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LINK Golden Eagle Snatches Kid - YouTube

Tears, I kid you not, I'm crying. That had to be the worst moments of that parent's life.

HippieChick58 9 May 22

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This video has been out a long time. It’s a hoax.


Very good hoax indeed.

And this one goes back to 2012 - recycled hoaxes don't make them more believable. πŸ™‚


I believe the eagle was going for one of the little way coukd it carry the weight of the child. Probably a young inexperienced bird.

Eagles have often been seen to attack prey far too large for them to carry off. Some people think that they are just doing it for the sport, while another theory says that they may be testing to see if things are sick, so that they will know where the likely carrion will be later.


The child is lucky. This is a technique to push the prey over the cliff before feeding. There have been childrens skulls found in Asia in nests of Eagles.


If this eagle has a thing for snatching infants, perhaps he might visit the White House for a quick snatch.

Gonna need a REALLY big eagle to lift that tub-o-lard!

Ya shouldn't feed Eagles stupid food.

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