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LINK How Trump Is Slowing Down The Post Office In The Year Of The Mail-In Ballot | All In | MSNBC - YouTube

What is the best way to assure ones vote is counted, consider additional roadblocks that the orange ogre may conjure up.

EdEarl 8 Aug 1

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I have been keeping up with this, for some time! Trump has put a person in place as the Post Office General, who will do his bidding! And how this is possible is beyond me because the PO belongs to the people, not the government! But, on the other hand we are loosing our government to criminals that we can’t stop, so if we don’t start screening, we are going to end up in who knows what, next! If dying Americans don’t matter, what can we expect? 🤬

The previous time people got the shaft big time was after the 1929 stock crash. The powers this time prevented a market crash, but were caught with their pants down by the pandemic, which has accelerated economic collapse.

During the great depression, people changed their political allegiances and the country became more progressive/liberaal until that generation died off. Since then, conservatives have gained power again. Our current tragic crisis will again change the political landscape. I hope for the betterment of mankind, rather than white supremacists.

@EdEarl I hope things pan out, the way it did in ‘the Great Depression’ just as you report! I have slightly more hope now, than I had yesterday!😐

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