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Questions that apparently too many Americans don't ask themselves anymore...

What if I'm wrong...even a little?
When has any politically charged faction, group, news site, etc. been 100% honest, non-biased or not opinionated?
How many opinions do I have based on other opinions instead of based only on the dead set facts? How much has such a mistake alone upset me or caused me to hate?
Will I be able to fix the ramifications of any hatefulness that I have spread?
Will friends and family I have pissed off give me a second chance like I feel entitled to?
Will I take accountability and responsibility for all hateful consequences just like I have so often claimed others won't/don't?
Why must I control the narrative of so much of anything for anyone else, ever? Am I a narcissist?
If all that I believe is perfect...why are there so many people who don't have anything close to the exact same belief system? Surely something that's perfect attracts everyone rather than majority turning them away or causing them much doubt?
What has been so different lately, compared to my entire lifetime full of political changes, full of lying, cheating and/or sketchy politicians and policies (both parties), besides mainly myself and how I'm choosing to handle anything?

DaganCurie 5 Jan 13

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I guess that I need to better explain...these questions are not ones that I am asking because of being a complete asshole to said degrees. These are questions that so, so many others apparently never ask themselves, as they rather don't care about what they're doing/adding to an already unstable society (at least, as I see it).


Sounds like you have a hellva lot that you are worrying about.


Even on the right path you could trip over a rock, but at least it is the right path.

It isn't that hard to determine which is the right path as much as convincing yourself whether or not you want to follow the path that goes against your own selfish motives, prejudices, political motivations, or indoctrinated patterns that actually cause harm.

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