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Watching the impeachment proceedings. Am I biased or are the republicans all blatantly lying or do they not understand English. Can anyone with more than 3 brain cells listen to what Donny Boy said to the mob and then proclaim he did not incite them to riot. He told them to fight like hell, which they did immediately screaming hang Pence and were looking for Pelosi. They erected a gallows. My head is exploding as I listen to the cretins defend Donny boy and the rioters as first amendment protesters. I can't be kind about this. Are you fucking kidding me??? Hats off to Liz Cheney

Healthydoc70 7 Jan 13

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Their lies may appeal to the hurt and lonely, but the Republicans say something, anything, to give the appearance they're still part of the democratic process. They can't just say, "Hi, we're Nazis. Give us your country."

Well yesterday the national program World News told an outright lie. People who weren't paying close attention to events earlier in the day wouldn't have caught it and have been completely mislead about the fact.

@Flowerwall What is this whataboutism about?

@Fred_Snerd I don't know what that means. I am talking about observed, provable lie on national mainstream media.

@Flowerwall "I don't know what that means"

That's what I meant.

@Flowerwall If you think I'm saying Democrats rule and Republicans drool, I'm not. I understand that complacency is bipartisan.

@Fred_Snerd Complacency? That's the key takeaway? Well I guess in fairness I did not say what the lie was, so that's understandable. I think it's to the point where the msm is itself presenting an inflammatory, biased viewpoint that is unneccessary in the nation at this time. Speaking lies has consequences among ppl. It can make people upset and/or agitated. During times of crisis it is especially important to only report facts. Bias/exaggerations/even bad jokes have no place until the situation stabilizes. We are not in a good situation right now. To be fair, I have seen some exaggeration on the right, though, who knows how exaggerated at this timr. None of this should be tolerated. "Opinion pieces" are not especially helpful either unless they are opinions that reflect steady, calm deliberation and lawful, peace making processes. So maybe in this sense the Big Tech is working toward that end. Maybe some of their conduct IS appropriate, though I have expressed thoughts the othet way. It's hard to tell from the ground up. It is new territory we are in, so probably best to withold a final judgement until it's past and other factors can be considered. Additionally, such practices have to be applied evenly across politics, imo. This will be a learning experience for the industry. I am sure they never thought they would find themselves in such an important and not easily navigated role. Although I did appreciate Chan. Merkel expressed position, Australia, France, I think India. It was good to hear other nations speak up and express the importance of free speech. It felt like this basic ideal had slipped away from the whole world.

@Flowerwall "Complacency? That's the key takeaway?"

I was tying to be nice. Collusion?

"Well I guess in fairness I did not say what the lie was,"



Remember when George W. Bush was forced to admit that there were no WMDs and that Iraq had nothing to do with 911.

The GOP strategy now is more like a religion, just deny, bargain, get angry, accuse, find fault, disparage others, and if that all fails then shit yourself as a distraction.


The only time cons have any regard for the truth is when it benefits them personally.


Of course they lie; their moral compass sits on a magnet spinning round and round. They are the real elites, controlled by and controlling their uneducated masses.

Of course, I agree with you. Except perhaps with use of the word uneducated. I would use miseducated and lack of ability to be educated.

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