you. what color is it? your garage?! dragons are HUGE!

@larsatrg I can't talk about it , unless you are a paid member of my following. Nineteen bucks a month, gets you nothing.
(its a magic baby dragon, and its transparent)

@PondartIncbendog wait. don't you mean TWO dragons? how else would they exist? with the ark and all.

transparent is a nice touch. still. l think he'd a woke a neighbor. no accidents in since the beginning of time sounds a little utopian. and... house wasn't there that long. makes no sense. too much doubt to even look up your cult. good day.

@larsatrg Garage smells funny..........

@PondartIncbendog i imagine. dragons gonna be dragons. and in the house since the beginning of time? holy shit let that bugger out. one pissed off dragon? on the other hand wait, again holes... this would be one docile dragon. what is the point of a limp dragon? i mean how did it evolve from then to your house as its legit reside? or did we encroach its habitat? one lone dragon in your garage? not even on the ark. seriously? $19? cmon man. transparent? i give you nineteen dollars and you tell me you're the only one to've seen it. not my first dragon.


Does the Tooth Fairy exist?

What is the Tooth Fairy? How do we define the Tooth Fairy? Just because we can’t see the Tooth Fairy does that mean it does not exist?


Take note of the site that you are on. You're beating a dead horse.


Does Santa exist?

What is Santa? How do we define Santa? Just because we can't see it does that mean it does not exist?


Why are you asking a group that professes not to have a belief in a god if one exists? Why would they be able to define something that they don't believe exists? These questions seem silly in the context of this group. Why aren't you asking people who actually believe one exists?

Great questions... It's pointless.


Not being able to see something is not proof of its lack of existence. For example, we cannot see electricity, we cannot see oxygen, we cannot see radiation. Ah, but we can measure these things and test for them. We can prove they exist. We cannot prove god exists, so likely it does not. A lot of humans are too arrogant to say "I don't know" and must invent something to fill in the gaps.

Actually we can see oxygen in liquid form... It is blue. But I agree with you. I made a similar post today regarding admitting when we don't know something and made a comment about the arrogance of religious people.


“God” is a man made construct and is not real. Humans have used this construct to control other humans. It is all a LIE!!!!


God does not exist. Period. End of discussion.


Of course god exists. How do you think you got here! 🤓



(Well that was easy!)


Yes! Absence of evidence IS evidence of absence until such credible evidence is produced that proves otherwise.


We will never know with absolute certainty. But, in the total absence of any supporting evidence, I say NO and stand by it.


What are fairies? How do we define fairies? Just because we can’t see them, does that mean they don't exist?

gearl Level 7 Jan 2, 2020

Our cats are convinced that they are gods.

A friend of mine often said that "In ancient Egypt, we used to treat cats as gods. They have never forgotten that fact."

@PadraicM They are gods. Just look at how they have taken over the internet


If something can't be seen, touched tasted, smelled, heard, or confirmed on any level down to the microrcellular or even subatomic then for all intents and purposes, no, it does not exist. God, for example, meets all of that criteria.

God does not exist.


No evidence to support the assertion of any supernatural phenomenon, ergo nonexistent unless actual evidence is uncovered.


You've hit the nail on the head with "How do we define god?" Can't really answer whether God exists whilst the definition of God remains so vague. Spinoza offered a Pantheist definition where God simply equates to the material universe. Does the material universe exist? You'd have to be pretty far down the Cartesian rabbit hole to doubt that. I live my life as if Spinoza's God exists though I would typically choose different labels. On the other hand, I absolutely reject the amount of sophistry required to reconcile the Catholic view of God with observation and reason.

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