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LINK Donald Trump says he might leave US if he loses to Joe Biden | The Independent

He finally said what many of us have long hoped...

alliwant 7 Oct 17

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Please get the f-ck out of here!!!!!!! You are not needed or wanted!!!!!!


A logical alternative prison 😀

Varn Level 8 Oct 18, 2020

o, he would still be able to control his minions and posterize.


He'd leave because he doesn't want to get indicted and spend the rest of his life in either a courtroom or in jail.


Wonder if Kim Jong-un would give him sanctuary as a paying guest? Until he failed to meet his steep rent, of course!


That's probably the only way you he will avoid prison.


If trump has no money then he is not going anywhere as where would he get something to live on. No one is going to put up with the shit he presents, the cost is to much as what would the return be? Terrorism in the US to support him?


That would be rich and just if he ended up living in exile. Better would be him having to face trial, conviction, and imprisonment (even in Club Fed) for his white collar crimes.


More like flee the country, to avoid the law. Maybe his buddy Vlad will take him in. Fat chance.


We could be so lucky. Start watching his bank accounts. They are going to start draining and reappearing in off shore accounts and Switzerland. My hypothesis is that he will move to a nonextridition country , say the Seychelles island. Or maybe he'll head down to Argentina and join Mengela.

Oh he's already way ahead. Of course he probably has close to net zero wealth - the US will just lose out on the expense of jailing him for the remainder of his days, which will probably take so long and so many trips to a rigged SCOTUS that it will never happen. Our best bet will probably be to throw him in jail for tax fraud. Worked for Al Capone and it'll work for him. Then the US should seize his entire corporation and rename every Trump tower to the names of people he fucked over, just to fuck with him.


I thought about the Al Capone comparison a while ago. That woukd be cheapest way to get a guilty verdict and indictment.


How about incarcerating Ivanka on tax ansd emolument and hold her hostage in prison unless the Donald liquidated his investments and repays all the prople he cheated. Plus trade Ivanka for Donny. We would then see how much he really loved his children (not....).

@t1nick ultimately it's all about him. He'd give them up in a heart beat "1984" style. "They were the worst children, so disloyal. I prefer children who aren't captured!"


Straight to Uncle Vlad!

Uncle Vlad would probably take him to Siberia and have him shot and turned into hamburgers. It would be appropriate for the grandchild of a Trump who got started in business life turning dead gold-rush pack horses and mules into hamburgers. Before he started a brothel and casino of course.

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