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LINK What Trump Showed Us About America

if we interpret Trump’s banishment from the White House as a repudiation of the views that brought him to power, then we will miss the important fact that these views continue to exist without Trump––he is a symptom, not a disease. Nice read.

IAJO163 8 Nov 21

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his point the most powerful man in America is Moscow Mitch. Basically nothing get done without his say so. So as long as he is leader of the Senate he can control what gets done. That is why we need the election in Georgia to go Democratic.


The Orange man did nothing to unify the country. He caused and encouraged division at every opportunity. He was a trouble maker and a manipulator. His leadership took the country to a whole new level of open racism and hate of fellow Americans. The WH was run by the drumpf and trump-puppets. Like the Mafia running the country.


Thanks for sharing this article. I browsed through it very quickly but will save on my notes for a later read.


Nice work Putin.


Trump getting so many votes again this time shows that bigotry is still alive and well in America. It only needs a powerful spokesperson for these assholes to come out in the open with their sick thinking.


I fucking knew all that from the beginning of Trump, I even predicted we'd get someone like him and we'll get someone even worse in four years. That is, unless we get a presidential candidate from either a third party or, very unlikely, the Dems, that is an economic progressive. Biden or Harris won't cut it, but neither the DNC, the party establishment pols, or the loyal voters of the Dem Party seem to get it or even care if they do get it. Remember this in four years if we are all still on this site. Biden and democracy in America, what's left of it, lucked out big time this time around as if Covid hadn't happened, then Trump would have won easily.


Is it really any surprise that half of the U.S. electorate can be suckered into voting a fascist moron into the highest office in the land? The Trump era was a close call, which we still aren't done with. What happens when a smarter, craftier Mussolini wannabe comes along?

No shit. Whoever the Repubs run next time will be even worse, but way slicker and smarter. Covid will be pretty much over, the economy may or may not be good by then. And the new administration will have done it's usual job of ignoring and betraying the working class. We will not be this lucky next time.


His original election showed us how flawed our method of selecting a president is. You know, again.

I'm always surprised people think Trump created this "movement". Trump has never created anything original in his life, all he does is find a vein to exploit then rides it into the dirt.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 21, 2020
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