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I got banned from FB for three days because I said, "Americans are gullible and stupid", referring to a post talking about how Americans have been waiting over 30 years for the money to reach them from "trickle down" economics. That was my entire response. Almost daily I see racist, hateful, inflammatory crap on FB and it's crickets. What a hypocritical site.

Sticks48 9 Sep 16

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Must be some people on Fakebook that complained about your post. I found out that’s usually what happens, someone files a complaint and you are put in time out. Fuckerberg only wants the voices he agrees with on the site. I stopped using it 7 years ago and won’t ever go back.

I'm also exFB for years and forever.


The truth shouldn't be banned 😟


PS. Mewe is better, but only because 99% of the people you know aren't using it.


You must know some real snowflakes.

Then again... the founder of this site was similarly amazed at the political leanings of many of his users and formed an alt-right site cloned from it. Shocker.


Ugly, difficult to use, shallow and pretending to be a substitute for the web in order to fill the Zuks imperial dreams, why go there at all.

I can keep track of local happenings in the music scene around here and I have old friends from here who have left or participate more on FB in an Agnostic group they have started. It does make me appreciate this place more.

@Sticks48 I know. I have to use it, because a business marketing group I am involved with, makes it a rule of membership.. But I retire soon, Yippee !


I haven't used FB for years... and its clearly gotten worse.

I switched to No ads, much less censorship and, small as it is, its a much more diverse community.


That's outragious and wrong. FB is so corrupt.


I wrote "Trumpers are the dumbest motherfuckers I've ever encountered" and FB banned me for a month.

In my book, banning should be reserved for falsehoods because the truth is always right.

A month??? That's crazy.

They let provable and obvious lies pass through there on a daily basis.

@Lauren They did me a favor. I never used FB much after that and stopped using their Marketplace altogether. Strong conservative bias.

@LovinLarge I never paid attention on the Marketplace but now I will. Pity, I have some things there.

I say stuff like that on Twitter all the time and no one blinks an eye.

Facebook is only for keeping in touch with your friends and very occasionally keeping in touch with local orgs and businesses who haven't figured out how to create a website on Squarespace.

That said I don't use it at all now. Orgs and businesses that are only on.Facebook are dead to me.

I think I said something similar.



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