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Maybe its time to Jimmy Hoffa trump and moscow mitch. Lol

t1nick 8 Nov 21

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How about polonium soup?

Problem is that we have to lisyen to him belly ache and bitch until the polonium did its job. But it would be poetic justice given trumps association with Putin. Lol


Trump and Bannon made up the term "Deep State" and so many believed it. Even books written on this now. If it was true Donald Trump would already be Jimmy Hoffa.


I have this fantasy that air force one - with Trump and the entire GOP senate leadership aboard - crashes at 1 am ish into the bedroom at the naval observatory while Pence is home. Somehow the aircrew and cleaning staff is all that miraculously survives. And the secret service folks. Well, some of them. Jerry's kinda an ass.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 21, 2020

You mean put them in prison, or ask them not to seek office again?

Neither. We are still looking for Jimmy Hoffa. Lol

@t1nick Oh! You mean you want them to get lost.


Sort It was assumed that Hoffa had a little help disappearing. Can you say mafia? Lol

Last I heard it was hypothesized he was incorporated into Giants Stadium in NYC. They even did a density magnetometer looking for him about 40 years after his disappearance in the stadium. I kept looking for him in the Arizona desert when I was working out there. Lol

@t1nick Provenzano and Giacalone? Tricked him into getting in a car at Machus Red Fox restaurant? Marvin Elkind was a Jewish boxer from Canada, he was Hoffa's driver. He claims Hoffa's remains are in the foundation of the Renaissance Center in Detroit. I used to wait on Frank Sheeran when I was a kid. He no more shot Hoffa than Ed Sheeran did. He was a huge tough guy though. He was a drunk. I'm still friends with Marvin on Facebook. He.was a boxing promoter. He was manager for George Chuvalo, he's like 85 years old.





Life brings interesting individuals across our paths occasionally. Lol

@t1nick He's a nice guy, I don't think he's a mobster. He's got connections of you know what I mean. He's pretty old, he lives in Mississauga, Ontario. He was a boxing promoter in Toronto which is bigger than Chicago. That would surprise a lot of Americans.


I know Toronto a little. Visited a couple of times and enjoyed. My little brother shared a frat house room with a Smaldone, a name known in Denver as the local "family". When I lived in Pueblo, known as the Colorado center for the mafia, would occasionally run across a mafia figure.


I think you mean leave for an extended vacation, Lindsay Graham can join them, perhaps leaving first to make sure everything is OK.

I like that idea. A permanent vacation. I hope they take their cement overshoes. I hear the weather might be inclement.


Doesn't the New Jersey Turnpike need a new gas station/snack island?

Any new skyscrapers or stadiums going up with large pillers that need lots of cement? Lol

@t1nick A whole new meaning for Trump Stadium. The Moscow Mitch statue base for the Lindsay Graham Statue.


The only reason they haven't been assassinated is because all the kooks are on their side!

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