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How to be an idiot and be counterproductive to your cause 101:

Church That Defied Coronavirus Restrictions Is Burned to Ground


indirect76 7 May 22

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Yeeeeaaah, a parishioner did this. Not an atheist. I mean, the authorities already suspect arson, the church filed with the city to continue to hold services during the pandemic...
IMO, this was a disgruntled parishioner and/or clergy member out to be rewarded with money they weren’t receiving because the doors were forced to close.


No, no no! We let nature work its course. No need for fire.


Not the kind of Atheist representation we need. 😟

There no indication that athiest were involved. Though I’m sure some will think so. Either way it’s not a good look.

@indirect76 I was referring to the Atheist symbol and message found at the scene. Whether or not actual Atheists were involved, that's likely going to be the mainstream message sent and received. Makes me sad. Atheist are consistently among the best humans I have ever met.

@Amzungu Oh! Thanks for pointing that out. That part of the article was just below the ‘read more’ button and I did not see it.

@indirect76 Haha, there were a couple of times I thought I had come to the end and hadn't. Ads. I am not a fan. .

@Amzungu How to be an idiot 102. I am not immune apparently.

@indirect76 I am pretty sure none of us are completely immune.

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