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What have your learn so far from this pandemic

List of things you’ve learned or are thankful for. My few: the us needs to better prepare for these things we need it so good that not even someone as inept as Donald Trump can fuck it up. 2 I’m thankful I’m not addicted to sports 3 locked at home no sports thank you for the cooking channel. 4 I’m hopeful for the cooperation between so many countries

Jk1960 7 Mar 25

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I have learned that all the people who laughed at me for prepping years ago are not laughing at me now.
I learned that I am right most of the time tho I don't want to be right most of the time.
....that people are still like sheep.
That the incompetency of this regime is still unrecognized by sycophants.
I am thankful for my foresight in purchasing properties which permit me to isolate from people most of the time tho not isolated enough.
That nature will fight back against my portfolio of corporate greed which permitted me to retire at 53.


I've been reminded that I hate gardening 🙂


Learned: When buying 2 weeks worth of food for a "stay at home" order, hide some of it, so it's not all eaten before 1 week is up, and maybe hide the scale.

Learned: When ordered to stay at home except for essential outings for, it's easy to just stay in pajamas all day, so it's a good idea to shower and dress each day, even if it's just to dump the day's rubbish in to the can at the end of the walkway. While out, might as well take an hour's walk, even though it's a ghost town out there!

Learned: When on lockdown, with the pool and beach closed, I don't have to shave my legs!

Thankful that I actually like being alone and have lots of household projects and mending to do. Also thankful that my daughter sends me little videos of my grand children singing songs or just being silly to add some cheer in my day.


It’s confirmed: the business end of Trump’s/GOP’s crack pipes are indeed, hot to the fucking touch. If it’s not drugs, they are all psychopaths. Could be both.

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