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Is this troll paradise or troll torment?

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MarkiusMahamius 7 Jan 13

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Where is Iowa?


None of the above.

A true troll, one with complete malice in their black, flabby heart, would gun for the most vulnerable and easiest targets. Obvious, OPer has never spent any time on /b/ in 4chan.

I get called a troll all the time here. You mean there are even worse trolls than I am? That there are places even more dark and tortured than civil discussion land, I mean, agnostic dot com?

@MarkiusMahamius - Indeed there are. The occasional inflammatory remark does not a troll make.

I am actually surprised how well-behaved most people are on this board.

@LatentumCattus the mock indignation is epic tho. I think some pepples brains just need whiny drama

@MarkiusMahamius - Oh, absolutely. Sometimes it is tempting to rile someone up just for the lulz.

Generally, I try to be a good, polite netizen. I also tend to just ignore the purposefully flame poster. But some people simply can't resist and take the bait.

I've been on these here interwebz long enough to be troll-savvy.


They are tormented by their ignorance...

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