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All four seasons of The Good Place are available on Netflix now. I can't say enough in praise of this series. For me, it's a perfectly crafted story that has the best mix of drama, suspense, and comedy, and I can't imagine better casting — everyone is so perfect for their role. Does anyone else here enjoy this show?

resserts 8 Oct 17

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How is everyone enjoying it

For me, it's great fun. I enjoy the "Jeremy Bearimy" of it all. (That reference will make sense after you've gotten partway through the series, but I don't want to say anything that might include spoilers.) I'd say give it a few episodes to see whether you like it. These were 30-minute episodes on network television, so are only about 22 minutes each on Netflix — so it's easy to devote an hour of your time to see what it's all about and decide whether you want to continue.


I've got the final season to go.
Enjoyed it all so far.

I think you'll enjoy the final season.

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