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LINK Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis

"In summary, this multinational, observational, real-world study of patients with COVID-19 requiring hospitalisation found that the use of a regimen containing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine (with or without a macrolide) was associated with no evidence of benefit, but instead was associated with an increase in the risk of ventricular arrhythmias and a greater hazard for in-hospital death with COVID-19. These findings suggest that these drug regimens should not be used outside of clinical trials and urgent confirmation from randomised clinical trials is needed."

Amzungu 7 May 22

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I wish Chump would get an intravenous line of that crap.--he owns stock in it thinking it was a cure all.


Are these studies including the patients on ventilation and not on ventilation???

Seems different areas on this planet have different results!!!

I am not stating these studies are flawed, just what ground work, substances, and medical equipment were used to formulate these studies!!!

Without such basic information these studies are just numbers which may or may not have any verifiable documentation!!!

The numbers just do not add up with this Covin19 Pandemic!!!

The link attaches to the entire study. Their inclusion criteria and methods are clearly stated. The anecdotal evidence is quite varied, but the legitimate studies being done are consistently showing this is not a good plan of care for those with severe illness.


Seems to be a pretty rigorous analysis with a significant result showing no positive benefits in any circumstance, and a negative benefit in many cases.
Thank you for the link.
As an aside, could the slightly higher survival rate amongst people of European ethnicity have any link to the presence of Neanderthal genes, acquired by those homo sapiens who migrated to Europe?


I have no medical knowledge or training whatsoever but as I understand it the drug ,certainly in some cases, was used as a last resort to treat people in a very bad way so there may have been no hope for them anyway.
If the drug was administered at an earlier stage in the illness would the results have been better ?
Certainly trials are being carried in the UK with the drug so there must be some hope that it may be beneficial.

This particular study excluded those who were only started on chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine after intubation, precisely to avoid such skewed results. This is a large scale, well done study including patients who were started on the medication at any point in treatment other than after intubation.. There have now been multiple studies showing no benefit or even potential harm when used as a treatment for active infection. The only hope I see remaining for this drug is if they eventually determined it may play a role in prevention in healthy individuals, but at the current time, no such evidence exists. There is a multitude of studies being done on this drug. If there is any valid benefit, it will be determined, but it's more and more difficult to see a role for treatment coming out of it.

@Amzungu Thanks for that. It makes things a bit clearer


Thanks for the link to the Lancet article. As a contractor doing medical care for the State Dept we have been trying to get chloroquine in the hopes it was better than nothing. Finally have numbers that are beyond anectdotal reports. Now it seems it is worse than nothing.
Anyone got a line on some Remdesivir? 😀😷

Nurse here, and I was as hopeful as any medical professional. Unfortunately, being hopeful alone doesn't exactly cut it. Good to have a large study looking at this, but I think it is time to move on to something more potentially fruitful. Finger's crossed Remdesivir trials have better outcomes.


No way chicken shit POS takes this. Gee he lies ya think. He is getting more and more desperate. His economy is crashing and so is what little mind he has left.

Hey, speaking of 'Chicken shit PoTUS 45, is it just me or my eyes BUT does he look like he gets a regular dose of 'spray-on Suntan or something?'
Most people with REAL suntans don't have a deep yellow ochre tan with pale white areas around the eyes, do they?

@Triphid Everything about him is artificial except his stupidity, that's real.

@JackPedigo And his A.U. i.e. Actual Unintelligence. LOL.


Yeah, this shows that it's worse than useless once people need to be hospitalized. There are some clinical trials underway to see if it has value to prevent or mitigate illness at an early stage.


I don't think about it much. I do remember Michael Landon who died of pancreatic cancer. On a TV program once they questioned him about taking coffee enemas. He said something to the affect of a person would try anything in his state. It was non-operable. That tells me that people worried about the virus today will also try anything.


"We included patients hospitalised between Dec 20, 2019, and April 14, 2020, with a positive laboratory finding for SARS-CoV-2." I found no proportionate representation for either in the patient information.
COVID 19 and SARS-CoV-2 are related but DIFFERENT viruses. To include them together muddies the results and I don't trust Lancet anyway as a non-affiliated source of information.

That it is being used successfully with Azithromycin in many countries with thus far optimal efficacy merits a less biased evaluation. The LAST thing big pharma wants is a cheap effective treatment to emerge whilst they are investing many millions in development of a theoretically effective preventative vaccine. This ain't rocket science. NOTHING that gets in the way of this is going to be either welcomed or 'confirmed' by any institutions beholden to or invested in big pharma.

When bitter haters of Donald Trump are concerned for his health, it should be all anyone who can reason needs to see what is going on. If they claim that stupid people will mimic Trump and his doctor, they 'protesteth too much', because people who concern themselves with the well-being of the lame minded are people who consider themselves superior in judgment to anyone who disagrees with their intellectual form of Stockholm Syndrome/hero worship. It stinks. NO, it REEKS of elitism that really believes it's own bullshit.

The only part of that worth responding to is in efforts to correct the misinformation you've stated. Covid-19 is the name for the DISEASE (ie, symptom presentation) caused by the coronavirus named SARS-CoV-2. They are not two different viruses.

@Amzungu They are and are stated to be so.
"Despite their similar name, there are several differences between the coronaviruses that cause COVID-19 and SARS. Keep reading as we explore coronaviruses and how they compare to each other."

"However, the two illnesses and the viruses that cause them are also different in several important ways. Let’s take a closer look."

They are also charted as to differing symptoms. Available to see on the page . []

Do you use a table knife on a phillips head screw?

@Silver1wun I think you should decide if you are comparing Covid-19 to SARS or Covid-19 to SARS-CoV-2 virus, because they produce two completely different narratives.

From your first post: "COVID 19 and SARS-CoV-2 are related but DIFFERENT viruses. To include them together muddies the results and I don't trust Lancet anyway as a non-affiliated source of information."

From your reply to my correction of your first post statement: ""Despite their similar name, there are several differences between the coronaviruses that cause COVID-19 and SARS. Keep reading as we explore coronaviruses and how they compare to each other."

I am not interested in engaging the big pharma conspiracy theory. You are entitled to your opinion. I respect that and appreciate your input.

@Amzungu Thanks for appreciation. I'd prefer understanding but better than nothing.

@Silver1wun A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Only works if you suck it slowly

JoeB Level 5 May 22, 2020

Well maybe there will be a state funeral soon then in the US.

That is one Trump rally I wouldn't mind attending. 😉

@Amzungu They will be crying big time, but then they will have Pence who is much more dangerous then the orange marmalade one.

@Jolanta The whole lot of them need to go. I am beyond tired of having to decide which is the least destructive force in our polotics, the one which we might survive. Enough already.

@Amzungu Yeah, pity there is not some kind of virus that only would target certain people. Oh I guess better get back to the lab, a lot of work to be done.

@Jolanta let me know if you need help, I've got a bit of mad scientist in me, and know my way around a lab. Or, we could just go simple old school and umbrella inject him with a hot shot of insulin. Completely undetectable. There is something about him that makes me not even care that I said that out loud.

@Amzungu Oh, you are my kind of a person.

@Jolanta Ha! I was just thinking the same thing about you.

@Amzungu Well you know what they say. Just great people we are and a bit wicked.

@Jolanta I can't disagree with that.


Saw that.

I have to wonder if 45 is being given a placebo?
It's too much to hope for that what he claims he's taking will put him out of
our misery.

I agree with the too much to hope for sentiment. They're probably giving him Flinstone vitamins and telling him it's hydroxychloroquine. The VERY BEST kind.

A medical professional I know noted tRump is likely just lying (nothing out of the ordinary) as no sane doctor would prescribe that drug without a need.

@NoMagicCookie Yeah, I thought of that as well. Damn.
That's just too bad.

@NoMagicCookie No SANE doctor would accept the post of being Trump's physician!

@Petter Good point!

@NoMagicCookie But the presidential doctor actually confirmed it:


Could he be lying in that statement? Hmm I guess he could, in order for the placebo to work better.

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