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What's for dinner tonight? For me it's my fav...steak and taters...git in my bellay!!!😋🍽️💕

antireligious 5 Sep 15

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Does anyone have a good recipe for cheesy potato soup? If not, I will throw a good Thanksgiving recipe into the river...


How about some delicious creamed liver with a side of okra?

@antireligious I just thought it sounded disgusting. I was trying to be ironic. I have actually heard of coating it in heavy cream before sauteeing it in butter. Okra is slimy and I can't eat it.

@antireligious Beef liver is very good for you. It's pure lean so you need to sautee it in fat. Don't overcook it. Medium rare it'll be delicious. Calves liver. Chicken liver is pretty disgusting because it has to be cooked to 185°F, you could make a pate.

@antireligious Beef liver can be eaten rare 135° All parts of the chicken have salmonella and must be cooked to 185°. That turns liver into gritty mess. Yuck.

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